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Looking for cool Hebrew tattoo ideas for your next body art? You are in the right place. We have amazing Hebrew tattoos just for you.

Hebrew tattoo ideas
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Hebrew tattoos are unique designs that have inspired people all over the world over these decades.

The Hebrew language has a unique script which looks very appealing even if you cannot understand it. The unconventional letters, engines and designs are sure to make your head spin and can be a great conversation starter.

Not only are the ancient letters of the Hebrew language beautiful, but the sentences also have deep symbolism. These Hebrew phrases are very common among people and tattoo lovers would like to cover their body with art. Although it is a mystery how Hebrew tattoos are gaining popularity even though it is illegal to get a tattoo according to Jewish laws. Hebrew gained popularity primarily through the Kabbalah movement. It also finds its origins in religious and mythical interpretations. Kabbalah has been popularized by famous celebrities like Madonna, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Even famous celebrity couple Victoria and David Beckham have matching tattoos that feature the Bible verse, “I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me, who shepherds among the lilies.” This tattoo was written in Hebrew, of course, and this trend was followed by many after them.

Before getting a Hebrew tattoo, one should make sure that they understand the meaning of each Hebrew phrase. Many people write the Hebrew language in different designs. However, the message is still the same and very significant. Hebrew is a language that will remain relevant for a long time and will probably never go out of style.

To help make it easier for you, we have prepared a list of beautiful Hebrew phrases that you can get tattooed on your body. Select your favorite phrase and letter design and get your tattoo now!

WanderLust Hebrew Tattoo

Wanderlust hebrew tattoo
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If you are a soul who needs the freedom to travel the world, this travel tattoo is for you. A wanderlust tattoo is usually a representation of the love of being spontaneous and the freedom to travel and explore the world. These tattoos are usually depicted with landscapes, tattoos or flower tattoos. However, this design is particularly very particular. It has the words wondering for the last time written in Hebrew.

The tattoo artist used thick strokes of black ink and wrote it on the person’s forearm. The placement of this statue design is very accurate as it is easily visible. Every time you watch it, you will be reminded of your wish to travel the world. You can add other elements to this tattoo, but this Hebrew lettering alone is very elegant and classy.

Gratitude Hebrew Tattoo

Gratitude hebrew tattoo
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This beautiful design has the words “Thank You” written on it. This tattoo is a beautiful depiction of a person showing their gratitude. This gratitude can be to God or to any other person. They could generally be grateful for life and positivity as well. This is actually one of the most common quotes that people love to get tattooed on their bodies to remind them to be grateful for everything they have in life.

This Tattoo Design was written in Hebrew symbols and the tattoo artist used brushstroke art to make this tattoo. Each letter has been so delicately made that it looks exceptional. This tattoo was placed in the center of the person’s back. However, if you wish, you can put it on any part of the body where it is visible and will constantly remind you to be grateful.

Hebrew pride tattoo

Hebrew pride tattoo
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This design has the words, ‘Keep and Remember’, written in Hebrew. It is a very simple tattoo and it can mean different things to different people. One of the most common interpretations of this tattoo is to keep your head up and remember to make the right decisions. In this particular design, for the person, it represents his relationship with Judaism. This tattoo is a constant reminder for them to be aware and awake to God.

To add a little more meaning to the tattoo, the person used the pride colors in the background. Pride colors are the colors of the rainbow that have been painted as a brush stroke in the background. This rainbow trait helps them remember that even they are important to their religion.

Hebrew Name Tattoo

Hebrew name tattoo
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One of the most common ways to express love and remember someone is to get their name tattooed on your body. This name tattoo could mean that you are missing someone who stays away from you or it could be a memorial tattoo for someone who has passed away. In this particular design, the tattoo artist engraved the name “Brina Leisha” on the person’s wrist. This is the name of the person’s sister.

