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If you are a follower of Christ looking for an inspiring church tattoo design, choose one of your favorite body tattoo styles to match your choice!

Church tattoo
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Followers of Christianity have put a lot of personal effort and commitment into preserving and protecting the architecture of historic churches and cathedrals.

Religious tattoos mean and symbolize their tattoo design according to your interests and provide an opportunity to display your faith in your body. Wearing a church tattoo is the best way to show your appreciation and dedication to your religion.

It’s just not the traditional cross or crucifix tattoo designs; it also includes neo-traditional tattoo, contemporary tattoo and other exciting body art tattoo designs ever made. One of the most famous styles used for tattooing is that of a burning church tattoo design. Here is a treasure trove of church tattoo designs available to everyone based on your personal choice. The top ten church tattoo designs will provide and inspire you to choose your type from these collections available in the world around you.

church torch tattoos

Church torch tattoos
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There are countless meanings associated with the church tattoo design of the torch of liberty, truth, enlightenment, inspiration, knowledge, avenues to the future, freedom of life and death. It represents man’s ability to control fire and is a positive omen for business. This torch tattoo design is facing upwards and depicts life; the downward torch tattoo design represents death. In this particular tattoo design, the variations are endless; various colors highlight the different elements of the torch tattoo. The color of the flame changes with temperature; you can see a warm red color with a mixture of orange ink and black ink generated smoke. It is a fantastic church tattoo design filled with emotions and welcoming appeal. You can also add links to other Christian sites by contacting the tattoo service provider,

Burning Church Tattoos

Burning church tattoos
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Within Christianity, the burning of church tattoos played a role in representing inner beliefs and are very personal popular tattoos. This tattoo symbolizes the holy spirit and depicts the typical architecture of churches, hatred and evil. The church tattoo displays a traditional tattoo image of a burning church tattoo using black and gray ink; the fire is detailed using yellow and orange flames with black smoke generated. This burning church tattoo shows off a typical sloping roof using black stones in the shape of a fire beautifully blended with the color of the skin. Such tattoos are pretty cool to have.

Engraved Church Tattoos

Engraved church tattoos
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In this beautiful tattoo, the church looks very realistic. This is a full sleeve church tattoo design using black and white ink shades creating a permanent impression in our minds. It is a dark night with clouds visible as the backdrop of this etched Russian church tattoo. The covering limestones give an antique look to this realistic church street tattoo.

Gothic Church Tattoos

Gothic church tattoos
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Gothic church tattoo design architecture evolved from the Romanesque architectural style, which for centuries represented peace and prosperity throughout Europe. The tattoo artist illustrated a church tattoo design inspired by gothic architecture. Different lines represent the design of the large church glass window to bring sunshine into people’s lives and churches. This church window tattoo, with its slender vertical pillars and well-balanced buttresses, and large, colorful stained glass windows, is a quaintly beautiful gothic tattoo design. The style is an ornate and very decorative way to illustrate church tattoos.

Cathedral Church Tattoos

Cathedral church tattoos
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The church is any place of worship led by a person of authority, pastor or priest. Cathedrals are larger, lavish and are a church headed by a bishop. This church tattoo depicts a beautiful cathedral designed using black ink lines. Identical towers on either side of the narthex symbolize power, wealth, success and strength and are the common elements of religious architecture. You can also find the projecting porch at the main entrance to protect you from the weather. The design of the Catholic church tattoo is contemporary architecture with dominant exterior features suitable for the countryside. Iconic cathedrals around the world inspire these cathedral tattoos and are a great choice to show off your personality with a church tattoo design.

Carving Church Tattoos

Carving church tattoos
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The Carving Church Tattoo Design is an organic ink tattoo of a bishop holding his crosier in one hand while using his right hand to bestow blessings. The artist depicts a realistic looking church tattoo design with lines and shading to achieve light and dark parts of the carving church tattoo. The ceremonial preaching sash looks as pretty as a tattooed image, and the fall of the long loose flowing robe looks majestic in the carving church tattoo design. This makes for a great church sleeve tattoo design.

Beetle Church Tattoos

Beetle church tattoos
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Beetles make an excellent model for tattoos due to their design variations and are associated with spirituality, nobility, love, strength, and luck. This church tattoo design is of a Hercules beetle carrying an ancient church built with stones on its back amidst a scorching sun as a backdrop. Typically a neo-traditional church tattoo design with an illustrative look using saturated colors. This is a more cartoonish tattoo and an exaggerated church tattoo with various elements of imagery using shades of yellow, black and white ink.

Virgin Mary Church Tattoos

Virgin mary church tattoos
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A meticulous recreation of Mother Mary has special significance for Catholics; she weeps over the sins of the world, the pains called the Seven Sorrows of Mary. The design of the church tattoo is exceptionally self-explanatory with sharp outlines. It’s a combination of black, white, and gray ink with simple clothes around her face. The crown of Mother Mary has been drawn with different types of lines and outlined in black ink in this church tattoo design.

Renaissance Church Tattoos

Renaissance church tattoos
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The image is a beautifully depicted realistic tattoo of the rebuilt St. Paul’s Cathedral with three interlocking domes. However, only one dome is visible in the creation of the tattoo. As the rays of the sun penetrate through the clouds, signifying positivity, energy and light, and make it look like a great work of art – a fantastic combination of black and gray ink to represent this tattoo of church. The cathedral pillars look alike and the artist has taken great care in detailing the other church tattoo elements. This church tattoo inspires contemporary Renaissance architectural design while taking into account the classic styles of Baroque and Inigo Jones.

Skull Church Tattoos

Skull church tattoos
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The intricacies and details of tattoos have created a great demand for designing dot and dot tattoos to form patterns, shadows and shapes using black and gray ink . The artist used lines and blends, dot tattoos to achieve pronounced effects. The skull below signifies Christ’s victory over death. The twin towers of the church peek through the eyes of the skull tattoo. The teeth of the skull form the main entrance to the church and the jawbone forms part of the superstructure of this skull tattoo design.

The most meaningful way to enshrine your appreciation for your religious tattoos is to get a lingering reminder of your belief by depicting your best form of body art. Generally, the facets of angels serve as the framework for the paradigm of living their lives as followers of Christianity. These tattoos signify faith, trust, love and devotion; Besides this widespread symbolism, four archangels have different meanings, commonly used to get a specific archangel tattoo. There are other Christian themed tattoo arcades that are popular and will influence you when selecting your personified church tattoo design. If you are vegan, you can also make a special request and get a vegan tattoo from the church. You can search other suggestions of these church tattoos mentioned below:

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