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Is Ghostemane your favorite singer? Then check out the list of these amazing Ghostemane tattoo ideas that we have created just for you.

Best ghost tattoo
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Ghostemane, also known as Eric Ghoste, is the stage name of famous American singer, rapper and songwriter Eric Whitney.

Before entering the music industry, Ghostemane held various B2B positions. He started his music career in 2010 and has been gaining followers and fans ever since.

Ghostemane’s main area of ​​focus is merging genres like heavy metal, rap and industrial music. Ghostemane grew up in Florida, and he also got into local Florida hardcore punk. His lyrics mainly focus on depression, death, occultism, nihilism and illuminism. Some of his famous studio albums that broke records are Blackmage, 1000 rounds and ANTI-ICON among others. If you are a fan of Ghostemane, getting a tattoo is the best way to pay homage to him as tattoos are often tools of expression. Check out this list of amazing tattoos that we have selected for you.

Phantom Mercury Tattoo

Phantom mercury tattoo
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This tattoo features art from one of his famous songs, “Mercury.” Some features of this tattoo give the tattoo a unique and whimsical look. The border of this tattoo gives it a paper look, with some of the stored parts represented by curved lines. There are also several dots inside the tattoo that give it an aesthetic vibe.

The tattoo is divided into two sections, the upper part of the tattoo represents Koko, the clown, and the second part represents Koko, the ghost clown. In the lower part of the tattoo, the name of the song Mercury is written in red ink. The shading of the tattoo is also outstanding as well as the artwork. If you love song and art then this tattoo would look wonderful on your skin. You can search for more options on sites dedicated to Ghostemane tattoos. For a safer experience, make sure the artist uses appropriate and up-to-date tools.

Ghostemane Creative Portrait Tattoo

Ghostemane creative portrait tattoo
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This amazing tattoo features a portrait of the famous singer Ghostemane. The shading of this tattoo is remarkable. The tattoo artist incorporated a horn on his head to give this tattoo a fierce look. Using white ink to highlight certain features of this tattoo makes this tattoo stand out. The artist also tattooed Blackmage’s album cover onto the rapper’s hair. The amazing feature of the tattoo that brings out the creativity is how the artist has tattooed the final “V” shaped part. If your tattoo style is creative and you are looking for something new, then this tattoo is absolutely essential for you. Choose a skilled artist with essential knowledge of the tools for a safer experience.

Blackmage Tattoo Ghostemane

Blackmage tattoo ghostemane
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This gorgeous tattoo features Ghostmane’s album cover called Blackmage. The placement of this tattoo with the artwork makes the tattoo look amazing. The tattoo artist did a perfect job shading this tattoo. The line and details of this tattoo are also splendid. The twisted lines coming from the outside of the circle are tattooed exactly like the album cover.

The tattoo is the perfect representation of the album cover and the tattoo artist did this tattoo justice. All the features drawn in this tattoo make the tattoo flawless. If you’re still waiting for a sign, that’s it. You should definitely consider getting a tattoo if Blackmage is your favorite album. Browse the sites for additional information and to improve the content of your tattoos.

Lyrics of Ghostemane Tattoo

Ghostemane tattoos
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This tattoo features the lyrics to the song “D(r)own” by Ghostemane. The tattoo is divided into two parts. The first part of the tattoo features the lyrics of the song that says “We’re all going to go down”, which is written on one thigh and the other thigh features the second part of the lyrics that says “We’re all going to drown”. The font used in this tattoo also brings out the style that Ghostemane is famous for. The thought behind the placement of this tattoo is also very creative.

If you want a tattoo that will give an original vibe, then this tattoo will look absolutely perfect on your body. Other ways to customize this tattoo are to add colors and change the font. You can research more options online and make sure your tattoo artist has the essential tools to ink this one.

Ghost Ghost Tattoo

Ghost ghost tattoo
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This cool tattoo depicts the famous ghost of Koko the Clown. The art style used in this tattoo is wonderful. If you are a real Ghostemane fan, it’s a sign for you to get this tattoo. The tattoo depicts the ghost of Koko the Clown bowing. The eye-catching part of this tattoo is the background. There are three shadow tattoos in the background. The first shadow is the darkest shade of all with each shadow the shade of the tattoo becomes lighter which gives the tattoo a 3D effect. Even though the tattoo is monochromatic, the shading is just mesmerizing which makes the tattoo unique and gives it a funky look. If you want a cool and playful tattoo, this tattoo is essential.

Ghostemane Album Name Finger Tattoo

Ghostemane album name finger tattoo
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This cool tattoo features one of his record studio albums named “ANTI-ICON” on the fingers. It’s one of his recent albums and it helped him gain popularity. The font used in this tattoo is very gothic and it is the exact style of the singer. The first four letters, i.e. “ANTI”, are written on the four fingers of one hand while the other letters, i.e. “ICON”, are written on the four fingers of the other hand. If you notice, you can also see that the tattoo artist used double lines in the letters “A” and “N” which make the tattoo stand out.

If “ANTI-ICON” is your favorite album, this tattoo is the best way to pay homage to the album as well as the artist, and you should totally consider getting a tattoo. For more information or more options, you can always consult the sites dedicated to it.

Gothic Ghost Tattoo

Gothic ghost tattoo
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This unique tattoo is a gothic version of the Ghostmane portrait. It features the singer and the tattoo artist has also incorporated the tattoo on his forehead similar to the one he has in real life. The details of this tattoo are depicted through thin lines. One of the tattoo artist’s eyes is white while the other eye is dark.

Some features of this tattoo make the tattoo beautiful. One of his famous songs “Mercury” is also written on the bottom of this tattoo and the font used here is essential to achieve the desired look. This tattoo would look great on your body and it is absolutely essential that you get this one.

Colorful Ghost Tattoo

Colorful ghost tattoo
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This colorful tattoo features the colored version of Koko the ghost clown. To depict the night sky, the artist creatively used the colors pink, purple and blue. The pumpkins are tattooed with the color orange. The artist also interweaves rectangular boxes in the tattoo which resembles the road Koko walks on. If you notice closely, there is also a crooked line that represents the crack in the road.

Apart from the sky and the pumpkins, the tattoo artist mainly used black and white ink in this tattoo. While there are other ways to inking it, the choice of colors in this tattoo complement each other and bring out the best. If you want to add color to gothic art, you don’t need to look for more options. This tattoo would be ideal for you.

Monochrome Ghost Tattoo

Monochrome ghost tattoo
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This bright monochrome tattoo features a depiction of Ghostmane. The shading of this tattoo along with the detailing and fine line work all help to enhance the content of the tattoo and make it look like an absolute work of art. The tattoo artist also incorporated Blackmage’s album cover into the lower corner of the tattoo. It is a sign for you to get a tattoo and pay tribute to your favorite singer. The singer’s expression is also perfectly captured in the tattoo. There are some features of this tattoo that make it stand out.

If you are looking for a portrait tattoo, your search is finally over because this tattoo will look great on you. Tattooing requires skillful hands and experience. Therefore, it is essential that you choose the best artist who knows his way with modern tools to make it perfect.

Matching ghost tattoo

Matching ghost tattoo
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If you are looking for tattoos that you can get with your partner or friend, these are definitely the tattoos that you can get. These tattoos feature the cover of Ghostmane’s famous studio album called Blackmage. Both locations of these tattoos are unique. One of the tattoos is placed on the wrist while the other is placed on the back of the neck. These tattoos would definitely look amazing on both of you and it is the best way to keep in touch with the friend you share the same musical taste with.

If you are still looking for more options for Ghostemane tattoos, you can also check the list below.

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