10 Best Disney Villain Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Disney villain tattoo is the perfect way to show your dark side. These tattoo designs feature some of the most iconic villains in Disney history, from Ursula the sea witch to Cruella de Vil. If you’re looking for a tattoo that’s both edgy and stylish, then a Disney villain tattoo is the perfect choice. And with so many different designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you. So take a walk on the wild side with a Disney villain tattoo.

Disney Villain Tattoo Ideas

Disney villain tattoo
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These wonderful Disney villain tattoo ideas will make your childhood dreams of looking like the Disney characters you admired.

Or, if you just want to show your appreciation for your child’s favorite Disney villain, this is the one for you! One of the most popular Disney character styles is the Disney villain tattoo subcategory.

The most popular Disney villain right now is Maleficent, who has been since the release of Snow White. Getting a Maleficent tattoo as an arm or back tattoo would make you a thousand times cooler! And it’s not just the highly detailed and realistic Disney tattoo that’s famous, there are also the more minimalist ones that are just as popular as the rest! If you’ve had enough of Disney Princess tattoos, this is the one for you!

Captain Hook Tattoo

Captain hook tattoo
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This marvelous Captain Hook Disney villain tattoo idea might be enough to break the internet! Captain Hook is the evil crooked-nosed pirate with a classic hook for one hand and a cool pirate. He travels around the sea in a ship looting travelers and is after the protagonist Peter Pan.

Get a cool Captain Hook tattoo as your arm tattoo and prove to your friends that you are cool! This Tattoo Design is a very detailed piece, with every outline and color fill having equal importance. The vibrant colors are used to bring out the character’s lingering nature and were rated a solid 6/10 on the pain scale due to the careful highlighting and shading.

Monochrome Maleficent Tattoo

Monochrome maleficent tattoo
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Now, if you think a black and white tattoo of Maleficent’s face goes against the character’s intrinsic traits, let me prove you wrong real quick! So this Maleficent tattoo is a black and white piece with subtle undertones and semi-realistic qualities (if you can call it that!).

Maleficent is THE evil queen of all the evil queens in Disney history! She was the one who gave the poisoned apple to Snow White. This Maleficent tattoo has been shaded stunningly giving the outlines a nice finish, and the color filling has been done with black ink to make it look more marvelous. On the pain scale, it was rated 5/10. A faux leather mini backpack is a perfect look to go with this.

Cruella De Vil Tattoo

Cruella de vil tattoo
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This is a semi-realistic piece with subtle minimalist qualities and beautiful shading. Cruella De Vil is the second worst mother of your nightmares, from 101 Dalmatians. You will scare a lot of kids with this brightly colored tattoo!

Or you might also befriend some because of the amazing color of this tattoo with sharp outlines and proper shading. Depending on the size, it can be an arm or wrist tattoo. It’s not a particularly bright tattoo, but neither is the character, so that’s fine! On the pain scale, it was rated 6/10 due to the heavy detailing and neat outlines. She just has the evil Disney Queen vibes.

Scar Tattoo

Scar tattoo
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This Scar tattoo is a wonderful little semi-realistic piece.

If betrayal had a face, it would be Scar from Disney’s hit film The Lion King. And this tattoo highlights that face in every detail.

Scar’s face as a tattoo gave off an “I’m surrounded by idiots” vibe, as usual! This tattoo is a very detailed piece with minimal shading but more than enough vibrant colors and near perfect outline. It is semi-realistic in nature and on the pain scale it was rated 5/10 due to less multi-hit shading and more single hits. A Funko Pop of Scar is always the best accessory to go with this tattoo. Scar’s beauty remains.

Ursula Tattoo

Ursula tattoo
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One hilarious thing in the world would be to get an Ursula tattoo on your leg! Think about it! Ursula does her best to prevent Ariel from receiving human legs. To spite her, you are going to get Ursula tattooed on your leg.

This nightmarish mermaid from Disney’s The Little Mermaid is one of the most acclaimed Disney villains to ever exist, so it only makes sense that a tattoo of her should be as grand as she is. This little piece is hyper realistic with heavy detailing and beautifully shaded edges and corners. The color fill is wonderfully done, and on the pain scale it was rated 6/10 due to the precise execution. Ursula is known for her classic evil queen nature. A tattoo of hers, complete with a pop-it backpack, would amp up your look even more. Note that Ursula art has only made one cooler to date. If not, get a full refund! Ursula and the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland have been two of the best-selling Disney villain tattoos of all time. They have no replacement. Even an Aurora tattoo cannot compare to these two.

