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Would you like to have one of the fabulous geisha tattoo sketches? If yes, then you can get great geisha tattoo sketch ideas here.

Geisha tattoo
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Those who love Japanese traditions and culture will love geisha tattoo sketches.

Usually, a geisha tattoo is featured by a Japanese geisha woman wearing a vibrant kimono. Being part of the Japanese geisha culture, geisha are most often used in attractive works of art like tattoos.

It is also considered an important part of Japanese tattoos. A geisha tattoo symbolizes a beautiful Japanese woman with a rich history. Essentially, a geisha is an educated young woman famous for entertaining men. The geisha Tattoo Design represents Japanese culture and the elegant look of the ancient geisha. You can choose to have a colorful geisha tattoo on your shoulder, waist, legs or other body parts. A typical geisha tattoo not only highlights the sensual and beautiful woman but also shows her qualities like intelligence and good manners. Japanese geisha tattoo ideas will help you if you are new to the meaning of a geisha tattoo.

Colored tattoo sketch of geisha with flowers

Colored tattoo sketch of geisha with flowers
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If you are looking for a multicolored geisha tattoo with a cute sketch of a geisha girl, then this geisha Tattoo Design is a perfect option for you. Depicting a real geisha in charming colors, this tattoo shows the female geisha holding an instrument in her hand. The design of this colorful traditional geisha tattoo also shows a huge red rose just below the girl’s face.

Due to its captivating and elegant look, this tattoo idea is one of the most amazing tattoo ideas representing Japanese culture. It not only displays the beauty of the geisha woman, but also shows her immense power and talents.

Tattoo sketch of inked geisha with kimono

Tattoo sketch of inked geisha with kimono
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For those who wish to have a charming geisha tattoo with flowers incorporated on their body, this geisha Tattoo Design can be considered. Although prepared using black ink, its appearance resembles a colorful geisha tattoo as there are colorful flowers throughout the design of the tattoo. The important part of this tattoo shows a beautiful Japanese woman holding a kimono and showing her back. The innocent face makes sure this is one of the cutest geisha tattoo designs.

Usually, this tattoo idea is not intended for male clients, as a large number of women tattoo this sketch on their bodies.

Beautiful flower geisha tattoo sketch

Beautiful flower geisha tattoo sketch
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This image shows a geisha holding a traditional Japanese umbrella and a fan, gazing into the distance in a mesmerizing way.

In addition to the beautiful Japanese dress and kimono, the geisha tattoo is also characterized by an attractive hairstyle. This geisha Tattoo Design depicts a cute sketch of a geisha woman with a beautiful hairstyle and closed eyes. Moreover, just like most geisha tattoos, this one also shows the beauty of Japanese culture. The series of pink flowers makes this one of the most adorable Japanese geisha tattoo designs. This Japanese geisha tattoo also shows three flowers stuck in the hair.

If you want a dark black ink geisha girl tattoo on your shoulder, arm or back then this simple geisha tattoo sketch is recommended. Although this is a traditional geisha tattoo, the inclusion of pink flowers at the bottom makes it attractive.

Beautiful Japanese Geisha Tattoo Sketch on Arm

Beautiful japanese geisha tattoo sketch on arm
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Sporting creative calligraphy art, this geisha Tattoo Design is one of the unique in the market. It is a Japanese geisha tattoo with a thin line throughout the sketch. The design shows a bold yet eye-catching geisha with sparkling eyes and long hair.

The flowers are stuck in the hair which makes this geisha tattoo more mesmerizing. The addition of the floral pattern in the Japanese dress worn by the geisha woman in this sketch gives it a unique style. Aspects like beautiful long hair, cute face and fabulous dress make this tattoo stand out from other geisha tattoo designs.

