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For those looking for a chihuahua tattoo, here are many amazing tattoo styles and images to choose from!

Chihuahua tattoo
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Chihuahua is the smallest pedigree dog with an apple-shaped skull, round eyes, and erect ears, named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

They come in a variety of colors and are one of the best guard dogs recommended by experts. This breed of dog is bold and therefore needs a good education to keep it under control.

They are either short-haired or long-haired. Long haired chihuahua tattoo styles and short hairstyles gained popularity in the 20th century and became one of the popular choices for chihuahua tattoo designs. These dogs possess high level energy; hence, their tattoos are prevalent among workout freaks. Here is a collection of the top 10 chihuahua tattoo ideas from the endless list of chihuahua tattoos. Find a tattoo of your choice from these matching styles just for you.

Small Chihuahua Tattoos

Small chihuahua tattoos
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The artist drew a tiny chihuahua tattoo with a long tail and used white ink to identify the paws of this adorable little pup. The chihuahua tattoo in black color signifies an aggressive personality. We find the eyes wide open, highlighted by the natural color of the skin. The cat’s ears are quite long, which gives it a prominent and pleasing appearance. The artist managed to draw a charming chihuahua tattoo with minimal colors and details. The chihuahua tattoo looks so adorable as he rests his back and lifts his little paws. There are many ready made tattoos that you can search on Amazon and elsewhere. However, you must have an Amazon account to click, enter or search for such options.

Realistic Chihuahua Tattoos

Realistic chihuahua tattoos
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The artist drew a realistic image of a pair of chihuahuas. They symbolize love, reliability, protection, care and sharing warmth. The tattoo depicts the breed of short haired Chihuahuas, beautifully drawn, and you will find one of them with a closed mouth and the other with an open mouth showing its teeth and tongue. The whiskers are visible in the image because the artist has taken great care in using and blending the different shades of color. The image highlights a 3D effect of the puppies and makes us believe that the heads are coming out of the wearer’s hands. The post shows this masterpiece of mixing and blending colors with the skin color of the wearer.

Traditional Chihuahua Tattoos

Traditional chihuahua tattoos
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This chihuahua tattoo design is a traditional colorful old school creation signifying loyalty, trust, energy and fidelity, representing the character of the wearer. The artist has drawn the face of a chihuahua, and above the head, you can find an electrifying red-colored rose flower with green leaves around it, which adds to the beauty. Other colors used around the traditional chihuahua tattoo are black, grey-white and shades of brown. The whiskers, ears and round eyes, as well as the flower, are sharply defined for better clarity.

chihuahua paw tattoos

Chihuahua paw tattoos
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Paw designs are popular with enthusiasts who love dogs and prefer smaller tattoos. You can see a handsome chihuahua sporting a stylish blue bow and a black chihuahua paw print tattoo next to this picture. These paws represent love, affection and respect towards pets or a particular wild animal. The artist has used different shades of black, white, brown and blue ink to add charm to this chihuahua tattoo.

Hand Cover Chihuahua Tattoos

Hand cover chihuahua tattoos
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The most visible part of your body is your hands; a lot can be understood by looking at your hands. From the handshake to other hand movements, create a lasting impression, and a hand cover tattoo is a perfect everlasting choice. Tattoos on your left hand are associated with justice and emotion, and the right is associated with dominion and mercy. The chihuahua tattoo created by the artist is stunning and has been incredibly detailed using vivid shades of black, brown and gray which add to the beauty. The image in the post expresses a naughty-looking pup with his teeth yet to erupt.

Happy Samurai Chihuahua Tattoos

Happy samurai chihuahua tattoos
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Samurai tattoos signify nobility and demonstrate the spirit of well-known skilled warriors. The image shows a calm and relaxed Chihuahua walking like a happy aristocrat wearing a grayish green velvet robe with a red hilted sword as if returning from a successful event. The other colors used by the artist are yellowish brown and underlined with black. The long furry tail adds charm to the chic chihuahua tattoo.

Chihuahua Tattoos

Chihuahua tattoos
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Look at this lovely pint sized puppy portrait chihuahua tattoo with an adorable, natural looking personality. The artist has managed to bring this fantastic portrait to life and is a great representation of an understated combination of black and gray with whitish and pinkish touches in and around the chihuahua tattoo. The artist also used mixed light colors around the puppy to make it look more charming. You will find the chihuahua tattoo placed well on the chest. It’s an expressive way to share your love for dogs.

Winking Chihuahua Tattoos

Winking chihuahua tattoos
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A fantastic creation of a winking chihuahua tattoo sleeping on a specially designed cushion bed. It is a beautiful piece of art symbolizing care, warmth, adoration and innocence. The color combination used on this lovely pup is shades of white and black spread over it – the tattoo blends into the skin color to create a 2D effect. The black and white chihuahua is distinctive and one of the favorite choices for chihuahua tattoo lovers, being the most visually stunning combination.

Twin chihuahua tattoos

Twin chihuahua tattoos
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The chihuahua tattoo artist used the black and white sketch design to create these adorable twins. This chihuahua tattoo signifies things like eternal love, family ties, respect, and sharing kindness. The image is of a furry, long-haired twin Chihuahua with wide-open eyes, evoking innocent looks, making them a lovely pair. The artist has used the white color of his eyes and nose perfectly, which makes them attractive.

Angry Chihuahua Tattoos

Angry chihuahua tattoos
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This chihuahua tattoo depicts an aggressive looking angry chihuahua with a tightly shut mouth showing its dangerous teeth. This tattoo means aggression, energy, hostility, seriousness and honesty. The artist used black and white sketch color to create this horrifying tattoo with a studded metal ring around the neck.

With these beautiful design choices, you can get your furry best friend Chihuahua tattooed on your body. These Chihuahuas are a small and charming dog breed with excellent coat colors which makes for attractive tattoos. If you are looking for those unique and adorable little chihuahua tattoo images, here are some tattoo ideas you might find interesting!

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