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Need a guardian angel to protect you forever? Here are some fantastic female protective guardian angel tattoo ideas perfect for you!

Female protective guardian angel tattoo
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Guardian angel tattoos are very popular designs for both men and women.

Guardian angel tattoos are considered one of the best ways to honor your religion and God. However, you don’t have to be religious to get one of these beautiful tattoos.

Angel tattoo designs incorporate different meanings like beauty, strength, innocence, birth, remembrance, and prayer. If you are a religious Christian and want a particularly religious angel tattoo, you can add it to the design. Guardian angel wings symbolize your homage to God and his messengers while asking for guidance and protection. One of the most common places to get such a tattoo is on the back. Due to the large surface, the wings can be spread beautifully. Other common locations for this design are the arm, chest, or shoulder. Angel tattoos can also mean something quite different, such as pain, suffering, or even rebellion. These meanings are usually signified by an angel of death or a warrior angel. A warrior angel tattoo represents personal strength and gives inspiration to overcome difficult life challenges.

Among these angel tattoos, the black and gray color is very common and considered classic. If necessary, you can add other elements and colors to make it more attractive. Guardian angel tattoos are generally versatile designs so the process of making this tattoo is very simple. First, you need to select your design. You need to select your colors and then select the placement on the body. Once everything is final, you get your beautiful Angel tattoo.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of amazing Angel tattoo designs just for you.

Archangel Tattoo

Archangel tattoo
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According to Episcopal and Anglican traditions, Jophiel was considered one of the Archangels. She is depicted in church windows holding a flaming sword. She is also listed as one of the seven archangels and is also very popular. She is one of the few angels to be recognized as a woman. Angels generally do not have a specific gender or are most often referred to by male pronouns.

This particular tattoo is a beautiful design of a guardian angel. The tattoo artist did a wonderful job with the intricacy of the design and the fine lines. The wings and hair have very distinctive features and look extraordinary. The artist used colors like black and gray to complete this design. It was placed on the arm, however, it can be placed on any part of the body due to its versatility.

Beautiful guardian angel tattoo

Beautiful guardian angel tattoo
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This design is one of the most beautiful guardian angel tattoo designs you will find on the internet. Not only does this Tattoo Design have amazing artwork, but it is also surrounded by a mandala tattoo. The mandala has incredible meaning in the design. It represents the balance of mind and body. The mandala adds to the element of the design and makes it more attractive.

This tattoo also has the number 33 written underneath. It is an angelic number and it has spiritual significance. It is used to represent changes in love, work and personal life, and it also helps in maintaining a healthy mind.

The tattoo artist used thin lines of black and gray ink to complete this design. The detail and intricacy of this tattoo stand out. It is placed on the back of the neck, however, it can be placed on any part of the body as it is a versatile design.

angel wings tattoo

Angel wings tattoo
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This is a beautiful guardian angel Tattoo Design. The main feature of this design is the angel’s wings. It is one of the most famous religious symbols of faith, protection and freedom. In many cultures, angel wings are also used as a way to honor someone who has passed away because they are believed to be guardian angels who will watch over them from beyond.

This beautiful design is a sign of spiritual protection. The intricate lines and details of this design are done in black and gray ink. The angel appears to be in a seated position with its wings open. This design was placed on the arm, but can be placed anywhere else on the body.

Fallen angel tattoo

Fallen angel tattoo
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A sad angel tattoo is also known as a fallen angel tattoo and it is a representation of the loss and struggle of heaven. People who love this design usually have lost something or someone special in their life. Generally, these drawings are made with the angel seated or kneeling, with his head bowed.

This tattoo is a beautiful design made by the artist. He used colors like black and gray for most of the tattoo while to do the angel and some feathers the artist used a light shade of brown. If you believe in angels as a sign of protection, this could be your next tattoo.

Warrior Angel Tattoo

Warrior angel tattoo
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A warrior angel tattoo is usually done in memory of someone who recently passed away. A warrior tattoo or a guardian angel tattoo is usually a symbol of protection. While the warrior angel is used to fight evil, a guardian angel is used as a protective symbol. These tattoos can also be a sign of rebellion and bravery.

This particular tattoo artist design is stunning. The details and intricacy of this design are very relevant. The artist used thin strokes of black ink to trace the outline of the warrior angel and his wings. Shades of light brown, black and gray were used to fill the design. If you are looking for a cool and trendy tattoo, this design is the one for you.

guardian angel neck tattoo

Guardian angel neck tattoo
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An angel tattoo is generally considered a messenger of God. They are often tied to a person’s spirituality and religion. They are also often seen as a representation of love, doubt and anger. A person does not need to be religious to make such a design.

This Tattoo Design is particularly different from other designs. Other drawings do not have the features of the Angel well represented. However, in this design, the features are very well formed. The strokes of the feathers are very complex. The tattoo artist used colors like black and gray to complete this design.

Black and gray angel tattoo

Black and gray angel tattoo
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A guardian angel tattoo is a symbol of protection against evil. People who like to get tattoos are usually religious in nature. However, you don’t have to be particularly religious to get an angel tattoo.

This particular design is of a guardian angel with outstretched wings. The tattoo artist used thin strokes of black ink to trace the outlines of this design. They used colors like black and gray to complement the shading of the day. In some areas the artist has also used dot design. To give it a realistic effect, the candles the angel is holding emit light which has been clearly depicted.

Warrior angel tattoo with sword

Warrior angel tattoo with sword
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This particular Tattoo Design bears a very strong resemblance to Valkyrie. Valkyrie is basically the Angel of Death who is also the servant of the gods Freyja and Odin. They are also brave soldiers who also fight to the death in battles. Getting a Valkyrie Tattoo Design is a sign of bravery.

The tattoo artist used colors like black and brown to complete this design. To give it a realistic sketch feel, the artist used shading work inside and used black ink strokes to complete the borders. The design was formed with lots of intricate lines. If you want a design that shows your bravery, then this warrior angel tattoo is something you should do.

guardian angel back tattoo

Guardian angel back tattoo
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In this Tattoo Design, you will see that the wings of the angel are spread wide. This is meant to show that God created Beautiful Creatures on this planet to protect us from evil. The wings also show the angels ability to fly. Angel wings are a symbol of purity and courage.

The tattoo artist used fine line and shading to complete this Tattoo Design with black and gray ink. The intricate strokes represent every aspect of this design beautifully.

guardian angel leg tattoo

Guardian angel leg tattoo
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There are different types of Angel tattoo designs that appeal to different people. There are simple designs with an angel and outstretched wings, and there are complicated designs that contain other elements like fire, water or even clouds. This particular Tattoo Design shows an angel whose wings are spread wide and in the background there is something like fire. The tattoo artist used thin lines and dots to complete this design with black and gray ink. If you are looking for a beautiful Angel Tattoo Design, then this is definitely the one for you.

Angel tattoos are quite large designs and can represent a huge commitment for someone. It is necessary for people to choose their designs wisely and then get them inked. If you’re a little skeptical about getting a big black and gray permanent tattoo, you can opt for a temporary one and then ask your tattoo artist to convert it to a permanent tattoo later. We hope you liked the designs mentioned above. However, if you want to explore further, you can also check out –

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