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Looking for a forest silhouette tattoo to express your affinity towards nature? Here we have the best forest tattoo designs to show you how it is done!

Forest Silhouette Tattoo
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The most beautiful forest tattoos are based on just silhouettes that give us a new perspective aloof from everyday life.

On the one hand, nature at its undisturbed state serves as an inspiration for us to appreciate its beauty and mystery, and on the other hand, nature becomes a symbol of the things that we humans go through. A forest silhouette can thus be interpreted and re-interpreted countless times and produce meaningful tattoos for men that differ in meaning, representation, and purpose.

Forest tattoos are the ultimate symbols for serenity, spiritual awakening, rebirth, growth, and for a nature lover, the protectors of the planet. In prehistoric times, the forest would be man’s habitat, yet his threat. Cut to the modern times, trees and forests are ignored, becoming only a picnic spot and a resource for all human developments. A forest silhouette in this context throws us back to our roots, a reminder that it is where we started, living and dying amidst the woods and mountains, and an alarm to wake up and protect the forests at all cost. Thus, a forest silhouette tattoo is an excellent choice for the guys who think deeply about life and human existence on Earth and can stand tall no matter what comes in their personal journey. If this resonates with you, keep reading to find some of the best forest silhouette tattoo designs and get started with inking!

Black Forest Tattoo Silhouette

Black Forest Tattoo Silhouette
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Forest silhouette tattoos are mostly seen in black although other designs of the same silhouette tattoo might exist with a slight difference. Here the artist paints a redwood forest silhouette tattoo with birds flying down to their nests, perhaps indicating dusk. The time of the day that you choose for your forest tattoos is primal to the kind of shadows you see in your design. The artist portrays the trees as they experience cycles of season, shedding leaves and preparing for winter. You can also opt to feature the spring season with a number of dead trees starting to come back to life with tiny leaves.

Black Forest Tattoos Silhouette
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Or go for back forearm tattoos featuring fully grown trees with this forest tattoo design. The style is compact but consisting all the elements necessary for a silhouette tattoo. The close shading below the trees creates a base for the design to stand upright while drawing any attention away from the entire piece.

Inverted Forest Tree Silhouette Tattoo

Inverted Forest Tree Silhouette Tattoo
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This silhouette tattoo is quite an unusual design for they reverse the notions of nature. Here, the artist inks the tree silhouette aptly with immaculate shading and tall stature, but the mountains are reversed to let the forest scenes come up front grabbing attention.

Inverted Forest Tree Silhouette Tattoos
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Similarly, the planets and stars are adorably inked on the skin to paint the night sky, but at the cost of the dark, inverted woods. This technique is effective when you want to draw attention to your forearm and add a sense of individualism to your silhouette forest tattoo. Moreover, if you are looking for a coverup, these off-beat forests will do the job efficiently and not without the magic of the quintessential forest silhouette tattoos.

Forest Silhouette With Bear Tattoo

Forest Silhouette With Bear Tattoo
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If you are a bulky guy in search of meaningful forest silhouettes to cover up your forearm, add a bear in your tattoo design to showcase your authentic self. The animal is known for its supreme physical strength and power and makes it to the top 10 list of mighty animals. This tattoo presents layers of meanings in the garb of hyperrealism that in turn produces an eerie air of mystery. The bear embodies the forest with the many trees emerging from its fur, and tall stems below that indicate their origin. If the upper arm seems threatening, the lower portion is the one that is threatened. The silhouette of the deer further accentuates the danger that lurks amidst the woods, presenting the darker side of the scenic view that we admire so deeply. Getting this black forest silhouette tattoo would mean that you are as unafraid as the bear and have a go-getter persona to back you up.

Forest Silhouette Tattoo With A Wolf

Forest Silhouette Tattoo With A Wolf
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The symbolism associated with wolves is that of mystery, cunning, and stealth. The animal is also a lovely choice considering the appropriate setting of dark forests adorned by a glistening full moon in the night sky. Akin to the previous design, this wolf also expresses its ferocity with open jaws and gnawing teeth. All the elements present in this design compose a comprehensive picture of the woods enclosing something mysterious and potentially threatening behind the lush green trees.

Forest Silhouette Tattoos With A Wolf
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Mellowing the intensity of the forest tattoos, here we have the wolf with plain outlining against a background of pine trees. This pine forest silhouette tattoo is a rather neat representation of the black forest tattoo in the afternoon sky. However, the wailing wolf could also be a sign of something ominous that might happen in the woods. Experiment with wolves and other such wild animals in your silhouette tattoo ideas for an added boost of aesthetic appeal.

