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If Greek mythology is your love and forte, then the Greek god tattoo sleeve is the best option to display the superior Greek culture.

Greek God Tattoo Sleeve
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Many of us have a fondness for different folklores and legends and mythology plays a big part in that range of things.

One such branch of mythology is Greek mythology which tells the stories of the origin, activities and lives of Greek deities, heroes and mythological creatures. The tales of Greek mythology like others were first transmitted through the oral poetic tradition believed to be by Minoan and Mycenaean singers of the 18th century.

Homer’s stories, namely the Iliad and the Odyssey, were considered the first written accounts. Now, if you are fascinated by these stories of war and love, covenant and betrayal, religion and politics, the best way to incorporate them into yourself is to get a Greek mythology tattoo.

Zeus Tattoo Sleeve

Zeus Tattoo Sleeve
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One of the most popular Greek God tattoos is the tattoo of Zeus who was the king of all other gods and goddesses. Considered the god of thunder, sky and lightning, these tattoos are mostly done in black ink. Zeus sleeve tattoos can be done with other gods in the background to show the superiority of this father figure and have become the symbolism of power.

In ancient Greek mythology and other cultures, it was believed that Zeus could transform into other people or animals and seduce and father multiple demigods. This particular trait makes these tattoos a symbol of virility and masculinity and they are mostly found inked on men. Head of Zeus with thunder and lightning is one of the most requested tattoo designs in the world.

Hades tattoo on sleeve

Hades tattoo on sleeve
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One of the fiercest Greek Gods tattoo designs is the Hades tattoo. Considered the god of the underworld, he is the brother of Zeus and Poseidon. Associated with the underworld and death, the name Hades is the harbinger of disturbing news. They are mostly done with black color ink and are considered as one of the best Greek god sleeve tattoo designs.

Popular especially among men in Roman stories, he is known as Pluto or the rich and punishes the evil soul and bestows gifts on the worthy. It is mainly practiced by people of stern and ruthless nature like Hades himself and symbolizes the acceptance of the vulnerability of life and its new beginning. Another symbol that this Greek god tattoo can be engraved with is a three-headed dog named Cerberus.

Athena tattoo on sleeve

Athena tattoo on sleeve
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Athena tattoos are one of the coolest tattoo ideas to get inked with, but you have to be worthy. These tattoos are not for the weak willed as Athena was considered the goddess of wisdom, courage, war, justice, skill and craftsmanship. These ancient Greek tattoos can be done in black or red ink and sometimes the designs are fused with an olive tree and an owl.

Popular among men and women, Athena was born from the forehead of Zeus and even defeated Poseidon. A fearsome warrior and strategist and also the helper of heroes like Jason, Heracles and Perseus, whoever has this tattoo had to go through a great journey in life with ups and downs but never gave up.

Hermes sleeve tattoo

Hermes sleeve tattoo
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In Greek mythology, Hermes is the son of Zeus who was made Messenger of the gods by his father. In all the realms, he is the fastest among the gods and was a trickster who used to steal Artemis’ arrows or Poseidon’s trident. Black or vibrant color is used to make this tattoo.

Considered one of the twelve sacred Olympians, Hermes tattoos are done by both men and women and are considered the harbinger of good luck. Hermes wings symbolize freedom and can also be done by a person who has a restless soul and wants to fly high without any worries.

Ares Sleeve Tattoo

Ares Sleeve Tattoo
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With his symbolic Spartan look wearing armor, a helmet, and carrying a shield and spear, Ares is known as the god of war. In Greek mythology, he was feared so much that it was believed he could single-handedly turn the tide on the battlefield. Ares was mainly accompanied by his sister Eris and his sons Deimos and Phobos.

The Spartans were the only ones who worshiped Ares and there was also a temple named after him in Sparta. This ancient god tattoo is not for cowards and is done by people who wouldn’t be afraid of a fight. Symbolic of bloodshed, war and violence, it is better not to fight with someone who is the owner of the Ares tattoo.

Aphrodite tattoo on the sleeve

Aphrodite tattoo on the sleeve
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Extremely popular among women and a symbol of female power, Aphrodite tattoos have recently been in high demand according to several tattoo artists. The ink color used is mostly black and the best place to go is the top of the sleeves, the bottom of the sleeves and the forearm. The body of the goddess is adorned with shells or roses and is mainly in the form of a nude or semi-nude figure.

According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the daughter of Zeus and the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. These traits make this Greek god tattoo a demonstration of female strength and procreation. A wearer of this Greek god sleeve tattoo can represent a myriad of meanings ranging from being a great lover to being a proud wife.

Achilles sleeve tattoo

Achilles sleeve tattoo
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Greek warrior, protagonist of Holmer’s Iliad and legend of Greek mythology, Achilles was one of the participants in the famous Trojan War. Son of Peleus and Thetis, he was an immortal warrior as he was pushed into the River Stripe by his heels which became his only weak point and the reason for his death. Now this ancient Greek tattoo flourishes well in the sleeves when inked in black.

Extremely popular among men, this tattoo design can have contrasting meanings and is solely dependent on the wearer. Considered the hero of mourning, he can be inked as a representation of vulnerability, grief and misery. Sometimes Achilles tattoos can also be done in a portrait style with a sword and a shield showing power, courage, bravery, strength and patience.

Poseidon Greek God Tattoo Sleeve

Poseidon Greek God Tattoo Sleeve
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Greek history tells that in ancient Greece, the sky, the underworld and the sea were divided between Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. Poseidon became the god of the sea, horses and earthquakes and created Medusa, Pegasus and Minotaur. Done mostly in black and white ink with intricate detail, Poseidon’s tattoos are quite similar to his eldest son Triton but should not be confused with him.

Wearing a robe with a wavy beard and a crown, the most striking feature of this Greek gods tattoo is the trident on his hand. The entire piece reflects power, strength and bravery and highlights these characteristics of the tattoo owner. It can also be done by someone who loves the sea and sea life.

Jellyfish sleeve tattoo

Jellyfish Sleeve Tattoos
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Easily recognized for its poisonous snakes on the head in place of hair, the Medusa tattoo is creepy yet fascinating. Once, a goddess who was hard to resist was turned into a monster, and her unique gaze turned anyone to stone. This Greek mythology tattoo is known for its fine detail and is considered quite difficult for any tattoo artist to achieve.

Several ideas can be reflected in this tattoo which is popular with both men and women. It can be done by a person of a complex nature and this tattoo will be a sign to stay away from that person. It can also represent fertility because with its decapitation were born the mighty Pegasus and Chrysador.

Apollo tattoo on sleeve

Apollo tattoo on sleeve
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Son of Zeus and Leto, Apollo tattoos are one of the coolest ancient Greek god tattoos popular all over the world. The choice of ink is mostly black, and the other symbols Apollo is adorned with are a laurel wreath, a bow or arrow, or a lyre.

Considered the god of music, it is practiced by people who wish to perfect their art form like Apollo. Interestingly, it was Apollo who taught Orpheus to play the instrument and the symbols of archery, poetry, dance, sun and light are also associated with this Greek god.

If you follow closely, you will find great influences from Greek mythology in the culture, arts and literature of Western Civilization which holds a key position in building its heritage and language.

Other Greek mythology tattoos that can be considered are:

  • Hera sleeve tattoo.
  • Hephaestus sleeve tattoo.
  • Hestia sleeve tattoo.
  • Iris sleeve tattoo.
  • Tattoo on Daphne’s sleeve.

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