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If you find inspiration in the symbols and teachings of Buddhism, then this curated list of Buddha tattoo designs will definitely interest you.

Buddha tattoo drawing
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Buddhism is the 4th largest religion in the world, with around 7% of the world’s population (around 500 million) practicing the religion.

There is a suite of 8 auspicious signs in Buddhism known as Ashtamangala that most tattoo lovers look for while opting for Buddhist tattoos. However, due to cultural differences, a large portion of Buddhists view Buddha tattoos as blasphemous and controversial.

Indian prince in the 5th century BCE, Siddhartha Gautama renounced his wealth and throne to live as a beggar and ascetic. He was moved by the extreme poverty and suffering of his fellow human beings who influenced him in this decision. Years of travel, poverty and meditation led him to believe that neither abundance of wealth nor asceticism was the way of life – instead, settle for a life in between extremes known as the “middle way”. Eventually, while meditating under a Bodhi tree (the tree of enlightenment), he attained nirvana or enlightenment. He was renamed Gautam Buddha and his philosophy and teachings form the main tenets of the religion of Buddhism.

Buddhism originated in India between 563 and 483 BCE, and over the following millennia quickly spread across Asia and the rest of the world. Buddhism is a beautiful and inclusive religion whose followers do not believe in any form of god or deity. Instead, the popular notion among people practicing Buddhism is that certain supernatural figures seem to help or hinder people on the path to enlightenment. Buddhists believe that only by attaining nirvana can humanity escape the otherwise trapping and endless cycle of suffering. For more information on Buddhism, popular Buddha tattoos and the controversies surrounding them, browse through this specially curated list of Buddha tattoo designs.

Buddha silhouette tattoo on hand

Buddha silhouette tattoo on hand
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Buddha’s followers regard the lotus as an auspicious symbol, denoting the flower with various meanings such as purity, fidelity, and spiritual enlightenment. Even though the lotus flower specifically grows in troubled waters, it emerges fresh and pure every morning. Buddha considered it a sign of purity of body, mind and speech. The way the lotus flower emerges from the muddy waters to bloom beautifully each day is a sign of human desire on the path to spiritual enlightenment or nirvana. This beautiful Buddha tattoo uses the classic colors of black and white tattoo ink to depict a meditating Buddha on the lotus flower, with sacred symbols behind the head adding a certain sense of divinity to the whole design.

Buddha outline hand tattoo

Buddha outline hand tattoo
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The seated Buddha is one of the most popular and common representations of the great philosopher, symbolizing teaching and the attempt to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Out of the three seated positions, this drawing buddha tattoo design represents Virasana. It depicts legs crossed over each other and the sole of one foot facing upwards. A hand is raised to represent Buddha blessing the people, with the divine halo or nimbus behind his head. This stunning Buddha tattoo uses minimal lines and ink color to create an exquisite tattoo design overall.

Small buddha tattoo on arm

The small buddha art tattoo on the armthe small buddha art tattoo on the arm
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While a large portion of tattoo enthusiasts opt for tattoo sleeves and large tattoos, when it comes to getting tattoos, small tattoos have their own beauty. Tuned tattoos that cover large areas of skin have a better chance of expressing minute details. But that doesn’t mean that small and minimal tattoos don’t have their own intrinsic details. This small Buddha tattoo on the hand or upper arm is a wonderful example of how beautiful minimal tattoos are if done perfectly. The meditating Buddha tattoo is extremely popular among tattoo lovers and the use of lines and shading makes it a unique Buddha tattoo design.

The Vibrant Buddha Head Tattoo

The vibrant buddha head tattoo
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There are many iconographic forms of the Buddha. Along with various Buddha statues and images, the Buddha head has been one of the most famous iconographic representations of the Buddha and his attributes. The young, sweet face is round and charming with a certain calm expression. Although these are the typical features of a Buddha head tattoo, there is more to it than meets the eye. The Buddha’s head is one of the most important parts of the body, with the finely crafted artwork representing his vast wealth of knowledge as a spiritually awakened one. This specific Buddha head tattoo is associated with the auspicious lotus and a clock to possibly convey the slip of time and how to master it using Buddha’s teachings.