Geometric Forest Silhouette Tattoo

Geometric Forest Silhouette Tattoo
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A truly unique design that will be a great source of inspiration for those of you who has a special affinity for geometric tattoo ideas. The tattoo artist here takes a single tree and attempts to portray the cyclical nature with it being rounded to an almost complete circle. But the other elements, the fox’s stern gaze, and the beautiful white mountains are equally eye-catching for they bring out the botanicals from the forests and paint a picture that is just irresistible as a forearm tattoo.

Geometric Forest Silhouette Tattoos
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Bonus points for those of you who could identify the sacred geometry here. This black forest tattoo is a mystical and lovely choice if you want distinguishing forest tattoo ideas with different meanings enclosed within silhouettes. Nature is portrayed in its full bloom with the shiny peaks of mountains contrasted against the dark trees, making the body art stand out. But what holds up this forearm tattoo is the inclusion of sacred geometry trying to envelop nature in the middle. The presence of these patterns almost changes the meaning, taking it above the bounds of our world and to the universal level. You can definitely look up to this forearm tattoo and include geometric patterns that you like.

Small Forest Silhouette Tattoo

Small Forest Silhouette Tattoo
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Don’t have much space for a forearm tattoo sleeve? No worries! These tattoo ideas are just as cool and can be placed almost anywhere! Enclosed in a sphere, this forest tattoo exhibits trees placed serially in order. These well-placed trees create an impression of a neat design that keeps up with the meaning associated with forest tattoos. The sphere can easily be interpreted as a symbol for our world where life primarily depends on trees and forests. You can place this forest tattoo on your forearm or your upper arm, based on your preferences.

Small Forest Silhouette Tattoos
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The memories of summer camp are irreplaceable, and whenever we look back it fills us with new hope and childlike innocence that we used to carry within us. You can’t go back to those days but who said anything about not recreating the same on your body? This outdoor camp against the background of dark woods is a keeper for your forearm. The creative interplay between light and dark in this tattoo design creates a neat structure that could easily serve as an inspiration for you to incorporate more such personal tokens into your forearm forest tattoo designs.

Forest Silhouette Tattoo Sleeve On Leg

Forest Silhouette Tattoo Sleeve On Leg
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Forest tattoos are exceptional as leg sleeves owing to the larger surface area that the site offers. The design starts on the calf muscle and extends down to the ankle showcasing woods in their tall stature. Tattooing forest silhouette designs would give you the liberty to incorporate as much detail as you wish to. We urge you to include birds, animals like deer, wolves, or the moon to further alleviate your leg tattoo.

Unique Forest Silhouette Tattoo Design

Unique Forest Silhouette Tattoo Design
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This upper arm silhouette tattoo is yet another quirky design merging two ideas into one. A compass is a mandatory device when you wish to venture into the woods and this artist views the forest through the lens of the compass. The trees are well-fitted in the middle of the tattoo with the needle fixated at its designated place. Instead of a complete circle, the artist banks on an undefined one to avoid mundanity. The shading on the needle also aids in making the design appealing.

Colourful Forest Silhouette Tattoo

Colourful Forest Silhouette Tattoo
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Time to splash some colours over forest silhouettes! The night sky is painted with a number of bright colours that actually drive away focus from the trees. The sky glimmering with colour is definitely the eyecatcher that in turn compliments the forest silhouette. Opting for colours is a good idea for they are not as easily seen in the majority of the designs.

Colourful Forest Silhouette Tattoos
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Similar to the aforementioned colourful tattoo, this forest tattoo attempts to create a similar cosmic colour splash but is enclosed in the outline of a bear. This design is every bit inspiring for it provides a definite space that can be placed anywhere and not be a tattoo sleeve. For something extra, try and get yourself the big dipper tattoo within the skyline that it provides for a fun yet meaningful design with forest silhouette.

Forest Silhouette Tattoo With The Moon

Forest Silhouette Tattoo With The Moon
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Since forests are all about being tall and bulky, the common conception regards them as males. It is particularly helpful when a feminine image can be utilised in the middle of such a masculine theme. The moon is a popular symbol of femininity and goes all too perfect in the case of forest tattoos. Here the artist creates a perfect sphere using stencils and dot work to go with the trees. If you are a guy choosing such a balanced design, it could mean that you have women in your life to help you through the hardships.

Forest Silhouette Tattoos With The Moon
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Including the moon can also induce different meanings than that of the feminine image. For instance, when the satellite is used along with nocturnal animals or birds, like the owl here, it intensifies the existing image of a dark night in the woods. You could also create a pathway that would lead one to the mystic beauty of the night, leading further deep into the forest.

Forest silhouette tattoos are majorly dominated by men going for sleeve tattoos. But we have shown how the same design can be modified to fit in perfectly with the site of your choice, and even by women! These tattoos would put you forward as a thoughtful being who is sensitive towards nature and its mechanisms. Now that you have grasped the basics, here are some more forest tattoo ideas for you to get inking as the soonest:

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