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Trying to come up with fun tattoo ideas for your next tattoo? Check out some easy tattoo ideas that are both fun and awesome.

Funny tattoo ideas
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Small fun tattoos are the new twist on traditional tattoos because a fun design can act as an instant pick-me-up.

Finding the perfect tattoos can be a time-consuming process, especially if humor is the path you choose. With the implication of a fun and random tattoo design on your body forever, as tattoo design involves engraving images or text on the skin, choosing this idea might seem like a bold move.

When it comes to fun tattoo ideas, the misconception of big, funny and mean tattoos has to be tackled. There are many fun little tattoos to choose from and you can even find fun matching tattoo ideas for your friends. Grab your best friend and get some fun friend tattoos you can treasure for a lifetime. With more and more people choosing to portray their sense of humor through tattoos, funny, sometimes very clever and sometimes downright ridiculous tattoos have become very popular. Pizza illustrations for those who love pizza, Super Mario Bros, trademark mustache and star wars tattoos are very common fun tattoos that invite a good laugh.

If you too want to explore the path of hilarious tattoos, check out the following latest tattoo ideas!

Cow Moon Tattoo Ideas

Cow moon tattoo ideas
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If you too find cows adorable and funny, check out these fun tattoo ideas. The tattoo artist has done an amazing job creating fun little tattoos that are cartoon-like in design and shape. The moon with the little eyes and a cute cow saying “Moooon” instead of Moo just adds a fun touch and creativity to this outstanding fun tattoo. Both boys and girls can adorn this fun tattoo design on their arms. The simple black look drawn in the image is what adds to the charm of this fun tattoo idea that would otherwise be diminished if colors were added to it. If you’re into silly little jokes, this fun tattoo idea is sure to please you.

UFO: And if… I believe? Tattoo

Ufo what if i believe tattoos
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Do aliens, the universe and life on other planets excite you? Or maybe you find the idea so ridiculous that it’s just funny. Well, whatever your philosophical leanings, this cute alien removing fun character tattoo might just be what you’ve been looking for. With minimal colors used in the image and a distinct black outline, shaping and designing the UFO, this tattoo is as cute as it is funny. With its cute characters and fun ideas, this tattoo is sure to bring a laugh and maybe spark an interesting conversation as well! Find out if your friends believe or not, with this fun tattoo, or get fun matching tattoos with your friends that can become an inside joke. One of the best fun tattoos out there, this one will add a spark to your conversations to come.

A scalable fish tattoo

A scalable fish tattoo
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For those who are closely involved with climate change, finding new ways to show their concern, this fun tattoo will be something unexpected. A fish confused and shocked by the changes caused by climate change in its natural habitat, comes out of the water, as shown in this tattoo is not only a fun tattoo idea but even makes those who see it think. Sending a strong message, fun tattoo ideas like these are the perfect example of body art that represents the personality of the tattoo wearer. Guys and girls looking for tattoo ideas that express their concern might find this simple fun tattoo idea intriguing.

funny color tattoos

Funny color tattoos
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If you are looking for fun and funny tattoo ideas, these fun tattoo designs would be of great interest to you. Introducing a bit of color into some very inventive designs only elevates the entire vibe of the tattoo, as these fun tattoo ideas show. Whether you choose the alien lunch bag, the two-hearted cherries, the joint with hearts on it or flowers in a shoe, or maybe the spring we’ve all played with, the rocket with the burger on it, or the mugs beer bottle with a rainbow; whatever colorful tattoo you choose, it is sure to go epic. These weird tattoos embody creative ideas in body art. The tattoo owner can even choose to choose the vibe of these fun little tattoos and adapt them to your own designs.

Review Fun Tattoos

Review fun tattoos
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For anyone who is fed up with uninvited advice, opinions and judgments, this tattoo is THE PERFECT. It’s funny, it’s impactful, it’s clear, and it’s pretty much a slap in the face for all those people who bother you. The simple yet artistic tattoo designs created with just the outline of the hands designed to depict the action of squirting while the other hand is holding a paper containing “opinions” adds just a comical touch while conveying a strong message to all those who pass ill-advised opinions. The details done by the tattoo artist give the tattoo a very polished and refined look.

Chill Out funny tattoos

Chill out funny tattoos
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A fun tattoo, which looks like a bad tattoo job, chill out bro tattoos are a classic. You can even get tattooed with buddies to have fun matching tattoos. This tattoo is done with a simple black outline and no color is added. The outline is thin enough to give a pencil drawn look to the tattoo designs. It can be described as a minimalist yet fun tattoo. For anyone who has never been tattooed before and wants a fun little tattoo, this is the one to go for. Perfect for a sloth or a group of friends, this tattoo will have you cracking up. Funny character tattoo designs are always front and center when we think of a silly tattoo, and this one takes the cake.

Explosives instead of mushrooms? Tattoo

Explosives on mushroom tattoos
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Making a point through humor has been a big feature in the world of body art. Traditional tattoos were also usually meant for this, however, newer tattoo designs elevate this better. Tattoo artists often receive requests to design tattoos that convey a strong social message while maintaining a humorous outlook. This legal versus illegal tattoo is created along the same lines. Showing how harmful things like explosives have a relatively legal application while other less harmful things are made illegal, this tattoo may be considered funny by some and one of the weird tattoos by some. others. For those who look at life and the world from a broad, “woke” perspective, this fun tattoo design can be quite an intriguing choice.

Funny Blooming Goodness Tattoos

Funny blooming goodness tattoos
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When looking for fun tattoos for men, this fun tattoo of two smiling flowers in a vase wins the race. The image is cute on its own, but by turning them into a colorful tattoo, the tattoo artist has achieved one of the best fun tattoo designs. The best thing is that the color can be customized according to the shade you want to have. As far as silly tattoos go, this is the tattoo to get. For those looking to explore their whimsical side, perhaps a tattoo featuring two pretty daisy-like flowers would do the trick. The ombré color scheme on the vase adds a touch of artistic flair to these fun tattoo ideas and makes them look a little more polished than you would otherwise imagine.

Finish the Dinosaur Tattoo

Finish the dinosaur tattoo
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Speaking of creative and fun tattoos for men, this Finish the Dinosaur tattoo is a great way to spend some fun times with your friends and spark some laughs. Go beyond the usual fun tattoo ideas of heart and pizza illustrations, usual Mario themed tattoos and star wars tattoos with this new ready to use and one of the funniest tattoos. It makes your usual fun tattoo ideas look regular. You can even turn this tattoo into a game, draw a missing part of it, take pictures and maybe give it a top hat. When thinking of simple fun tattoo ideas, this one would top the list. A very innovative take on the category of fun little tattoos, the Finish the Dinosaur is sure to become more popular.

Two little mushrooms that catch stars

Two little mushrooms that catch stars
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Perhaps not one of the tattoo designs for men, this cute tattoo features two adorable mushrooms, one standing above the other, catching stars. With very fine and delicate work, this tattoo looks like it was drawn from thin liners. When it comes to fun and undemanding tattoo ideas, this tattoo comes to mind. It’s just adorable and the expressions and details rendered by the tattoo artist make you feel love for the tiny mushrooms. Complete with stars and grass, this tattoo would be the one you look up to fondly. While not the best fun tattoo for some, this tattoo will surely do the job of cheering you up.

Fun tattoos are a great way to cover up bad tattoos. If you are looking for fun tattoo designs, you can check:

  • Funny butt tattoos like a walking pencil or a smiling hare.
  • Dialogues of comic films.
  • Star Wars Nerd tattoo.
  • Usual Mario themed tattoo.
  • Large stamp tattoo.

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