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Let’s take a look at some of the coolest ideas for a tiger tattoo on the forearm. If you like any of them, you can also use them as suggestions.

Forearm tiger tattoo
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Tigers are one of the most majestic beasts in the jungle.

They are known to represent power, strength and grace. For this reason, they have become one of the most popular choices for tattoo designs.

Tigers are the apex predators of the jungle and are both feared and respected by mankind. Using animals as tattoo designs is not something new in the tattoo world. These can include snake tattoo, lion tattoo or even bird tattoos. A very good example to back up this claim would be the very popular dragon tattoos. Chinese mythology describes dragons as the embodiment of wisdom and knowledge. Similarly, tigers also represent different meanings in different cultures, such as Korean culture or Chinese culture. If you are one of those people who love their tattoos with some sort of deep emotions, then tiger tattoos might be a great choice for you. Below are some of the best tiger tattoos for men and women.

Blue Tiger Tattoo

Blue tiger tattoo
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Here is one of the most beautiful designs of a blue tiger tattoo. In the image, we can see two eyes, one of a human, and the other of this majestic animal. The eyes of the man and the tiger are colored bright blue. The idea behind this design was to highlight the animal instinct that all humans possess. It carries the symbolic meaning of determination and power. Needless to say, the artist has done an amazing job of perfectly showcasing this idea. The tiger’s fur coat has been beautifully made using black stripes. One of the most common areas for this type of tattoo placement includes the forearms, thigh, or even the chest.

angry tiger tattoo for men

Angry tiger tattoo for men
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Tigers are a popular symbol in Chinese folklore. There have been many mentions of the tiger as a protector of mankind against evil spirits and bad luck. This image here is the representation of the primal desires and fierce nature of a tiger. The angry blue eyes with the sharp teeth of the tiger overall present a very strong gaze and are a sign of determination. If you like this kind of strong tattoo idea then you should go for this one. The tattoo was created on the individual’s forearm and it looks amazing. The artist created this work with precision, without any margin of error. One of the standout elements of this Tattoo Design is the thoroughness with which the artist has highlighted the wrinkling of the nose, using black ink strokes.

half tiger tattoos for men

Half tiger tattoos for men
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Here is another very unique design of a tiger tattoo. We can only see one eye of the tiger, which could mean that the tiger is hiding behind a bush or a tree and preparing to attack its prey. The piercing gaze of the tiger as it waits for the right moment to pounce on its prey is one of the main highlights of this design. This type of tiger tattoo on the forearm represents the hunger drive, which is common to all creatures in this world. It will look great as thigh tattoos, neck tattoos or long sleeve tattoos.

Tiger Eyes Tattoo

Tiger eyes tattoo
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Simply using the beautiful eyes of a tiger as a tiger tattoo on the forearm is also another very popular tattoo idea in the tattoo world. In this image, we only see the penetrating eyes of the tiger. The artist used a beautiful shade of green and yellow to give this look. This can be a great design especially for forearm tattoos. If you want to go for more vibrant colors like red or orange, you can also customize accordingly. These types of forearm tiger tattoos will look great on both men and women.

Tiger Face Tattoo Ideas

Tiger face tattoo ideas
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Here is another very beautiful design for a tiger forearm tattoo. The drawing here depicts the image of a tiger, and all the facial features of this creature are beautifully emphasized. Unlike the tiger tattoos mentioned above, this one generates a very calm and soothing vibe. If you look closely, you can also see the image of a bear cub that has been drawn just below. By adding elements like these, you can also make your tiger tattoos more creative and unique. Although the artist here only used black ink, you can add any color you want and change the size to suit your preference.

Roaring Tiger Tattoo

Roaring tiger tattoo
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Roaring tiger tattoos are the perfect representation of the fierce nature of a tiger. As you can see in this photo, the tattoo extended from the forearm to the chest of the individual. If you like that kind of dramatic appearance in a tattoo, then you should consider this one. It looks exquisite and represents dominance and royalty. If you look closely at the image, you can also see the drawing of a chain. It could mean the inherent desire for freedom, which is ubiquitous in all animals. Tigers are seen as the protective symbol in many cultures. If you can identify with any of these emotions, you can try this one out for your next tiger tattoo designs.

Japanese tiger forearm tattoo

Japanese tiger forearm tattoo
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In ancient samurai culture, a tiger represents protection, strength and courage. There are countless tales in Japanese folklore, which revolve around this magnificent beast. Besides strength and courage, this powerful animal also symbolizes autumn and wind. In Japanese culture, the tiger is called Byakko. He is white and has sharp teeth. The white tiger is a way of honoring all those warriors who lost their lives fighting for Japan.

The Japanese tattoo is particularly popular in Western culture, one of the reasons being that each Japanese tattoo offers some sort of deep meaning. One such example is the Japanese tiger tattoo. As we can see from this image, the artist has used a wide array of bright and vibrant colors to complete this design. If you are a fan of this type of colorful tattoo, you can take inspiration from this centerpiece.

Flaming eyed tiger tattoo

Flaming eyed tiger tattoo
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The image mentioned above depicts an accurate depiction of the power of a tiger. The roaring face of the tiger, when paired with the green flames protruding from its eyes, is magnificent and majestic. Flamboyant tattoos in particular have a very niche audience base. Typically, flame tattoos can be designed using a variety of colors. For this particular design, the tattoo artist used the color green. It indicates the primitive hunting instinct present in this creature. Some of the most common places for these types of body art include the forearm, shoulder blade, or thigh. They provide a large canvas and do not involve as much pain as those in the neck or pelvic region.

Colorful Tiger Tattoos

Colorful tiger tattoos
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If you are not a fan of black and white tattoo designs and instead want to opt for colored tiger face tattoos, then using this one as a reference can be a great idea. The tattoo artist of this particular design used different colors to bring out the true beauty of this body art. The colors used also represent the different shades of nature of this tiger. for example, the bright red color can be used to symbolize the animal instinct of this beast, while the blue color signifies the desire for freedom and independence. Overall this tiger face tattoo is very attractive and vibrant. You don’t have to use just these shades. You can customize your design by choosing the color of your choice. However, it is important to ensure that the colors match the design to convey the desired meaning.

Small tiger tattoo

Small tiger tattoo
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Unlike the big, dramatic tattoo ideas we’ve seen so far, this one offers a more feminine and feminine Tattoo Design. Butterflies are one of the most beautiful insects in the world. Their delicate wings and graceful nature are an ideal choice of tattoo ideas for women. When paired with a tiger face tattoo, they can also represent strength and fearlessness. The image above is an example of the same. One side of the butterfly’s wing is covered with beautiful strokes while on the other side the artist has drawn the big cat’s face. This provides a perfect contrast to the nature of these two creatures. If you love these unique tattoo ideas, this one is a must-have.

Forearm tattoos are a popular choice among young people today. They don’t cause as much pain as other areas and look very cool and aesthetic even from a distance. One particular tiger Tattoo Design offers a very strong and powerful look. However, before getting a tiger tattoo, make sure you choose the right artist, as this type of design requires much more precision and patience. That said, let’s take a look at some more interesting tiger tattoo ideas

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