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If you too are a modern woman looking for feather tattoo ideas to get tattooed on yourself, check out these top 10 female feather tattoo designs.

Feather Tattoos For Women
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Feather tattoos represent faith, freedom, glory and strength and are a great idea for an eye-catching tattoo.

Getting a tattoo is one of the best ways to express your self-esteem. Different types of feather designs have different meanings that any free-spirited woman can opt for, for example, a feminine feather tattoo on the forearm.

Feather tattoos are a sought after tattoo choice, mostly among women. However, this type of tattoo design is suitable for both men and women. A feather tattoo is also considered a symbol of good luck. A feather represents freedom in itself. Frequently associated with flight and birds, feathers generally represent inner strength, courage, wisdom and bravery.

From the countless options available, you can choose your heart’s desire, from a single feather in bold black outlines to a tattoo of colorful feathers in perhaps shades of dark brown or bright orange in watercolor ink for adorn your wrist, arm, neck or any place you like.

Peacock Feather Tattoo

Peacock Feather Tattoo
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A feather tattoo on its own can be a striking design on its own, especially when placed well. A long curved peacock feather can be placed in a twisted position along your entire back, giving you a luxurious look. Feather tattoos stand the test of time and are the perfect body art for free-spirited women. They are meaningful, have elegance and strength and can be placed anywhere on the body as body art. All of these factors make the peacock feather a great tattoo choice for women.

It is also believed that keeping peacock feathers with you works as a good omen that attracts all bad luck or any negative omen away from home, inviting luck and good fortune. Also, according to some old historical myths, peacock feather tattoos are considered a symbolic representation of goodness, guidance, protection, divinity, and vigilance or watchfulness. If you want to get yourself a bird tattoo design to symbolize protection, check out this colorful tattoo design.

Feather Lineart Tattoo

Feather Lineart Tattoo
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Eagles are majestic and regal birds, but they also carry a lot of symbolism. In Native American culture, eagle feathers were worn as a sign of respect and honor. They were often seen as rewards for acts of bravery and strength. Women who embody these same characteristics would be well suited for an eagle feather tattoo design. It could be inked on a woman who wants to be reminded of the importance of self-love and acceptance. An eagle feather is also considered a blessing. In Native American culture, chiefs and rulers of tribes wore elaborate headdresses with feathers to show their authority, power, and wisdom. They also believed that the eagle had ties to the heavens because it flew to great heights.

So, if you want to go for a Native American tattoo with an eagle feather tattoo, make sure you do thorough research and be respectful and sensitive towards the culture of Native Americans. If you are thinking of getting one of these tattoos, take a look at this eagle feather tattoo design. Besides the arm, you can also ink it on the wrist, finger or even under the ear as a small feather tattoo.

Realistic owl feather tattoo

Realistic owl feather tattoo
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When it comes to body art, you might want to consider an owl feather tattoo due to its immense symbolic representations. A feather-shaped owl symbolizes intelligence, calmness and silence, being a nocturnal creature, also the ability to see everything normally. This nocturnal bird is linked to infinite knowledge and wisdom and is an important animal in mythology and cultural lore. A white owl is considered lucky. For Native Americans, the owl is considered the guardian of knowledge, while in ancient Rome, the cry or hoot of an owl was considered a bad omen.

It’s not hard to see why this would be a great tattoo for a woman who fought hard and came out stronger. Getting an owl tattoo inked on yourself suggests that you are a person who has insight into life, and this can come in the form of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, or beliefs. It also symbolizes that you are a strong-willed, independent, and mysterious person who is able to see beyond the obvious at first glance.

Owl feather tattoos can be done in any color or just black ink for a more subtle look. It is a popular choice for neck tattoos besides being a great feather tattoo idea on the wrist.

Turkey Feather Tattoo

Turkey Feather Tattoo
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A turkey may not seem like the prettiest bird to you, but its plumage is bright, shimmering and brightly colored. Turkeys are also believed to be a symbolic representation of fertility and opulence, i.e. prodigality, both of which are female attributes. If the ideas of honor, wisdom and power appeal to you, then a turkey feather tattoo is body art for you.

It is interesting to note that certain feathers have special meaning for people of certain cultures. For example, the turkey plume or quill was used by Native Americans to stabilize their feathers. So, if you are planning to get turkey feather tattoos, check out this design.

Forearm feather tattoo

Forearm feather tattoo
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The feather itself is beautiful and needs detailing to do the tattoo design justice. With that in mind, an area like the forearm or thigh lends itself well to a long, narrow, and detailed design. The other thing that makes your forearm the best place to get any type of tattoo done is that it’s the area where you feel the least amount of pain and also brings out the details.

So, if you are planning to get a feather tattoo on yourself, you can check out this forearm feather tattoo design. You can also get the feather design in fiery shades like orange, red and yellow which almost look like flames, much like phoenix feathers. Potters would love this feather tattoo trend for sure!

Ornamental and colorful feather tattoo

Ornamental and colorful feather tattoo
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Like all other symbols in the tattoo world, feather tattoos also have deep philosophical meanings. From peacocks to eagles, and even phoenixes, each bird’s feather or feather tattoo ideas have different meanings which can be done using different colored inks or just black ink, which you can also try .

Tattoo arts like this are famous feminine feather tattoo designs on the wrist that represent strength. Get one for yourself today!

Feather with birds tattoo

Feather with birds tattoo
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An infinity tattoo with birds would look really hipster and cool. Feather tattoos have become very fashionable. They possess characteristics similar to birds – freedom and courage. So, the combination of these two tattoo ideas will make a unique tattoo choice.

If you love unique tattoo designs, you can check out this feather tattoo idea with birds to get inked on yourself.

Feather Infinity Tattoo

Feather Infinity Tattoo
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A feather bent to form an infinity would be a unique feather tattoo idea. You can also accompany it with a quote or phrase in the infinity symbol.

The infinity symbol itself is an extremely popular tattoo choice as it represents the continuity of time. However, to make it more unique and attractive, some choose to combine the symbol with feathers or various other elements. The combined symbolism of infinity and the feather tattoo design gives a more powerful image to ink on your body. Additionally, the infinity symbol is a popular tattoo choice because it represents timelessness and the idea that something continues forever.

So, if you too are planning to get such a combination of inked tattoos on yourself, then check out this infinity feather tattoo design.

woman behind ear feather tattoo

woman behind ear feather tattoo
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Behind the ear tattoos are also very trendy these days for both men and women. However, you can expect the pain to be a bit higher in this area as it is a tender spot with many nerve endings. Whichever place you opt for, make sure that you have taken the time to choose a feather tattoo design that complements your personality well.

If you too are planning to get a tattoo, which will be small but elegant and meaningful and also help you bring out your feminine grace, try this behind the earlobe feather tattoo design.

Feather Dream Catcher Tattoo

Feather Dream Catcher Tattoo
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In Native American culture, feathers represent spiritual protection and are even part of the dream catcher to help prevent bad dreams. Specific feathers can indicate status or levels of protection after death when entering the spirit world. They can also be a representative of honor and virtue. They have all the great meanings behind them. The other reason they look so good is that they go well with all other types of tattoos.

A dream catcher tattoo is done on any part of the body to eliminate nightmares and give hope for good ones to come. So, if you too are thinking of getting a dream catcher tattoo, check out this dream catcher innovation with feather tattoo.

Here are some other feminine feather tattoo designs for you-

  • phoenix feather tattoo
  • Native American feather tattoo
  • Hawk feather tattoo
  • Feminine cardinal feather tattoo
  • watercolor feather tattoo
  • Two feather finger tattoo

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