Tattoo sketch of traditional colored geisha with kimono

Tattoo sketch of traditional colored geisha with kimono
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This geisha Tattoo Design shows stunning red flowers all over the dress worn by the geisha. Representing Japanese history, this geisha tattoo depicts a Japanese woman holding a kimono. The use of black, gray, red, green and yellow colors in the Japanese geisha tattoo gives it a unique look. Moreover, the inclusion of red flowers, a red sash and a colorful kimono shows that this traditional geisha tattoo is full of vibrant colors and hence looks eye-catching.

The tattoo mixes a traditional look with a modern twist of the ideas derived from the latest geisha tattoo designs. So this is one of those tattoo ideas that shows the beauty of the ancient Japanese tradition.

Beautiful inked geisha tattoo sketch

Beautiful inked geisha tattoo sketch
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This geisha Tattoo Design features a stunning draft tattoo with the use of high quality ink. The downward looking face of the Japanese girl depicted in this geisha tattoo gives her a cute appearance. It is one of the most eye-catching traditional geisha tattoos because its design shows something hanging around the girl’s face. Also, the top of the head has two medium-sized flowers, and another two flowers are stuck in the middle of the head. The girl’s hand rests on the collar of the dress, which further enhances its beauty.

It is among those geisha ideas that represent a mixture of Japanese girl feminism and Japanese culture.

Traditional art geisha tattoo sketch on shoulder

Traditional art geisha tattoo sketch on shoulder
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The appearance of this Japanese geisha tattoo shows a cute and confident geisha woman holding a traditional kimono in one hand and an umbrella in the other. Also, she wore a full size dress with a red color rose pattern all over the dress. As a result, this geisha Tattoo Design enhances the look of the part of the body where you get it tattooed.

If you prefer the traditional design for a geisha tattoo, this tattoo idea may be the most suitable for you. Moreover, it is one of the few geisha tattoo designs that depicts the Japanese girl in a walking posture and with an umbrella.

Japanese cute girl geisha tattoo sketch

Japanese cute girl geisha tattoo sketch
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At first glance, the appearance of this geisha tattoo looks like an anime tattoo, but it is actually a traditional geisha tattoo with a calm face. The corresponding geisha Tattoo Design depicts a female geisha looking back and flaunting her charming physical appearance.

It is a kind of ancient geisha tattoo idea whose style imitates the original Japanese girl from ancient times. Unlike other geisha tattoos, this geisha girl tattoo shows a very large flower design on the top of the head. This is the main factor why this tattoo looks more elegant than most geisha tattoos.

Colored tattoo sketch of geisha with umbrella

Colored tattoo sketch of geisha with umbrella
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Featuring a standing Japanese woman with an umbrella in one hand, this geisha tattoo size covers a large part of your shoulder. This Japanese geisha tattoo looks stunning as it shows the girl wearing a vibrant blue colored dress with a red flower pattern all over it.

This traditional geisha tattoo conveys the idea that the girl is calm and stands confidently. This kind of appearance gives her an exceptional impression compared to other geisha tattoo designs. This Japanese geisha Tattoo Design can recall the original Japanese art and culture.

Tattoo sketch of colored geisha with flowers

Tattoo sketch of colored geisha with flowers
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The way the eyes are outlined in this geisha Tattoo Design gives an idea of ​​the boldness of the girl in the tattoo. This Japanese geisha tattoo not only showcases the elegance of the geisha girl but also the meticulous work of the tattoo artist.

Keeping Japanese culture in mind, this geisha girl tattoo is prepared with beautifully lined long hair and a flower tucked in the front of the head. Additionally, red flowers are sketched at the bottom to make the tattoo more fascinating.

Generally a choice for women, geisha tattoo designs are very popular these days due to their charming and cute look. The matching tattoo artist devotes all their efforts to designing the best geisha tattoo sketch on your body. There are many Japanese tattoos out there, but the ones depicting the geisha girl tattoo are unique and adorable. A geisha Tattoo Design can be inspired by original Japanese culture, and some tattoos feature a modern retro look. From a sketch of a typical geisha tattoo, you can gauge that a geisha’s job is to dance, sing, play instruments, and entertain the public.

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