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Want to show off your Italian spirit wherever you go? What better way to do that than to get inked? Here are some Italian flag tattoo ideas to inspire you.

Italian flag tattoo
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Italian culture is much richer than their pizzas and their wines.

Home to the glorious Roman Empire, it is a land of history, art and culture. Without a doubt, there is a lot of pride in being part of this heritage.

Did you know that there are many ways to interpret the colors of the flag? Originally, the flag was inspired by the flag of France, born during the French Revolution. However, during the Napoleonic period, people saw green as a symbol of hope, white for faith, and red for love. Time and time again, green has also been seen as a representative of natural human rights. The Italian people, however, like to opt for a more romantic symbolism, where the green is the Mediterranean maquis and the meadows, while the red is the blood shed during the war of independence and the white represents the beauty of the snow. – Covered Alps. So what does the Italian flag mean to you? If you want, the green can also be oregano, the white being mozzarella and the red being tomatoes, if you know what we mean!

Tattoo made in Italy

Tattoo made in italy
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If you can speak the language, what’s the harm in bragging about it? The tattoo on the back looks quite simple at first glance. The Italian flag is seen on a flagpole with a small quote written at the bottom in a font meant to look like handwritten words.

The genius of this tattoo lies on two levels. The first is the style of the tattoo. The entire flag is filled with detail to make it look as realistic as possible. Therefore, if you want to capture the braids of the fabric on your skin perfectly, be sure to do your research and hire an experienced artist for the job. The next cheeky addition to this tattoo is the little quote. For those unfamiliar with Italian, the phrase means “Built in Italy”, thus expressing the person’s origin in an interesting pun.

Italian sports themed tattoo

Italian sports themed tattoo
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If your preferences involve love for football and Italy, there is no better way to show it than with the help of this tattoo design. The color stained on the leg is an emblem of the Italian flag. Along with that, twenty-one is written in the upper right corner in dark blue, making it a colorful piece to admire.

This tattoo is a tribute to none other than legendary footballer Andrea Pirlo. The twenty-one on the tattoo makes the symbolism instantly recognizable. Pirlo played an important role in helping his country win the 2006 FIFA World Cup, in which he wore the blue shirt numbered twenty-one. This tattoo commemorates that moment. Not taking much space, you can also get this tattoo tattooed on your arms, feet or any other place.

Italian X American Flag Tattoo

Italian x american flag tattoo
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At a time when people’s lives are spilling over into different countries, this tattoo celebrates the interaction of two different cultures with the help of flags. There is an American flag on the chest, which blends into an Italian flag. In addition to these, a Celtic symbol is prominent, which almost looks like a spinning wheel.

This tattoo will be a fun way to emphasize the importance of harmony and friends over wars and hatred. Thanks to a simple design, it can represent the story of an Italian American who fought against all obstacles, living in a different country, to become who he is today. To convey this, the Celtic cross is ideal. It is a symbol of strength, knowledge and compassion needed to face the quirks of life, and what a fitting site for tattooing, the chest being so close to the heart! It can be called one of the meaningful chest tattoos for guys.

Family Italian Tattoo

Family italian tattoo
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If there’s one thing we know about Italians, it’s that they consider their family to be the most important part of their lives. Even the Godfather was no different! This tattoo design creatively expresses an individual’s identity and what he cares most about.

The tattooed famiglia means family in English. The word is splashed with hues of the tricolor instead of a typical Italian flag tattoo. The tattoo covers the full length of the arm. Therefore, be sure to clear your schedule for the day. You can add many variations to this tattoo with your personal touch. For example, you can opt for the Italian word used to represent friends, or you can change the font of the script.

simple italian flag tattoo

Simple italian flag tattoo
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If you’ve been searching images for minimalist tattoo ideas, this design probably wins the show. If you are getting inked for the very first time or are just afraid of needles, this small Italian flag tattoo can definitely help you tell your story without hurting too much. The tattoo contains nothing but a splash of three different colors on the feet, namely green, white and red. No flag pole or indication is otherwise found except for the symbol carried by the tricolor.

This is probably the tiniest tattoo you will come across, which adds to the charm of this tattoo. Occupying only a little of your skin, you can easily place this piece anywhere on the body.

Rooted In Culture Tattoo

Rooted in culture tattoo
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It may look like chilli pepper, but the color red is tied to the equally poignant history and mythology of Italy, or rather Rome, at the time. Red was the color associated with the god of war, Mars, and was therefore worn by gladiators and represented Rome itself. The bottom behind the horn, also called corcinelli in Italy, may have changed over time. However, in contemporary times, the meaning of the Italian horn is tied to seeing it as a talisman to ward off evil.

Instead of wearing the talisman, why not tattoo it? There is a crown at the top of the horn to indicate the victory of someone who lost their root and had to search and reconnect to get it back. The Italian flag is wrapped around the horn while a rock-on gesture is present at the top, making this piece part of different categories of interpretation.

Italy is in my blood tattoo

Italy is in my blood tattoo
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The mastery of the artist becomes evident on this right shoulder tattoo. The piece is a cover-up tattoo, and as a means of concealing decisions we would like to change, it is brilliant work indeed. The colors of the Italian flag emblem are visible on the flaps. The tattoo design is inked to look like it has been torn apart.

The extremely realistic touch is proof of the skillful work of the artist. Therefore, be sure to research and visit the best artist available near you. The tear is meant to depict an image that looks like, if you tear the skin over the top, Italy will be underneath, thus, the detail helping to show off pride of its country no matter where in the world you are.

football tattoo for life

Football tattoo for life
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If you can’t imagine missing a FIFA or UEFA game, this tattoo helps you proclaim it to the world. With the Italian flag in the air, the tattoo design tells your friends which team your loyalty is sealed with for life. While the tattoo shown here anticipated UEFA 2020, you can change the year or even cancel it if you want to mix up the meaning with the vast expanse of time itself.

The flag in the photo is not only realistic, but also looks tattered. This should not be taken as anything but a sign of pride as the flag has witnessed the history of manufacture with the effects of wear being a badge of honor.

Traditional flag tattoo

Traditional flag tattoo
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Here we have another of the Italian American flag tattoo designs with a little addition. What you see are not blueberries! These are the beads of the rosary thrown on the well-known symbol of the Christian cross. The jeweled cross is covered in fabric that depicts the flags of Italy and America.

The cross alludes to the sacrifice made by Christ, as well as to his sufferings. The individual with this tattoo looks to God to gain strength to face the challenges of their life, while proudly asserting their own identity.

A little piece of Italy in me Tattoo

A little piece of italy in me tattoo
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If the typical flag tattoos don’t amuse you, you can opt for this creative alternative. The tattoo has the state carved into an outline with added depth to give dimension to the carving. The map of Italy is covered with its flag, giving a vibrant touch to the image.

The card gives the impression of carrying a small slice of your country with you everywhere. Semper Fidelis means “always faithful” in Italian. Added to the word Tradizione, which means tradition, the tattoo reminds us to never forget where we come from.

The Italian government is taking steps to regulate display and use, as well as taking action against those who slander the Italian flag. Therefore, be sure to respect the flag when getting a tattoo.

Did you know that there is a tricolor holiday celebrated in Italy on January 7? There are so many ways to play with these colors that we couldn’t resist sharing these ideas before we wrap up:

  • La Dolce Vita on the design of the Italian flag
  • Tricolor tattoo on a wolf
  • Globe tattoo wrapped in tricolor ribbon
  • Italian flag crest tattoo
  • Human eyes colored like italian flag tattoo

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