The wavy lines of this design make it look like it was written in Hebrew calligraphy letters. The artist used thin strokes of black ink to complete this drawing. The fine brushstrokes have made this tattoo look extremely classy and elegant.

My choice of Hebrew tattoo

My choice of hebrew tattoo
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It is a very minimalist design. This is the Hebrew translation of the expression “my chosen one”. This phrase is part of ‘Isaiah 42:1’ with states, ‘Behold my servant, whom I uphold my elect, in whom I might delight’. This phrase means that the person is the chosen child of God, and that he could bring happiness in delight to the world and to Him.

If you are a spiritual person, this tattoo could mean a lot to you. The tattoo artist used thin strokes of black ink to make this design. Every stroke is very sharp and looks delicate. This tattoo has great symbolism, especially for the Jewish people.

Hebrew phrase tattoo

Hebrew phrase tattoo
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This tattoo in Hebrew is a spiritual phrase that can be translated as “She is not in heaven”. It is a vertical Tattoo Design that has been placed on the person’s forearm. The tattoo artist used thin, simple strokes of black ink to create this design. Since it was placed on the forearm, it is not very painful and due to its fine features, it could be completed in almost one sitting.

This tattoo has symbolic meanings for different people depending on their faith. You can get more Hebrew phrase tattoos on yourself once you understand their meaning because they are cool and stylish designs.

Hebrew soul tattoo

Hebrew soul tattoo
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This particular tattoo reads ‘Soul’. Soul tattoos are very common tattoo designs that represent spiritual energy, healing, and the soul. This tattoo is very common among people who practice yoga and meditation. They believe the word soul contains healing energies and could bring positivity to your life.

This particular tattoo has the word soul written in Hebrew. It is a very eye-catching design as the letters have been written in thick black strokes. To add more elements to the design, the tattoo artist gave splashes of blue and purple in the background. This highlights the black color even more. This tattoo was placed on or just under the right collarbone of the person. Not only does it look very cool, but it also has symbolic meaning.

Hamsa Tattoo

Hamsa tattoo
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A hamsa tattoo is usually a representation of the “hand of God”. Hamsa tattoos are considered to bring luck, health, good fortune and happiness in people’s lives. The Hamsa tattoo is a traditional design that has been around for thousands of years. Traditionally, this design features a palm of a person that has two thumbs and three fingers, and inside there is tribal art.

The tattoo artist made an upside-down hamsa design. They used colors like black and different shades of blue to complete this design. The intricate strokes make the tattoo more attractive. In the center of the palm is the word “Live”, written in Hebrew. Below the Hebrew word is the evil eye, which is believed to provide protection against evil.

Regina King Hebrew Tattoo

Regina king hebrew tattoo
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Famous celebrity Regina King has faced a lot of speculation for her Jewish tattoo on her left arm. There have been several interpretations of this tattoo, and she had revealed during a meeting that it meant “unconditional love”. The letters on our hand, while not exactly translating to the words unconditional love, translate to “hey, hey, ayin”, which also means unconditional love. It is a beautiful tattoo and anyone can have it on their body. This tattoo was done with thick strokes of black ink. If you are looking for a sweet and simple tattoo with deep meaning, this is something you should definitely consider.

Harry Styles Hebrew Tattoo

Harry styles hebrew tattoo
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Famous celebrity and singer Harry Styles also has a Hebrew tattoo on his left shoulder. Harry is said to be very close to his family and he revealed that the tattoo on his left shoulder is actually his sister’s name ‘Gemma’. Even though Harry and his family are not Jewish, Harry has a strong interest in Judaism. That’s why he got his sister’s name tattooed in Hebrew. The tattoo was done with thick strokes of black ink and it looks small and simple.

If you are not a native speaker of the Hebrew language, it is necessary that you understand the exact translation of each word and check that it is spelled correctly before selecting your tattoo. You must remember that this tattoo will be part of your body for eternity, which is why it is necessary to make an informed decision. If you want to explore further, you can also check out –

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