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Fire flame tattoo ideas
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Fire was traditionally considered one of the four elements of nature.

Since its discovery by man, nearly 470 million years ago, it has been one of the engines of human evolution. Fire represents both life and destruction.

Taking inspiration from these ideas, the fire flame tattoo is one of the most popular designs in the tattoo world today. Fire flame tattoos are the perfect way to reveal the fierce side of your personality. They look great in any form and are a popular choice among men and women. There is no specific meaning to a fire flame tattoo. While for some it may represent a burning passion for love, others might see it as an example of light conquering darkness. On that note, let’s take a look at some of the best flame and fire tattoos.

Small fire flame tattoo

Small fire flame tattoo
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Here is a very cute design of a fire flame tattoo. The tattoo is engraved on the stomach of the individual in the photo above. It looks very simplistic and small. The artist only used black ink to create this body art. If you are looking for such cute and minimalist ideas for your next tattoo, you can refer to this one for suggestions. However, an important thing to consider here is the area where the person got inked. Stomach tattoos usually generate a higher level of pain than other common areas like the wrist or ankle. Therefore, if you feel you have the pain tolerance or the courage required, then go for it.

Blue flames tattoo

Blue flames tattoo
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The blue flame symbolizes the power of life and destruction. It offers a deep spiritual understanding of the individual. In the image mentioned above, a similar example was shown. The tattoo is engraved on the back side of the individual’s arm. The various strokes of blue ink that have been used by the artist are truly amazing. Also noteworthy is how the artist chose a bright shade of blue, instead of a deeper shade, to give it that vibrant look. This type of flame tattoo will look great on any individual and in case you want to get something similar inked on your body, you can use this image as a reference.

Flame Tattoo Outline

Flame tattoo outline
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If this is your first time getting inked, you should definitely use this one as a suggestion. Not only does it look fun and cute, but it also delivers the owner’s fiery energy. Just by drawing the outline of the flame on the person’s finger, the artist was able to bring out the true essence of this tattoo. If you don’t like this black and gray design, you can also opt for any other color of your taste. Some of the most common colors used for this type of flame tattoo are orange, blue, and yellow.

Fire flame leg tattoo

Fire flame leg tattoo
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According to Greek mythology, after stealing fire from the gods of Olympus, he passed it on to mortals, and this is how humans discovered this element of nature. Like this, there are various other interpretations of fire in different cultures.

In this image, we can see a unique design of flame, tattooed on the leg of this individual. The way the artist used the different shades of black to highlight the flames is amazing. If you are looking for smaller shaped tattoos, you can change the size of this design as well.

Burning Rose Tattoo

Burning rose tattoo
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Roses are often associated with emotions like love, passion, beauty and grace. When combined with a flame tattoo, they can give a whole new meaning. However, one important thing to consider here is the color of the rose in the design. For example, a tattoo of a burning rose in red color symbolizes the deep passion and love shared between two individuals. In this image, instead, the person has selected a dark black color for the rose. A burning rose is a sign of death, tragedy or the loss of a loved one. The flame tattoo is etched on the side of this individual’s waistline. The artist didn’t use any splashes of color for this design, to give it that perfect dark, dark look.

Burning Heart Tattoo

Burning heart tattoo
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Burning heart tattoos are the perfect representation of a burning passion. Alternatively, it could also mean grief. These types of tattoos are very popular, especially among American tattoo enthusiasts. There is no single meaning for these tattoos and they can have multiple interpretations. In this mage, we can see the outline of a burning heart, drawn on the forearm of the individual. Most of the tattoos like these are usually made using only black color. However, as you can see, the artists used a slight shade of red color to highlight the flame. Alternatively, you can also add any color of your choice, to highlight these two elements of the tattoo. A popular way to make your design more creative is to add the name of someone close to you to the design.

Burning skull design

Burning skull design
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In this image we can see the drawing of a skull on fire, which was made using only black ink. It not only looks very cool, but also generates interesting meaning. As we all know, skulls are the embodiment of mortality. They mean that death is inevitable. On the other hand, the fire tattoo is a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. When put together, they provide contrasting meaning. If you are looking for similar ideas behind your Tattoo Design, you can go for this one.

Butterfly on flame tattoo

Butterfly on flame tattoo
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This type of tattoo is one of the oldest forms of tattoo which is very popular among all tattoo lovers. As we well know, butterfly is one of the most beautiful insects, and when combined with flame, it can deliver two different meanings. For example, while for some it may refer to the process of change and letting go of the past, others may associate this tattoo with the feeling of not being able to move on. In this image we can see a similar example of three butterflies covered in flames. If you love the idea of ​​motivation or achievement reflected in your tattoos, you should consider this design for your next flame tattoo.

Flame Number Tattoo

Flame number tattoo
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This is a vintage Tattoo Design, which was popular in the late 90s and early 2000s. As clearly seen in the image above, the number 2000 is highlighted using the design of a flame. The highlight of this type of Tattoo Design is the font used to write the letters or numbers. Typically bold black ink fonts are used. However, you can also customize your font and color to your preference. If you are looking for vintage flame tattoo designs, you can use this one as a reference.

Full Arm Flame Tattoo

Full arm flame tattoo
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If you are looking for a more dramatic look for your next flame tattoo, this one is a must. Using a beautiful blend of orange and black ink, the artists created this unique body art on this individual’s forearm. These types of tattoos are more common among men. By adding new elements to your design, you can also make your tattoo more interesting and unique.

burning match tattoo

Burning match tattoo
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The rotating match tattoo can be a great symbol of hope and change. It depicts the unpredictable nature of life. Simultaneously, it can also refer to any imminent danger or a warning symbol. In this image we can see that the match is burning on both sides. The artist has beautifully created this design on this individual’s arm using only black ink. These types of small and unique tattoo designs are suitable for both men and women. If you are still in doubt about which design to use for your next tattoo, you can use this one as a suggestion.

Flame tattoos look great on any part of the body. Be it your legs, arms or even your chest, the unique design of these tattoos makes them very attractive even from afar. While on the one hand some people might interpret a flame tattoo as a sign of life, others might also perceive it as a symbol of hell. There is no single interpretation of these types of designs, and they differ among individuals. On that note, let’s look at some more examples of unique flame tattoo ideas.

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