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Looking for fancy armband tattoo ideas to get you inked? Keep reading to find a collection of the best armband tattoo designs created for women!

Classy feminine armband tattoo
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Different tattoo styles have evolved over the years.

However, armband tattoos have been around for years and years. These tattoos are represented by lines and bands wrapped around the wearer’s arm.

Just like other styles of tattoos, even armband tattoos have changed over the years and now these tattoo designs come in a variety of options to choose from. So, for all the girls out there looking for the perfect armband tattoo ideas, they can rest easy knowing that there is sure to be something for everyone! Also, armband tattoos aren’t that painful to get either, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Keep reading to find the most stylish armband tattoo ideas for women!

Landscape armband tattoo

Landscape armband tattoo
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For adventurers and thrill seekers, a landscape armband tattoo will suit perfectly. Check out this tattoo design pictured above. This elegant design, done in a watercolor style, depicts beautiful trees and floral patterns wrapped around the wearer’s arm. The precise gradient and dotted shading make this armband tattoo even more aesthetic and perfect to show off to everyone around you!

Landscape armband tattoo
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If you are more into minimalist designs, check out this unique tattoo pictured above. The mountains were depicted with only lines, acting as a bracelet around the arm. The stars above add an ornamental touch to the whole piece. Such a design is as minimal as possible and therefore gives a chic effect.

Floral Armband Tattoo

Floral armband tattoo
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What would a collection of tattoo designs for women be without a floral idea? So if you are looking for a floral armband tattoo, check out this tattoo wrapped around the wrist. The finely inked flowers bring a kind of grace and elegance to this design, making it the perfect tattoo for those who like to look dignified. Also, although this tattoo design was done in black ink, you can ask your tattoo artist to customize according to your preference.

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Line Armband Tattoo

Line armband tattoo
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Ornamental tattoos made of different designs have been a popular choice to get inked. These designs are usually very intricate and eye-catching. Therefore, an armband line tattoo mimicking an ornamental pattern would definitely be a great choice for those who want to accessorize. In the tattoo above, thin thin lines have been used to depict a lotus, an arrow, and some ornamental shapes. Overall, the design gives a very stylish vibe.

Line armband tattoo
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This cute armband tattoo is such a simple yet extremely endearing design. The contrast of red and black ink, plus the little flowers on the strings all add up to an adorable piece that will look even grown women and little girls alike.

Creative Armband Tattoo

Creative armband tattoo
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If you are interested in armbands that have no particular meaning, but exude creativity, then this is the perfect armband tattoo for you. As you can see, the design looks quite dark and bold, with weird looking eyes staring you straight in the eye. The wavy patterns in the tattoo, along with the lively and expressive eyes, all give the tattoo a life of its own. With a tattoo like this, you’ll leave everyone around you guessing its meaning!

Creative armband tattoo
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This funky armband tattoo on the forearm could be a symbol of your crazy side. The random assortment of shapes and patterns, all arranged in an armband style, truly reveals the creative side of the artist who created this piece. To make this tattoo design more fun, you can also add colors to it.

Tribal Armband Tattoo

Tribal armband tattoo
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Tribal tattoos have only been gaining popularity since time immemorial. While these designs might seem too loud and bold, there’s no reason to believe that a tribal armband can’t be fancy either. Check out this tribal lion armband tattoo pictured above. Inked only in black, the fierce lion in the middle, flanked by the generic yet aesthetically pleasing tribal symbols, is a sight to behold. In addition, the tribal designs bearing a lion symbolize loyalty and courage. So, if you want to flaunt your qualities, you should definitely wear this piece on your skin.

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Tribal armband tattoo
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A nice alternative to the first tribal armband tattoo is this one, consisting of several tribal armbands. Covering the entire arm, similar to a spaced sleeve tattoo, this design is ideal for those who won’t mind showing off their new body art. Along with the tribal symbol, this tattoo is further enhanced by the contrasting shades of blue and black, which together leave a very classy effect. Such tattoos made in different colors are surely must-haves.

Celtic Armband Tattoo

Celtic armband tattoo
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When talking about armbands, it is mandatory to mention Celtic armband tattoos because this particular style is exceptionally popular and people opt for Celtic tattoos because of the different meanings they have. In this Celtic armband design, the famous Celtic knots took center stage, with beautiful tribal patterns wrapping around the arm. These knots are generally considered a symbol of eternity, as they seem to have no beginning or end. Such an armband design can be gotten in honor of a family member or any other loved one, to denote the love you have for them. Moreover, since this tattoo placement is on the forearm, you can also do it around your wrist or on your forearm.

Simple Armband Tattoo

Simple armband tattoo
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Simple armband tattoos can also attract attention, and this tattoo design above is the perfect example. As you can see, three bands have been inked around the arm, two close together and one far away. Usually two bands together represent strength and courage. However, while such armband tattoos seem meaningless, the placement of the bands can represent something special to its wearer. Armbands like this can be worn without having to worry about someone else finding out about your personal life.

Quotes Armband Tattoo

Quotes armband tattoo
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If you like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexpressing your thoughts on your skin, an armband tattoo like this could match your personality perfectly. Just like the previous armband tattoo design, even here several stripes have been inked spaced out. Between the groups, two quotes were also written. The lines of the armbands beautifully frame the quotes, making the arm look like a page out of a book. Such tattoo ideas can be easily inspired and personalized to create something special and stylish.

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Botanical Armband Tattoo

Botanical armband tattoo
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Some of the most beautiful tattoos for women usually consist of botanical designs as these symbols signify beauty, grace and elegance. So if you want your armband tattoo design to incorporate botanical elements as well, check out this tattoo above. The lightly inked leaves wrap around the wrist and arm aesthetically, mimicking the way vines wrap around any solid structure. Although these tattoos usually do not represent any particular meaning, they are a type of body art or can also be used to cover something on the skin.

Botanical armband tattoo
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If you want a positive change and good luck in your life, then why not add a butterfly to your botanical armband tattoo? As you can see in the picture, a beautiful little butterfly sits on the strip with leaves and tiny flowers. This tattoo is similar to a bracelet, with the butterfly acting as an aesthetic charm.

Geometric Armband Tattoo

Geometric armband tattoo
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Geometric patterns never really go out of style and can also be implemented in armband tattoo designs. As you can see from this tattoo, a beautifully shaded monochromatic boat has been created, sitting on top of a line, with circles of different sizes on its two sides. The tattoo wraps perfectly around the upper arm, with the circles giving a nice frame to the boat. Boat tattoos are usually related to bravery, so if that is something prominent in your personality, then you can surely opt for this geometric armband tattoo.

Now that you have discovered the best armband tattoo designs, you can easily choose a tattoo that suits your needs. Here are some other armband tattoo ideas to inspire you:

  1. Barbed wire armband tattoo
  2. flower armband tattoo
  3. Hawaiian Armband Tattoo
  4. Tribal armband tattoo with different tribal designs from around the world
  5. armband tattoo with names
  6. Armband tattoo with the cross to represent Jesus

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