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Inspired by 15 seasons of Supernatural and the love for the Winchester brothers, we have the best Dean Winchester tattoo ideas for you!

Dean winchester tattoo
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Supernatural has always had a large fan base and it has continued to pop more jaw-dropping seasons one after another to please their fans.

The show’s theme was to “always keep fighting” and the supernatural family was widely loved and appreciated for it. It quickly became one of the longest-running paranormal action adventure shows of all time.

According to the show, the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean have the anti-possession symbol tattooed on their chests to protect them from evil and demonic possession. For this reason, supernatural tattoos are very popular among fans. Not only that, but fans also have a special fondness for one of the Winchester brothers, Dean. The resourceful green-eyed hunter has a huge fan base, and you won’t be surprised at how many people would love to keep them close in the form of body art. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place because we have a list of Sam and Dean Winchester tattoo ideas that you might be interested in because of their style!

The anti-possession tattoo

The anti-possession tattoo
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It is the symbol of anti-possession or the symbol of the devil. It is one of the most common tattoos and by far the most recognizable. It’s Dean Winchester’s anti-possession tattoo. The tattoo comes in the shape of a five-pointed star or a pentagon that protects those who wear this symbol. Fans of the show tend to get tattoos because he is the most identifiable. Many people, however, tend to go further and believe that this symbol protects them from “demons” or wards off evil spirits. Hunter tattoos are a nod to the show and are the perfect way to show your love for the show as well as the characters!


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For those of you who have followed the show from Season 1 through its end in Season 15, you know all about Dean Winchester’s character development. He is funny and mischievous, yet understanding and mature. His kind heart and spirit quickly made him a fan favorite. Dean has the powerful blood of an angel and as the story continues he is also introduced as a devil. This tattoo expresses exactly that. The left half of the tattoo has demon eyes and bloody nerves. Just below the face, his name “DEAN” is written. This tattoo has a very intricate design. The tattoo artist has created a marvel to look at. Every hair on the head and beard is full of fine strokes and beautifully inked. A perfect tattoo to show that you are indeed a true Dean Winchester fan!

A tribute to Odin

A tribute to odin
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If you and your family are Supernatural fans, this is the perfect supernatural tattoo that you and your friends/family can get, just like the Dean and Sam Winchester tattoo. The tattoo shows the symbol of anti-possession. Some people believe in the powers of the tattoo, while others just want it for its beauty. The pointed star inside and the ring of fire outside have a certain charm. However, many believe that if you know or believe in the meaning of the brothers tattoo, it will always protect you from harm. The customers in the photo are a mother-son duo who got these matching tattoos and are fans of the show and want to save themselves from the evil eye.

dean demon

Dean demon
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Any Supernatural fans out there remember when our beloved Dean was killed by an angel and he came back as a demon and a knight from hell? He was later returned to his original state by his brother, Sam, who used his purified blood to save him. This tattoo design is a cute version of Demon Dean. This design depicts an action figure from when Dean was a demon. Now, few of us love this side of our beloved Dean, however, it reminds us that no matter how tough things get, the good in you will always come out with the help of the people you love.

eat pie

Eat pie
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Not all tattoos have to have a deep secret or hidden meaning. Some tattoos are simply meant to show your love towards a particular character or the show. This tattoo is a perfect example. It shows our favorite green-eyed demon hunter holding a pie. A beautifully detailed tattoo of Dean Winchester holding a pie. On the side, it is written: “Eat pie and kill demons”. As we know, Dean associated pie with comfort and possibly his mother, where his love for pie comes from. This tattoo is simple but will definitely represent your love for all things sweet (dean and pie).

We all have our demons

We all have our demons
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More and more people are getting this idea of ​​Demon Dean as this tattoo design reminds us of the difficult phase he went through. Few main characters who are madly beloved turn evil in the blink of an eye. However, when Dean’s story as a demon came up, it may not have been much appreciated, it allowed people to see another side of the “good guy”. It made them believe that not everyone has to be good and everyone can have a little bad in them. The tattoo artist did a great job recreating Dean Winchester’s face and has the phrase “We all have our demons” written underneath.

A young boy

A young boy
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Over the years, we’ve seen Dean Winchester grow from a young boy to a mature person loved by everyone. He’s been through a lot in his life, he’s lost a lot of people and certainly made some new relationships. But there were two people who always remained his constant and would do anything to help him, Sam, his brother and Castiel, his best friend. They helped him become a powerful demon hunter and eventually an angel. He was broken but they held him together. This tattoo is of young and innocent Dean who still had a lot to do and would eventually become a fan favorite. Another beautiful work of art from the tattoo artist.

handsome dean

Handsome dean
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The number of Dean Winchester fans has only grown over the years. Some loved his wit and charm on the show and others loved Jensen Ackles, the actor who plays Dean Winchester. To maintain love, actors must make the audience believe in their characters, which is what Jensen did. Over the course of the series, Dean has gone through many different phases, but what has remained constant is the love for this character. If you love Dean Winchester, this is a cool way to show it! Tattoo Dean Winchester on your skin and pour your love for handsome Dean.

Dean and Castiel

Dean and castiel
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A true Supernatural fan is aware of the significance of this tattoo. The client got Castiel and Dean tattooed on each of their legs. Thanks to this tattoo, you will have a feeling of friendship between Castiel and Dean. Castiel was a fallen angel, like Lucifer, and he was responsible for saving Sam and Dean’s lives on multiple occasions. He was also responsible for bringing Dean back from hell. The bond that unites them is evoked throughout the show. This tattoo artist did this tattoo on just one person, but you can get a twin tattoo with another Supernatural fan of Sam and Dean or one of your favorite characters.

Angels and Demons

Angels and demons
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It’s like a demon tattoo. This depicts when Dean Winchester turned into a demon right after he returned from hell. You must have seen different types of demon dean tattoos, but this one is a bit different. It’s a great tattoo. Client has this tattooed on her thighs, but this design can vary in size and can be inked on any part of the body. You can put it on your shoulder where everyone can see it, or you can put it in the middle of your back. This will make a great tattoo as it will remind you of good over evil.

If you are a fan of the Supernatural series and love Dean Winchester, there are some great permanent tattoo ideas for you. Dean Winchester is a beloved character who went to “the other side” and returned as evil, but his brother and friend saved him from it. It reminds us that no matter what, there is always a good side in every person that outweighs the bad. If you are considering getting a tattoo, a Dean Winchester tattoo is a great idea!

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