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The compass design is considered by wanderers and travelers as a sign of good luck and safe journeys, alike. Let’s take a look at such beautiful and meaningful tattoos!

Feminine compass tattoo
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Compass needles have become the global symbol of modern times for travelers.

The first to get compass tattoos were fishermen and sailors, who believed that the symbols would bring them good luck on their travels and always help them find their way home.

The arrows have meaning because they represent the possibility of adventure in all directions. Not all compass tattoos should be done in black ink. By placing the compass on a watercolor ink map, you can add color to your drawing. The compass will stand out against the light color and give the design a unique playful touch. While adding color can help your design stand out, Drummond advises you to think carefully before doing so.

Color always costs more, but one thing to keep in mind is that it fades and fades faster than black. A colored tattoo requires additional maintenance. It looks fantastic at first, but if exposed to sunlight, like most tattoos, it can fade quickly. Why complicate something that is already simple when a compass is designed to provide direction? All four directions are used in this ink, which reduces the concept of a compass to its most basic components. A sense of design and personalization is provided by the use of arrows as compass lines.

Best Compass Tattoo Designs

Best compass tattoo designs
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There are many tattoo ideas for women, but this one is very unique and beautifully done. The symbolic meanings of the compass tattoo is that it shows the right direction or the right path to travelers. This tattoo shows a lot of elements, the hand, the flowers also show the nature and the hand which helps to decide the direction.

This tattoo is perfect for adventurers, the classic black ink that was used to make the tattoo gives it an aesthetic look. The compass still serves as a guide for travellers. The view of the tattoo is stunning and the tattoo artist did a brilliant job making the tattoo. One can even use colored ink to make the tattoo more vibrant and beautiful.

Unique Feminine Compass Tattoo

Unique feminine compass tattoo
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This female feminine compass tattoo is unique in its own way. The colors that have been used to make the compass tattoo make the entire image very vibrant and attractive. The meaning of the compass tattoo will always be the same to indicate the direction, this tattoo is perfect for wanderers or travelers. The beauty of the tattoo is due to the details that are done, the tattoo artist has done a wonderful job.

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The shade of color that has been used in the tattoo has been done so perfectly that it looks like someone just splashed watercolors on the tattoo. This tattoo can be done on other places on the body, but this is the ideal place. This tattoo works as a half sleeve tattoo and the color used can be changed accordingly, even a spot of yellow tint can be added to the tattoo.

Feminine vintage compass tattoo for the adventure seeker

Feminine vintage compass tattoo for the adventure seeker
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This compass tattoo arrow tattoo gives a very aesthetic and vintage look. The way the arrow tattoo is done on the thighs works as an adornment for the body. The black ink used to make the tattoo leaves a very bold impression. This tattoo is perfect for women who love flowers and also love to travel.

The compass tattoo can also be interpreted in a different way, which means that it is not always necessary that the compass can symbolize north, south, east or west or the other directions when of a journey, but it could also men the direction in life. a symbol to always remind the individual to move forward on the right path in life. The tattoo designs may vary from one to another, but this tattoo is beautifully done and worth admiring.

Inspirational Compass Guidance Tattoo

Inspirational compass guidance tattoo
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The tattoo is quite simple but it has a deep meaning. The quote that is used or written in the tattoo, “a person who waits until the end” has a very deep and meaningful meaning. The arrow shows the different directions and functions as a guide for the individual. The tattoo means that if you wait for the right time to do anything, the right time will never come, so the person will wait until the end.

On the other hand, you could also say don’t always rush to do things he or she is new to a show see what the other person is doing judge it accordingly and then do the thing but never extend over a large portion of time. The tattoo symbolizes the right path or the right direction in which the person wants to move forward, guiding him so as not to get lost.

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Small Feminine Compass Tattoo

Small feminine compass tattoo
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This little compass tattoo has been beautifully done. The brightly colored flowers that have been added to the tattoo give a complete feminine vibe. The tattoo shows all the directions of north, south and others. The tattoo gives the impression that it is not just one compass, it is like those old vintage compasses that travelers, sailors or merchants used to always be careful enough to know s are going in the right direction or not.

This tattoo gives an expensive look that was used while traveling by wealthy merchants. The tattoo is very attractive and this tattoo is perfect for someone who is female and has thought about getting a compass tattoo, they can definitely look at this tattoo.

The Compass Rose Tattoo Ideas for Women

The compass rose tattoo ideas for women
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This compass tattoo is quite different. Normally we see that the directions are mentioned as N, S, E or W written in full words but in this tattoo we see that the initials of the directions are different. Initials can suggest the names of different people who are dear to you but stay away. This could mean that a person whose initials are used could live or reside in that direction.

This tattoo can be done on any part of the body, this tattoo will also look perfect and beautiful if done on the wrist or on the chest. The tattoo artist did a brilliant job, it’s a beautiful way to get a tattoo that will always remind them of their near and dear ones. The bright flowers that are added to the tattoo make the tattoo more beautiful and attractive.

The Eye-Catching Star Compass Tattoo Design

The eye-catching star compass tattoo design
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This tattoo idea for women is very different from all other compass tattoos. This compass tattoo gives a dreamcatcher vibe. Looks like it’s some kind of charm. The feather here can be interpreted as helping to clear all kinds of negative energy. Compass, as we all know, is used to show direction. This tattoo, since it looks more like the dreamcatcher, can be said or interpreted as if this compass can help point the direction to dream only good things and not have nightmares.

The tattoo can also be done on the arm and a light tint of colored ink can be used to do the tattoo this way the tattoo will look more vibrant and attractive. This tattoo is perfect as a feminine compass tattoo if someone is looking for a unique design for compass tattoos that they can think of and consider this beautiful piece of art.

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Nautical star compass tattoo

Nautical star compass tattoo
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This tattoo can also be called a compass rose tattoo and is a perfect tattoo idea for women. This tattoo is done on the upper arm but it can also be done as a tattoo on the chest or on the leg. This tattoo is perfect for people who love traveling as well as flowers. The bright colors which have been used to make the tattoo more attractive and beautiful.

This tattoo can be changed which means if anyone wants they can change the color of the rose to royal blue and make the compass with dark black ink. The tattoo can remain the same or it is someone’s personal choice to modify and make changes.

Vintage compass tattoo

Vintage compass tattoo
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This tattoo gives a vintage look and is beautifully done. The tattoo is done with brown ink which gives a more antique and vintage look. The flowers added to the tattoo make the tattoo more attractive. If the flowers were colored, the tattoo would be more vibrant.

The tattoo can also be done as a leg tattoo and this tattoo is perfect for anyone who loves to travel and even loves nature. the compass tattoo is a perfect way to show the direction and the way. This tattoo can be fully colored or semi-colored, it is entirely up to the individual.

Compass arrow tattoo

Compass arrow tattoo
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This compass arrow tattoo is a beautiful tattoo idea for women and this tattoo can be called a nautical star compass tattoo. This tattoo can be done by both men and women. To make this tattoo attractive, one can add more elements to the tattoo.

The design of the tattoo speaks a lot about an individual, so before making a decision, it is better to know the meaning and the concept of the tattoo. The tattoo would also look amazing if colored ink was used on it.

We couldn’t get enough of the compass tattoos. Significantly, we still have a few tattoo suggestions to think about.

  • Mandala compass tattoo.
  • Matching compass tattoos.
  • The compass points to The Marine World.
  • Compass tattoo in different colors.
  • The compass and the anchor tattoo.

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