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Birth flower tattoos have been in the tradition for quite a long time. Here are some beautiful examples of family birth flower tattoos that you can use as inspiration.

Family birth flower tattoo
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Each month of the year has its own flowers that carry distinct meanings.

Just like the signs of the zodiac, these birth flowers can also highlight certain aspects of the personality of people born during these months. There are a variety of designs for these tattoos and are a popular choice in the tattoo world.

Flowers in general can have various meanings. Take the example of a rose. Red roses generally signify deep love and passion, while a yellow rose is a sign of friendship, warmth and joy. The history of birth flowers dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. There are several written texts containing the meaning of each flower. For example, in Victorian times, giving a sweet pea flower meant thanking someone. Simultaneously, in France, the same flower was a sign of good omen. Thus, birth flowers are not only pretty to look at, but also have multiple meanings. Below are some of the excellent family birth flower tattoo designs that you will love.

January birth flower tattoo

January birth flower tattoo
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Carnations and snowdrops are January’s birth flowers. Did you know that the blooming of the snowdrop flower is a transition signal from winter to spring? Therefore, snowdrop flowers are often used to represent renewal, new beginnings, and rebirth.

The image mentioned above contains the drawing of a beautiful carnation. Grommets can be designed using a variety of colors. The artist here has chosen a shade of bright red, to color the same. The design is engraved on the individual’s forearm. When choosing floral tattoos, it is important to remember that the color you choose for the design is just as important as the flower itself. A red carnation is a symbol of love and passion. You can also try this design in minimum size. It will look equally awesome and meaningful.

February birth flower tattoo

February birth flower tattoo
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The month of February is designated by the violet and the primrose. Just like the rose, these two flowers signify adoration and love. The primrose, in particular, has often been used as a symbol of protection against bad luck. The color of this flower may also differ, depending on the choice of the wearer. The image here contains a cute black and white drawing of a primrose flower, imprinted on the individual’s forearm. If you don’t like the idea of ​​adding too many colors to your tattoo, this design may be perfect for you. Alternatively, you can also add white, red, yellow and purple to your design, to make it look more vibrant and colorful.

March birth flower

March birth flower
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Daffodils are the epitome of new beginnings, joy and rebirth. Getting this design tattooed can be one of the best ways to display that happy and fun side of your personality. People born in March are said to be very optimistic in nature and are generally happy people. Perhaps that is why daffodils were chosen to represent this month. In this design, a simple black and white daffodil flower can be seen, tattooed on the individual’s upper arm. If you’re going for a minimalist look, this may be the perfect design for you. Yellow is the most common color used to highlight a daffodil flower. If you are looking for more colorful designs, you can add this shade to your design.

Sweet pea birth flower tattoo

Sweet pea birth flower tattoo
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The month of April is characterized by two flowers, the sweet pea and the daisy. The meaning of these two flowers is actually slightly different from each other. While a daisy flower represents innocence, purity and happiness, the sweet pea flower is often seen as a symbol of good luck. In fact, in some countries, it is traditional to give sweet pea flowers to a bride as an auspicious sign. The image mentioned above contains a beautiful drawing of a sweet pea flower. Instead of opting for the traditional black and white drawing, the artist has used a subtle luminous shade of blue ink here, to highlight the flower’s delicate petals. The tattoo indeed has a very aesthetic appearance and is also easily noticeable even from a distance. If you are looking for something more than just the blooming of a flower, you can also incorporate other elements like a butterfly into your Tattoo Design. This will help convey a much deeper meaning.

Lily of the Valley Flower Tattoos

Lily of the valley flower tattoos
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The unique name and beautiful design of this flower has made this tattoo an ideal choice for all tattoo artists born in the month of May. This flower, in fact, is also called Mayflower. It symbolizes purity, happiness and humility. There are actually various stories associated with this flower. One of them is that Lily fell deeply in love with the voice of a nightingale that only sang in May. So each time the nightingale sang, the lily bloomed, it was in May.

Etched on the individual’s body, is such a similar design of a lily of the valley flower. It features a very surreal look. The artist used only black ink to create this artwork. These types of simplistic yet aesthetic looks are very common, especially among women. Hawthorn is also one of the birth flowers for May.

Rose Birth Flower Tattoo

Rose birth flower tattoo
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The rose is one of the trendiest symbols in the tattoo world. But did you know that it is also the birth flower of June, along with honeysuckle? One of the classic icons of love and passion, the rose has actually been associated with several deities in Greek culture. For example, the symbol of a rose was used to signify the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite.

In the image mentioned above, we can see such a beautiful design of a rose, imprinted on the arm of the individual. The artist used bright red ink to complete the look. Moreover, he also added butterflies to the design, to make it a more feminine tattoo.

July birth flower tattoo

July birth flower tattoo
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People born in July are said to have very charming personalities. They are always optimistic, emotional and caring by nature. What better way to portray all of these traits, than with a beautiful water lily tattoo? Yes, you guessed it right, the water lily is July’s birth flower, along with the larkspur. They are absolutely breathtaking and a very popular symbol of enlightenment and beauty. The image mentioned above contains a similar example that highlights this idea. Etched on the individual’s upper arm, a surreal blue water lily tattoo can be seen. As mentioned earlier, the colors you choose to design your tattoo can also impact the overall meaning of the tattoo. Therefore, a blue water lily tattoo is a symbol of sunshine and rebirth.

poppy flower tattoos

Poppy flower tattoos
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One of the most popular designs of a poppy flower tattoo is that of dark red colored poppies. The image mentioned above is an interpretation of the same. Tattooed on the individual’s forearm are two large, prominent red poppies. They are the embodiment of love and passion. Since opium is also derived from the poppy flower, it is also considered a symbol of sleep and oblivion. Gladiolus is another flower that represents the month of August. Did you know that gladiolus is actually the Latin word for sword? Therefore, gladiolus is also often used to denote strength and power. If you like this kind of big and colorful tattoos, you can use this design as a reference the next time you get inked.

Aster Flower Tattoos

Aster flower tattoos
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September is designated by two flowers, Aster and Morning Glory. These two flowers have different meanings associated with them. For example, the morning glory flower is a symbol of mortality. Why? Because, it is said that this family of flowers can only survive one day. This means they flower and die within 24 hours. The aster, on the other hand, is one of the most exotic flowers and represents protection, patience and love.

The image mentioned above contains a beautiful design of an aster flower, engraved on the shoulder of the individual. The choice of color used for this design is one of the main highlights of this tattoo. Also, to mark the inner part of the flower, the artist used a distinct shade of yellow. With the beautiful blue and purple ink, the tattoo is very aesthetic and pleasing to the eye.

Marigold Flower Tattoos

Marigold flower tattoos
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Marigold, also known as “sun grass”, is the embodiment of passion and courage. This flower is characterized by its golden hue, which closely resembles that of a lion’s mane. The two birth flowers for October are marigold and cosmos. The image mentioned above contains a very beautiful drawing of a simple marigold flower, colored in orange and green ink.

When it comes to flower tattoos, nothing can beat them in terms of beauty, elegance, and symbolic richness. This is why they are such a popular choice among all tattoo lovers even in today’s world. Below are a few more examples of birth flower tattoo designs for you to choose from the next time you get inked.

  • December Birth Flower
  • Bell shaped white flower tattoo
  • Minimalist Family Birth Flower Tattoos
  • Delicate Family Birth Flower Tattoos
  • Poinsettia Birth Flower Tattoo

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