The Minimal Buddha Tattoo Design on Hand

The minimal buddha tattoo design on hand
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Getting long sleeve tattoo designs takes many hours and money, and is a painful experience overall. This might prove a bit overwhelming for those getting inked for the first time. This is where minimal tattoos for beginners came into fashion. Minimal Buddha tattoos borrow ideas from other Buddhist tattoo arts, but illustrate the same with minimal use of lines and tattoo ink. This minimal Buddha tattoo uses symmetry and simple black ink to depict Buddha meditating cross-legged on a lotus as the chakras seem to line up around him. Opt for this beautiful minimalist piece if you are afraid of the tattoo needle or if you have a small budget.

The Intrinsic Meditating Buddha Tattoo

The intrinsic meditating buddha tattoo
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These days, there is a whole palette of tattoo ink colors that tattoo lovers can choose from when they go to get a tattoo. But purists and conservatives still prefer the classic ink colors of black and white to get their ideas tattooed on the skin. This stunning and beautiful meditating Buddha tattoo uses classic ink colors and a masterful shading technique to create a breathtaking work of art that is sure to grab your attention if you walk into the room. by displaying it. The symmetrical design, the abstract concept of the artwork, and the brilliant use of shading make this a marvelous tattoo art that is second to none!

The Minimal Laughing Buddha Tattoo

The minimal laughing buddha tattoo
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Hotei was a semi-historical monk and a native deity of the Japanese Buddhist pantheon. He lived in the Wuyue Kingdom in the 10th century and went by many names, such as Budai and Pu-Tai. He is one of the seven gods of good fortune in Japan. Considered the god of happiness and prosperity, his cheerful stature, giant belly and friendly laugh earned him the name “Laughing Buddha”. This laughing Buddha tattoo uses minimal lines and strokes and almost no fill color to represent the Japanese Buddha and is another addition to the collection of minimal Buddha tattoos. Go for this one if you have Japanese roots or want to usher good luck and prosperity into your life.

The Japanese Buddha tattoo on the leg

The japanese buddha tattoo on the leg
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Buddhism spread rapidly across the Asian continent from India within a millennium after its origin. Japan is one of the first Asian countries to practice Buddha’s teachings and a 2018 census notes that around 67% of the Japanese population (a rough estimate of 84 million people) adheres to the ideas of Buddhism. This makes it the 2nd most respected religion in Japan, just behind Shinto. Therefore, it is. It’s no surprise that the Japanese tattoo community comes up with its own cultural representation of the Buddha in the form of tattoo ideas. This amazing Japanese Buddha tattoo uses elegant lines and strokes and a masterful shading technique to display a meditating Buddha on a lotus in accordance with local Japanese customs and rituals.

The lotus buddha tattoo design hand sleeve

The lotus buddha tattoo design hand sleeve
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While the majority of the Buddha tattoos on this list are small in size or are minimal tattoos, this Buddha arm sleeve tattoo is for the seasoned tattoo enthusiast who doesn’t shy away from flaunt the great and intrinsic tattoo arts. The gorgeous use of dark tattoo ink colors and the skillful shading technique give these buddha sleeve tattoos a certain grandeur that is sure to impress tattoo lovers of all walks of life. However, opt for these Buddha arm tattoos if you are only comfortable inking yourself with great body art, considering the huge costs as well as the whole painful experience.

The realistic Buddha tattoo design on the back

The realistic buddha tattoo design on the back
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A meditating Buddha tattoo is probably the most common and widely displayed of all Buddha tattoos. However, the intrinsic detailing, symmetrical geometry, and skillful shading technique help this Buddha tattoo stand out from the rest. Get this one inked on your back as it requires a large area of ​​skin to open up and execute perfectly.

Buddha tattoos are trending because around 7% of the world’s population follows Buddha’s teachings and considers themselves his disciples. Considering the market trends, this fashion surrounding Buddha tattoos is here to stay and won’t go out of style anytime soon. Go get your favorite tattoo designs inked, but make sure to stay respectful and don’t try anything controversial. Good inking!

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