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If you are looking for a good heartbeat music tattoo then end your search because here you will find the best music heartbeat tattoo ideas.

Heartbeat music tattoo

Musical heartbeat tattoos are a fairly common choice for music lovers.

In general, most people associate designs of items they like with heartbeat or lifeline tattoos. It means that their heart continues to beat for that particular thing.

Many people change the design to add a jagged line and a real heart in the background, or a red heart sign to their heartbeat tattoo ideas. It just represents something a little more intimate to the wearer. If you try to research the science behind how music can capture someone’s heart so much, you may not find a good quality of information, so we should welcome whatever people find their strength and admire the tattoos they associate with it. Read our recommendations below to find your favorite tattoo.

Small Heartbeat Music Tattoo

Small heartbeat music tattoo

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Small tattoos can be quite adorable and more simplistic. They may not have all the details of a tattoo, but they allow you to express yourself perfectly. The image above is a small music heartbeat tattoo idea. The line of the small heartbeat tattoo begins with a treble clef note symbol and ends with a radiating note symbol at the top of the heartbeat line or lifeline. Two tiny symbols of an eighth note and a quarter note have been drawn around it.

Minimalist Heartbeat Music Tattoo

Minimalist heartbeat music tattoo

Minimalist tattoos can look quite elegant and they are usually drawn with just the outlines of a design, like the image above. It shows a beautiful minimalist heartbeat music design thin line tattoo. The thin line heartbeat music tattoo has been drawn like a bracelet on the middle of the hand or near the elbow of the wearer’s body. A treble clef symbol and a radiated notes symbol have been drawn on the heartbeat tattoo.

Heartbeat music and radio tattoo

Heartbeat music and radio tattoo

Radio, gramophone and other musical instruments are usually the objects of interest and love of music lovers. These instruments have been important for a long time. Hence, many of them get heartbeat tattoos with these instruments to express their passion and care like the picture above. It’s a small ankle tattoo of a small radio and a line of a heartbeat coming out of the radio. The shading work throughout the tattoo has been done in dotted lines.

watercolor heartbeat music tattoo

Watercolor heartbeat music tattoo

Watercolor tattoos can be so stylish that they can look like real watercolor paintings. These tattoos may fade a little faster, but we assure you they are still worth it. Due to the beauty of these tattoos, many people today choose to get more watercolor. The image above shows a long sleeve heartbeat music tattoo drawn on the wearer’s forearm. A phonograph half record, music player forward, reverse and pause symbols, headphones and some tiny musical note tattoo designs have been incorporated into the heartbeat. The pink, orange, green and blue watercolor has been beautifully drawn with the heartbeat.

Armband Heartbeat Music Tattoo

Armband heartbeat music tattoo

Armband tattoos have become very popular in recent years. People get them in one place, like the top of their hand, near the wrist or elbow, like in the photo above. This is an armband heartbeat music tattoo drawn on the wearer’s forearm near his elbow. Four lines have been drawn as a musical heartbeat staff tattoo for armband with heartbeat line, headphone, treble clef symbol, some black note symbols. A few brushstrokes in waves of brown color have also been included in the armband design of this heartbeat music tattoo.

Heartbeat music word tattoo

Heartbeat music word tattoo

Word tattoos are quite famous because they help the wearer express what they want best. These words can be someone’s name, something that motivates them, and something that they love or are passionate about, like the image above. It shows a heartbeat music tattoo near the shoulder of the wearer. The tattoo includes a heartbeat line tattoo in a thin line and the word “music” written in bold letters next to the heartbeat. This simple tattoo is done entirely in black ink.

Music key heartbeat tattoo

Music key heartbeat tattoo

Musical key notes are of extreme importance to people who live their lives for their passion and care for music. This is why most musical heartbeat tattoos add these symbols, like the image above. This is a large heartbeat music tattoo drawn on the skin of the wearer on his upper hand. The tattoo design is a treble clef symbol where the line of the symbol has turned into a heartbeat. Minimal shading work and fine line design has been done on the tattoo.

Phonograph record heartbeat music tattoo

Phonograph record heartbeat music tattoo

The phonograph record or vinyl record has played an important role in playing music. Time has moved on and people don’t use them anymore, but many people still keep these vinyl records of songs and albums to immortalize the artists. The image above shows a long sleeve heartbeat music tattoo drawn on the forearm of the wearer. The tattoo begins with the heartbeat and a half phonograph record has been included in the heartbeat. The vibration of the disc sound turned into a heartbeat again afterwards.

musical note heartbeat tattoo

Musical note heartbeat tattoo

Musical notes are the general language through which musicians speak and give them the power to remain immortal through the ages. It’s what carries their legendary work of art through the generations. Hence, they are a popular choice to include in music heartbeat tattoos. The image above depicts an adorable small heartbeat tattoo with music notes drawn near the wearer’s forearm near their wrist. The tattoo is extremely simple with only a radiated notes symbol included in the tiny EKG tattoo. The tattoo is small, but the whole design has been drawn with quite bold lines. Enhance the tattoo, add notes from your favorite music to personalize the design.

Music Artist Name Heartbeat Music Tattoo

Music artist name heartbeat music tattoo

Most of the time, people who dedicate their lives to music have an artist they idolize. People who only love music also always have a favorite artist. Therefore, many people add the names of these artists to their heartbeat tattoos, like the image above. It shows a simple heartbeat music design of an EKG line tattoo beginning with a treble clef symbol with the words “Tha Dope Child” written below in black ink. ‘Tha Dope Child’ is actually the name of a singer. You can improve the design and make it your own unique tattoo design.

We hope we have helped you in your search for the best heartbeat music tattoo, but if you are still looking for information on a quality tattoo, keep reading these few recommendations –

You can opt for a good cross music tattoo on the shoulder or near the collarbone. It gives the sense that you want to keep it close to your heart, like you keep God.

You might have found a good heartbeat music design on some clothes then you can make it a music heartbeat tattoo on wrist design.

Always looking for inspiration, check out these music tattoo ideas.

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