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Recently husband and wife tattoo has become a great way to show undying love for each other and you can choose from a set of different designs.

Best husband and wife tattoo
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Getting married to get matching tattoos is an act of commitment.

These days, it’s quite common for couples to get matching outfits, jewelry, or pet names. Over this long period, getting matching couple tattoos has also become popular, as have brother-sister, best friend, and mother-daughter tattoos.

Married couple tattoos are very special as they reflect the celebration of love and provide a strong foundation for the relationship. Depending on the type of personality and the bond they share, husband and wife can get any type of tattoo, ranging from names of partners to unique couple tattoo designs.

king and queen matching tattoo

King and queen matching tattoo
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King and queen tattoos are one of the most common yet popular design choices as matching tattoos among couples. The size of these matching tattoos can vary from very small to large and are also called crown tattoos. The small ones are put in the fingers, neck, ankles and wrists while the big ones are inked in the shoulder, biceps, forearm and calves.

These matching crown tattoos represent the gratitude of the love one has for one another just like the king has for his queen and vice versa. The concept of being stronger together and supporting each other through thick and thin is reflected very well in this design. Either using simple lines or using ornamental techniques, this tattoo can be done and so will be the choice of ink.

Wedding Rings Tattoo

Wedding rings tattoo
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In recent times, the exchange of wedding rings occurs mainly in all cultures and is an integral part of marriage. Although it is common to have physical rings, but sometimes to spice things up and show commitment for life, some couples get their ring finger tattooed. Now the ring finger has a direct connection with the heart and symbolizes devotion and eternal love.

Extremely personal in nature, these tattoos are mostly done in black ink and are done by people who are getting married soon or have been in love for a long time. In the old days, when in many countries homosexuality was considered a crime, homosexuals used to tattoo these wedding bands and were previously known as gay couple tattoos.

Disney Couple Tattoos

Disney couple tattoos
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The Disney couple tattoos are one of the cutest husband and wife tattoo ideas you can get inked with. Ranging from prince and princesses to Mickey and Minnie or Donald and Daisy Duck, these extremely cute designs show the couple’s childish and fun side. Made mostly in small to medium sizes, these couple character tattoos are inked on the forearm, wrist, upper arm or shoulder.

The ink can vary from black to several colors, as can the age of the tattoo artist. Disney characters are hugely popular around the world and have helped generations grow from childhood to adulthood. Getting this cute couple tattoo is not only a token of love but also a memory of their childhood together.

Tribal Couple Tattoo

Tribal couple tattoo
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Varying from animals and objects to different geometric shapes are the content of tribal tattoos. The design of these tribal couple tattoos varies from culture to culture and has different meanings. They are mostly done with dark ink colors like red or black and can be placed on the arms, legs or back depending on the size of the tattoo.

When done as matching tattoos by couples, they signify both husband and wife’s heritage. This matching tattoo reflects the key concept of protection, power and strength for and through each other. Both eye-catching and attractive, these husband and wife tattoos are a great way to pay homage to one’s own roots.

Couple Finger Tattoos

Couple finger tattoos
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Well, according to the tattoo artist, the finger is not the place to get a tattoo, but finger tattoos are extremely popular and in demand. Small and less attractive in nature, these couple tattoos are for those who want to keep a low profile while expressing themselves.

The choice of ink color is primarily black and the content can range from symbols such as lightning, sun, fire and flowers to initials of loved ones names. The index and middle fingers are popular choices among couples for this design.

couple butterfly tattoo

Couple butterfly tattoo
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One of the most meaningful couple tattoos that has become a favorite among married couples all over the world. Multiple patterns and varied colors are the main features of these couple tattoos and each one had a unique meaning of its own. The ideal choice of placement for these tattoos is the ankle, wrists and shoulders and are usually done in medium sizes.

These lovely couple tattoos can be done either by putting one flying butterfly on the husband and the other on the wife or by drawing half of the design on top of each other. Now, in Chinese culture, two flying butterflies are the symbol of immortal love, while in Japan, it is associated with weddings and marriage. In Celtic culture, butterflies demonstrate the afterlife while in Greek and Ireland it is associated with the soul. These matching couple tattoos can also be done as a symbol of personal growth and how the couple have helped each other in that growth.

Lock And Key Couple Tattoo

Lock and key couple tattoo
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Designing lock and key tattoos is a brand new trend that has taken the market by storm according to many tattoo artists. These cool couple tattoos can be done simply or as a realistic tattoo to show the unbreakable bond between a man and his wife.

Mostly done as hand tattoos, these tattoos are one of a kind where the lock is done in the woman’s hand while the key is done in the man’s hand. Incredibly romantic in nature, these tattoos can also be fused with other objects like flowers, clocks or birds to signify different meanings. Interestingly, the lock and key can also symbolize the reproductive parts of male and female.

sun and moon couple tattoo

Sun and moon couple tattoos
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Just as the husband is complementary to his wife and vice versa, the sun and the moon are complementary to each other. A fairly common design among couples but extremely popular for its deep meaning of showing an everlasting bond of love. Ink color can vary from person to person, as can size. The ideal placement of choice for these cute couple tattoos is the forearm, ankle, wrist or shoulders.

The sun is mainly made by the male representing masculinity while the moon is made by the female demonstrating femininity. But since these lovely tattoos are extremely versatile, items can be easily swapped out. Balance, integrity and harmony are the main characteristics represented by these matching couple tattoos where the sun gives warmth while the moon cools us.

Couple Minimalist Tattoo

Couple minimalist tattoo
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Minimalist tattoos for couples are a unique form of tattoo that has become very popular recently. The small tattoo may seem insignificant to many, but don’t get confused with the size. This couple tattoo has become a stunning expression of the concept “less is more”.

These matching couple tattoos are very tactfully done on the ankles, wrists or finger tattoos, and mostly black ink is used. They are made in such a way that only the couple would understand them, as well as their personal feelings and ideas. The content of these matching tattoos can vary from sun and moon to smiley faces and is considered a classic design in the tattoo world.

Couple Quote Tattoo

Couple quote tattoo
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From a few words to a few lines, couple quote tattoos are both a cute and serious Tattoo Design that can represent a variety of meanings. The choice of ink is mostly black and the quote tattoos can be done greatly as body art in different parts ranging from the forearms to the ankles.

Quotes can be taken from books or movies and with them couples can tell their own stories. Some famous quotes are “One heart, one love”, “No matter what, no matter where”, “To infinity and beyond”, and many other such lines.

Before getting couple tattoos, you should check with your better half and think about it. Not only is it a painful process, but also something that is permanent and will stay with you for the rest of your life. Tattoo ideas should always be meaningful and expressive.

If you are unhappy with these tattoo designs, other ideas include:

  • Harry Potter couple tattoo.
  • Avocado couple tattoo.
  • Constellation couple tattoo.
  • Anchor couple tattoo.
  • Star Wars couple tattoo.

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