Scar And Mufasa Tattoo

Scar and mufasa tattoo
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This Scar tattoo and Mufasa tattoo recreates the scene where the former betrays and kills the latter. Apologies for the spoiler, but this gorgeous scene deserves a place in body art. And this tattoo does just that!

Who can forget Mufasa’s mean, treacherous little brother? The details on this one are heavy and precise. The outline was done in plain black ink and the shading is nearly perfect. On the pain scale, this tattoo was rated 6/10 due to its hyper-realistic properties and glowing outlines. Tattoo artists and clients have always loved this Tattoo Design. This is a black and white Disney villain tattoo and a simple Disney villain tattoo that stands out.

Disney Villains Set Tattoo

Disney villains set tattoo
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This tattoo is a Disney Villain Ensemble tattoo with a great aesthetic. The visual treat that it is, this tattoo features some of the most iconic Disney villains of all time. Namely, Cruella De Vil, Captain Hook and Ursula.

It is present in all officially licensed Disney products and in all assembly videos. The outline is near perfect with excellent finishing and the shading with utmost care, and the vibrant colors used in this tattoo speak volumes. It was rated 6/10 on the pain scale due to shading and staining on multiple strokes. Find the best price you can get this totally stunning piece at and say goodbye to Disney princess tattoos. Also, be sure to get a refund on all of them, if they offer it. This is one of the fan favorite Disney villain tattoos.

Minimalist Ursula Tattoo

Minimalist ursula tattoo
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This minimalist Ursula tattoo is one of the best and most popular Disney villain tattoo designs known. This design is a fan favorite. It perfectly brings out the mischief of our favorite Ursula through its surreal art.

Ursula’s colorful tattoo is a small, bright piece featuring Maleficent’s cold, evil, white face wearing her classic dress. The black color used in this piece is vibrant and excellent, and the shading is done perfectly. The outlines are also done in plain black ink and are also very detailed. On the pain scale, this tattoo was rated 6/10 due to the amazingly done corners and luster. The world of Disney villains is dark and utterly beautiful. Get this splendor as a tattoo at the best price available. This is a beautiful Disney villain sleeve tattoo. This villain is known for voodoo and is an inspiration to young witches.

Pink sun bear tattoo

Pink sun bear tattoo
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While the pink Sunshine Bear tattoo is a fairly recent villain, it has made its mark in the Disney villain community by crossing all the lines of evil! This pink plush ball is a sinister little bear that traps other toys in cages so they can’t escape. If you find yourself liking this bear, then a tattoo of him on your arm has got to be the next best thing!

The details of this Sunshine Bear tattoo are very well done with a stunning finish. He looks exactly like the bear in the movies – with a shabby appearance and a cane! The colors used in this tattoo are not vibrant at all, as they are realistic to the point that you might imagine the bear tattoo coming to life at night! The shading is almost perfect and the corners and edges are perfectly colored. It’s a 6/10 on the pain scale. If you want to have an interesting look, this Disney villain tattoo sleeve is for you. Make your friend jealous with a tattoo that makes you feel confident and amazing.

Hades tattoo

Hades tattoo
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This Hades tattoo is an example of one of those extravagant tattoos that you can’t take your eyes off of! This tattoo is a brilliant combination of all the beautiful elements that make it eye-catching. Just like the character of Hades himself!

The outline is done brilliantly and beautifully. On the pain scale, this tattoo was rated a 7/10 due to the heavy detailing and near-perfect execution. Hades is undoubtedly one of the most popular Disney villains, and not only that, but he is also one of the most favorite Disney villains.

Disney villain tattoos would also pump up your outfit and give your outfit a new look. They are the god of the tattoo world and a kind of beast that everyone loves. Disney is an inspiration for great art and fantasy tattooing.

Some other suggestions are given below.

  • Mowgli vs. Sher Khan tattoo.
  • Cruella De Vil tattoo with stick.
  • Alice in Wonderland tattoo.
  • Mother Gothel tattoo with a snake tattoo.
  • Princess and frog tattoo.

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