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Do you want to get inked with a feminine tattoo all over your body? Then you have come to the right place because we have already selected the best designs for you all!

Full body female tattoo
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Full body tattoos are more common among men who are not official people.

Full body tattoos among women and corporate personnel were not so common. But lately, there is also a rapid growth of full body tattoos among young girls and women.

Full body tattoos are lovely for women. There are tons of templates available in the market that one can get inked with. If you are confused and can’t find any full body tattoo designs then you don’t need to worry because here we have picked out the best tattoo designs you can ask for. So here in the list below you will find your desirable tattoo ideas!

Full Body Women Tattoo Designs

Full body women tattoo designs
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This is a full body tattoo that contains many elements. In the beginning, in the upper part of the back there is a wing just below, in the lower part of the back there is a large bright red flower. With their flower, some leaves consist of green ink. And on both legs there are patterns with curves, weaves and patterns. And there is a long sleeve tattoo that has a lovely floral design on it. More than half of the tattoo has been inked using black ink.

Full body Tattoo Design for girls

Full body <a href=Tattoo Design for girls” class=”wp-image-310703 lazyload” data-eio=”p” src=”https://www.dailyhindnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/1658904098_658_10-Best-Feminine-Full-Body-Tattoo-Ideas-That-Will-Blow.jpg” decoding=”async” data-/>
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Full body design tattoos are mainly preferred by people who do not work in an office, but nowadays many business men and women want to get tattoos with tattoos on the whole body. One of the trendiest tattoo designs is the geometric pattern tattoo. So here we have selected one of the most unique full body tattoos that has been done with uncommon geometric designs.

In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has drawn a mandala on the belly. The petals of the mandala grow larger as they move away from the center. The outline of the petals was created with bold jet black ink. The color combination of the petals changes as they descend to the thigh region. The outline of these petals is done with a light color and the inner part of it has been shaded with black ink. But the arms are similar in design to the belly and chest regions. At the end of the limbs which are both arms and legs there is no design but is completely shaded jet black in color. This tattoo piece is unique and you can display it to everyone.

Colorful Full Body Tattoo Ideas for Women

Colorful full body tattoo ideas for women
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Most of the full body tattoos are in ink with the help of black color. Sometimes black tattoo designs get very monotonous and for a change people tend to look for something different. Few people like vibrant and colorful tattoos. So for them, here is a colorful body piece.

In this Tattoo Design there is a witch preparing her spell on a full moon night. She has red hair and wears a black dress with bright orange trim. The dress has some green mushroom patterns built into it. She brews her spell in a pot which is kept on fire. Behind her is the night sky which is quite dark and was done using vivid navy blue and black ink. The clouds are inked with light and dark shades of orange. And behind everything there is a full moon which has been associated with the color white. Girls who love fantasy stories and believe in their existence can opt for this cool design.

Traditional full body tattoo for women

Traditional full body tattoo for women
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In this Tattoo Design, the tattoo artist has made mandalas on the belly and the entire right arm. The belly mandala is unique because it is semi-circular in shape. There is a flower in the center and an inverted triangular design below the flower. And on the arm, there are traditional mandala patterns that the tattoo artist has inlaid.

Stunning Full Body Tattoo Design

Stunning Full Body <a href=Tattoo Design” class=”wp-image-310708 lazyload” data-eio=”p” src=”https://www.dailyhindnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/1658904121_662_10-Best-Feminine-Full-Body-Tattoo-Ideas-That-Will-Blow.jpg” decoding=”async” data-/>
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Geometric designs are becoming popular in the tattoo industry. These tattoos are also tattooed in an eye-catching full body tattoo for women looking for unique designs. The entire back area has been tied to different geometric shapes like triangles, semicircles, rhombuses, etc. The back part was completed using black ink. Similarly, on the left arm, there is a mandala tattoo on all the sleeves.

Traditional mandala designs have been inked using black ink. Floral and circular mandalas have been inked by the tattoo artist on this arm. On the right arm there are basic tattoo designs. On the right there are three floral mandalas made using black ink. Besides these floral mandalas, we can also see some leaves. On the left leg, the tattoo artist has used vibrant and colorful ink to draw these tattoo designs. It makes the tattoo more attractive. On the left leg, there is a ship sailing on the blue ocean, and beans that there are red flowers.

Floral tattoo all over the body

Floral tattoo all over the body
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It is not just a simple floral tattoo as there are also many other elements and characters in this full body tattoo. On the back, we can see some flowers accompanied by leaves of different shapes and sizes. Just below the flower there is a cobweb that rests on the armpit area and next to it is a skull tattoo on the forearm with a long string of beads.

On the thigh there is a male face tattoo with a moth that has a skull on it. There are also flowers and leaves on the thigh. There are also floral structures on the lower leg. This full body tattoo has so many elements that it carries a lot of inner meaning with it. The entire tattoo has been completed using black ink. And the tattoo artist shaded many areas just to make it more realistic.

Amazing full body tattoos

Amazing full body tattoos
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Full body tattoos are the hottest tattoos of recent times. Both men and women treat themselves to a full bodysuit. Here we have selected a lovely Tattoo Design for girls.

In this full body tattoo, the tattoo artist has inked the entire body using dark or jet black ink. And in between, some drawings were done with great tact using this black ink. These designs can be located on the arm, neck, chest as well as on the belly area. So this full body tattoo will compliment you with any outfit you wear.

Eye-Catching Full Body Tattoo Designs

Eye-catching full body tattoo designs
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Full body tattoos are like adornments that make you attractive and go well with any outfit you wear. In this body piece, the girl has a full body tattoo with lots of elements. On the back there is a large floral tattoo with many leaves. Just below, at the lower waist level, there are numerous skull tattoos of various animals.

On the arm there are many elements like a spider, spider web and a woman’s face on the wrist. There are also tiny finger tattoos attached to the fingers. On one of the thighs there is a skull tattoo just on the back of the thigh. And on the other thigh there is a scary nun’s face. The whole tattoo was done using black ink but the tattoo artist used red ink on a few parts of the arm.

face tattoos for women

Face tattoo ideas for women
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This is a full face tattoo. It is a female face tattoo whose head is covered with tiger skin. A tiger tiger is visible. The woman here has no eyeballs, so her eyes are empty. Energy or an aurora-like thing comes out of both eyes.

The same kind of energy also radiates from his mouth. His facial features like mouth and nose are very sharp. This is because they have been well shaded in black ink. This is quite a bold face tattoo and people looking for such bold tattoos can opt for this design.

Full Body Skull Tattoo

Full body skull tattoo
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Skull tattoos are a symbol of death and the afterlife. If someone gets inked with a skull tattoo, it shows that they are not afraid to die, so they are living the best days of their life.

This is a mouse skeleton tattoo. Death also takes the form of a mouse who wears his traditional robe and carries his scythe with which he mows down living souls. Here he is there to harvest the mice. The bones of this skeleton are clearly visible due to the detailed shades. Above there is a full moon and bats are flying in the sky. This is a very bold Tattoo Design. People who love bold tattoos can opt for this.

We couldn’t add all tattoo designs to this master list of tattoos. Hence, here is another secondary list which includes more unique tattoo designs.

  • Female bull tattoo all over the body.
  • Full body snake tattoo for women.
  • Fashionable nature tattoo all over the body.
  • Bird tattoo all over the body.
  • Butterfly tattoo all over the body.
  • Full body dragon tattoo.

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