10 Best Kunai Knife Tattoo Ideas

Kunai Knife Tattoo: You have come to the right place if you are looking for a Kunai knife tattoo that will represent the elements of bravery and courage!

Kunai Knife Tattoo

Kunai Knife Tattoo
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A Kunai knife is a popular Ninja weapon that is often featured in anime series.

It represents qualities of bravery and courage.

The kunai knife is a popular tattoo that can be combined with other elements to highlight the meaning you have in mind. These tattoos look great when combined with other designs and serve as a multifunctional weapon.

Kunai characteristics include the ability to defend against enemies, chop wood, and hunt. The small or large kunai tattoo can be found everywhere. The kunai is a powerful device. The metal blade is not sharpened because the edges are used to crush relatively soft materials. Although a popular Japanese concept, the kunai is also well known in Europe and other Western countries. Many people are interested in the history and inspiration of ninja weapons and tools.

Keep reading to discover stunning knife tattoo ideas and other insightful information to help you design your next tattoo.

Kunai knife tattoo with bells

Kunai knife tattoo with bells
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If you like kunai knives with bells, this tattoo is for you. There is a great combination of colors, such as brown, red, black, gray and light yellow. The kunai tattoo is associated with a red thread and a bell. Accordingly, you have to choose what you want to wear with the knife tattoo. This is an example of a simple tattoo. Generally, this type of tattoo can offer a great look on the hand, arm, thigh, as well as the finger. The size of his tattoo is determined by interest and desire. The artist has created a beautiful finish.

Kunai knife tattoo with evil mask

Kunai knife tattoo with evil mask
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Here you will find a kunai tattoo associated with an evil face, flowers and a hanging. The blade has an evil face tattoo and the hilt has an attached hoop with a dangle. The flowers and petals are beautifully inked. For this amazing tattoo, the artist used black and gray ink. This tattoo can be applied on the hand, arm, neck, fingers or any other body part you desire.

Yondaime Tri-Point Kunai Knife Tattoo

Yondaime Tri-Point Kunai Knife Tattoo
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This is a distinct type of Kunai knife, inspired by the anime, Naruto. Naruto’s father, Minato, is known to wield this particular kunai. To complete the piece, the artist used gray and black ink. The handle has words written on it so if you wish you can use the space to write your favorite name, year or any word you like. This tattoo is suitable for the hand, arm, neck, fingers and other parts of the body. You can choose where to get tattooed depending on the size you desire.

Kakashi’s Kunai Knife Tattoo Design

Kakashi's Kunai Knife Tattoo Design
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On the blade of this Kunai knife tattoo is an eye staring at you! The scar around the eye suggests it belongs to Kakashi-sensei. The artist used gray and black ink to give this tattoo a charming look. With sharp black details, this tattoo is placed on the back of the forearm.

Kakashi Sharingan with a Kunai knife tattoo

Kakashi Sharingan with a Kunai knife tattoo
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If you like Kakashi-sensei and the kunai knife, this is a great tattoo for you. You can spot half of Kakashi’s face on the blade of this knife. The red eye shown here shows the power of the Sharingan. The artist has done a marvelous job creating a very detailed work. Unlike other black and gray tattoos, the artist used other shades like brown, blue and green shades.

Itachi’s Kunai Knife Tattoo

Itachi's Kunai Knife Tattoo
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This kunai tattoo is very similar to the last one. However, this one features Uchiha Itachi’s eyes and kunai. It is inked only in black and gray strokes. Attached to the kunai knife is a tag with words written on it. You can use the tag to save your favorite character name or whatever you like. You can also ask the artist to use different strokes or shades of color according to your choices. The artist tattooed it for the client behind the leg, however, you can place it according to your preference.

Kunai knife tattoo piercing peony flower

Kunai knife tattoo piercing peony flower
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If you want a kunai knife tattoo and a peony flower, this is a great combination for you. The pointed dagger crosses the center of the peony. The artist completed the work brilliantly with thick and thin strokes of black and gray. Adding colors to this design will only add to the charm. To emphasize the meaning you have in mind, this tattoo can be linked with a variety of different symbols and elements.

Flowers with Kunai knife tattoo

Flowers with Kunai knife tattoo
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You can have this tattoo on your body if you like flowers and their petals with Kunai knife tattoos. In this design you will find a rose flower, buds, petals and a knife. To complement this element, the artist used pink, black, gray and brownish tones. The finish on this tattoo is very professional and makes it look almost realistic! The artist has taken great care in creating thick and thin lines throughout the work.

7 Akatsuki Kunai Knife Tattoo

7 Akatsuki Kunai Knife Tattoo
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There are seven kunai knife tattoos in this design, approaching the target one behind the other. The largest with a hoop and a handle that looks like a 3D blade. The seven characteristics of the kunai knife here represent the seven members of the evil group of ninjas, the Akatsuki. To complete the work, the artist used shades of black and gray.

Kunai Double Knife Tattoo Designs

Kunai Double Knife Tattoo Designs
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Here are two pieces of the multifunctional weapon, the kunai knife. The artist has only used black and gray to show the two kunak knives with some shading. If you wish, you can add a snake pattern crossing the 2 kunai knife. This tattoo can be applied on any part of the body.

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