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Want to get something shiny and shiny on your skin? How about a diamond tattoo as a centerpiece? Check out our top 10 diamond tattoos and ink your fantasy!

Diamond Tattoo
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Diamond tattoos speak of luxury, status, power and wealth in every possible way.

A diamond tattoo is a favorite among men and women who love an exquisite tattoo symbol that encompasses layers of meanings. Diamonds as gemstones define elegance and style, but the stone symbolizes a multitude of things in a tattoo design.

Diamonds are quickly called a girl’s best friend as they represent femininity and power. Likewise, ancient rulers wore diamonds as a mark of authority and control. Diamonds are the embodiment of strength and stability. These unbreakable stones are often associated with eternal bonds and relationships. The versatility of a diamond can make a standalone piece and even combine with other elements to hint at intended meaning. These gemstones are so easy to manage that they can be inked on a number of sites to create subtle and grand images to suit your taste in body art. Whether for symbolic or purely ornamental purposes, a diamond tattoo will never fail to charm anyone. Excited to see the many tattoo designs based on this priceless gem? Keep reading and prepare to be dazzled!

Simple Diamond Tattoos

Simple Diamond Tattoos Ideas
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The easiest way to wear a diamond tattoo is to get a clear outline of its features. This tattoo design shows how you can draw a fairly accurate account of a medium sized diamond using black ink. Although simple, the transparent tattoo appears to emphasize the purity of the stone.

Simple Diamond Tattoos Ideas
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But if you want more depth to enhance certain features of the stone, try a 3D diamond tattoo on the hand that will draw attention without exception. The artist adopts a refined shade with black ink, which leaves the impression of a sparkling diamond. Simple yet stunning, these diamond tattoo designs are forever!

Realistic diamond tattoos on the chest

Realistic diamond tattoos on the chest
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A diamond tattoo in the very center of the chest emphasizes the charm of the site. This delicate white diamond tattoo shimmers like real gemstones under the influence of light, leaving the impression of a pendant set in the very center. The gold embellishment surrounding the stone adds a touch of royalty to the design.

Realistic Diamond Chest Tattoo Ideas
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This intricately designed red diamond tattoo features a ruby-like blood diamond that is just too stunning to miss! The tattoo artist approaches the top of the diamond with more light while the bottom with more black streaks, presenting an illusion of 3D styles. In addition, a red diamond symbolizes burning passion and desire. Whether for romantic love or as a sign of personal behavior, red diamonds will say it all without much explanation. Experiment with more options for color and symbolic meanings and place them on the chest.

Gothic Diamond Tattoos

Gothic Diamond Tattoos
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These dark tattoos are suitable for men who fear a bright diamond tattoo. The blue diamond is shimmering, but when wrapped in a deadly snake, the body art doesn’t look easygoing at all. The blue of the diamond can also be traced in the serpent’s eye, posing as a protector of the gem. A blue diamond can be interpreted as a peaceful symbol of the wearer’s life that the snake is trying to protect.

Gothic Diamond Tattoo Ideas
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Similarly, the artist here draws a black diamond next to a skull. A black diamond is usually symbolic of commitment, love, and strength, but when these notions are paired with that of a skull, the imagery tends to be lament. You can opt for these different tools and designs alongside your diamonds, creating more options for black diamond tattoos.

Diamond tattoo with crowns

Diamond tattoo with crowns
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Tattoo artists often explain people’s interest in depicting a black diamond tattoo alongside crowns. The gemstone is often associated with royalty and adding a crown to the existing image only heightens its intensity. This small diamond and crown tattoo is an example of how you can create a glorious image with simple shading techniques.

Diamond Tattoo With Crowns Ideas
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This diamond and crown tattoo takes the image a step further and creates a more glamorous tattoo design than the one above. The unmistakable brilliance of stone and metal produces a complete image that radiates grandeur.

Diamond Tattoos with Floral Imagery

Diamond Tattoos with Floral Imagery
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Flowers and diamonds go very well in tattoo designs for women. For example, this collarbone tattoo features a skillfully crafted diamond next to a tiny twig of pink flowers to emphasize the powerful feminine essence.

Diamond Tattoos With Floral Imagery Ideas
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The diamond and rose tattoo trope is very popular when it comes to designing a floral image with diamonds. This design features a classic image with a red teardrop diamond and a pink rose. Pink roses represent innocence and romance and together with the diamond serve an unbreakable promise of love and romance using old fashioned tattoo techniques.

Diamond Tattoo Armband

Diamond Tattoo Armband
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Women can also opt for a delicate diamond chain that can be inked anywhere on the skin. This realistic bracelet features a tiny blue diamond suspended by the chain, making a stunning adornment from a tattoo on the person.

Diamond Tattoo Armband Ideas
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Likewise, this bracelet embellishes the lower part of the forearm by using a black diamond instead of a colored diamond. These two tattoos are a way of luxury engraving on your body simply with different tools.

Offset Diamond Tattoo

Offset Diamond Tattoo
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It’s not often you see a lilac diamond tattoo half filled with color for the crescent moon to surface. Cute, quirky, and dreamy, this body art shows how you can mix and match in more ways than the commonly seen elements like flowers or wreaths.

Quirky Diamond Tattoo Ideas
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Here, the red diamond has become part of the body of a small bee in black. The many intricacies of the bee complement the cuts of the diamond, bringing out the best in both entities.

Diamond tattoos on the back

Diamond tattoos on the back
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Ink your diamonds on the back of your neck and watch how they turn heads! This chiseled diamond tattoo is so intricate that it almost seems ethereal. You can use a black diamond instead of this light colored one to draw more attention to the piece.

Back Diamond Tattoos Ideas
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This back tattoo for women features a purple diamond on top of a golden key surrounded by purple butterflies. The image of the muted butterflies contrasts with the bright touch, producing a tattoo design that brilliantly captures the royal essence.

Diamond tattoos on the wrist

Diamond tattoos on the wrist
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The wrist is undoubtedly one of the best placement sites for any tattoo design. But placing a red diamond tattoo here can only mean taking center stage. The diamond is sharp and features an odd shade of blue and purple blended together which further aggravates its aesthetic.

The lettering is in a casual font that hints at the main theme, but it’s also set aside by the diamond glow. You can add special dates or a phrase below the diamond to clarify the purpose of your tattoo.

Diamond Upper Arm Tattoos

Diamond Upper Arm Tattoos
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Gentlemen, if you feel lost with so many feminine designs, this green diamond tattoo might change your mind for the better. Green symbolizes jealousy or envy, but when used in a diamond tattoo, it highlights overcoming these negative emotions. This tattoo is also a bit different from the ones shown above as the artist has outlined the cuts on the stone with the absence of color rather than simple outlines.

Diamond Tattoos For Upper Arm Ideas
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Heart-shaped diamond tattoos could be an intentional romantic hint or a simple attempt to adorn the body. You can place it on the upper arm, forearm, and even the sides of the wrist for a good chance of exposure.

Tattoo artists are always looking for new ways to revamp an age-old tattoo symbol. The diamond tattoo design is an extremely popular interest within the tattoo community. So, it’s no surprise to see new designs emerging every day. Whether diamonds are your birthstone or an object of immense fascination, a diamond tattoo is never a bad idea to get inked. Now that you know how to experiment with the symbol, start thinking about different other ways to apply it to your skin.

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