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Do you like tribal tattoos and want to add fire to it? Then there are amazing tribal fire tattoo ideas that you would love to have.

Fire tribal tattoo

Fire tattoos have been around for centuries.

Fire tattoo ideas are quite versatile and as a result, tattoo artists use a ton of different styles to create flame tattoos. One such popular style is a tribal fire tattoo, which incorporates tribal elements and designs.

Compared to regular flame tattoos, tribal flames have a much bolder appearance and are usually all black. However, contemporary tattoo artists are experimenting with tribal fire tattoo designs and creating brightly colored designs. There are also tribal fire tattoos that incorporate other meaningful symbols and elements. For example, a tribal fire phoenix tattoo or a tribal fire dragon tattoo are both wonderful options if you want to display strong meanings on your skin. Also, when it comes to tribal flame tattoos, small to large, all shapes and sizes are equally attractive.

Keep reading to find more tribal fire tattoo designs and ideas that will surely make you fall in love with the fire sign!

Bold Elbow Fire Tribal Tattoo

Bold elbow fire tribal tattoo

People don’t usually get inked on their elbow let alone a tribal fire sign. Therefore, with a tattoo like this you will definitely stand out in the crowd. As you can see, here the tribal flames sign has been inked quite boldly and fully colored. This is a fairly traditional tribal fire tattoo. Tribal flames are a symbol of a fiery personality, so this artwork definitely justifies it.

Colorful Fire Tribal Tattoo

Colorful fire tribal tattoo

If you love colors and want a bit of vibrancy on your skin, then this tribal fire tattoo is definitely the best option for you. Here, tribal flames are inked with shades of red and dark purple. The gradient coloring makes the pattern all the more appealing. Such a tribal flame tattoo can be inked anywhere on your body. You can also ask your tattoo artist to use two or three different shades to create this piece.

gradient fire tribal tattoo

Gradient fire tribal tattoo

Compared to the previous design, this tribal flame tattoo has a much bigger gradient effect. Here, as you can see, three shades have been used which blend perfectly with each other. Creating such a tattoo requires significant expertise, so be sure to visit an experienced tattoo artist. If you want to flaunt this art anytime, the side of your neck is a wonderful place to get inked with this design.

Tribal horse and fire tattoo

Tribal horse and fire tattoo

Horses are said to symbolize freedom and strength. Combining this with tribal flames only results in a strong and meaningful tattoo that will make you the center of attention. Here, the tribal fire patterns seem to come out of the horse’s body in a flawless way. The horse appears to have its forelimbs raised which further denotes the power of the tattoo. In addition, the gradient coloring is quite spectacular.

Small Wrist Tribal Fire Tattoo

Small wrist tribal fire tattoo

A small flame tattoo can be just as good as a big one if done right. Here, a traditional tribal fire has been inked on the wrist. The shape and size of this tattoo makes it perfect for the wrist area, as it seems to fit there. You can also choose to get this design in a horizontal direction so that it looks like a bracelet, making it a permanent fixture on your skin.

Red and yellow tribal fire tattoo

Red and yellow tribal fire tattoo

Red and yellow are the colors most often used to represent the fire sign. So, this tribal tattoo becomes quite traditional due to its coloring. However, the way the flames have been inked here gives it a modern twist. The black shading and bold outline around the fire sign further enhances the visual appeal of this tribal tattoo. The fire tattoo can be made unique, and this tribal fire is the perfect example.

Tiger and tribal fire tattoo

Tiger and tribal fire tattoo

It’s no secret that tigers are one of the most powerful creatures in existence. Thus, the tribal flames surrounding the head of a traditionally inked tiger can be used by you to bring out the ferocity and power within you. Here, the tiger has quite an aggressive expression on its face, and so, the fire signs match that perfectly. You can get such an elaborate piece inked on your chest or back as a sign of your own hidden power.

Elaborate Chest Tribal Fire Tattoo

Elaborate chest tribal fire tattoo

Chest tattoos will never go out of style and hence tribal fire tattoo designs for chest will remain a favorite. Here, the monochromatic tribal fire tattoo has the perfect combination of black and gray shades. The tattoo covers the shoulder and extends into the chest, making it quite elaborate and almost accessory-like. The best part of such a tattoo is that it can be easily hidden.

Tribal Fire Dotwork Tattoo

Tribal fire dotwork tattoo

Dotwork tattoos are a sign of the artist’s artistic abilities, as these tattoos require a lot of experience, patience, and most importantly, an artistic vision. In this tribal fire tattoo, the flames have been created using tiny little dots. Interestingly, some of the dots are dark, while others are light. This creates the perfect balance and interplay of dark and light shades, which further enhances the beauty of this sign. Such a tattoo would look great on the arm or leg.

Skull and tribal fire tattoo

Skull and tribal fire tattoo

The skull sign is quite common. So if you want to stand out with your skull sign, the best idea would be to add some tribal fire to it. Here, the skull has been designed in a traditional style, and the flames surround the skull. Coloring the tattoo makes it look pretty cool, which is the exact opposite of what a skull sign and a fire sign mean. As pictured above, such a tattoo is ideal for the upper arm, as it requires a large canvas to get inked properly.

With all this information about tribal flame tattoos, you can easily choose an idea that matches your personality. When it comes to the fire sign, the versatility is endless. So even with tribal flame tattoos, you can make different combinations, in terms of colors or symbols, to come up with a design that speaks to you. Check out the quick compilation given below-

  1. Circle of fire tribal tattoo
  2. Tribal fire dragon tattoo
  3. Fire phoenix tribal tattoo
  4. Small Tribal Flame Tattoos
  5. Tribal flame tattoos with gradient coloring
  6. Traditional Tribal Flame Tattoos

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