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Are you looking for a great bulldog tattoo idea? We’ve collected the best devil dog tattoos, bulldog tattoos, English themed bulldog tattoos here!

Bulldog Tattoo
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The Bulldog is one of the most famous dog breeds that can be found in the world.

Bulldog tattoo designs are often inked by British people to represent their English heritage and pride as bulldogs originated in England. In English culture, bulldogs are often seen as traditional figures as they have been called the national icon that symbolizes determination.

During World War I, the United States Marine Corps or USMC used different iterations of the bulldog as their symbol. The Germans would use the term “devil dogs” to refer to American soldiers. The bulldog symbol was gracefully accepted by the Marines as they used the bulldog figure in recruiting advertisements for the USMC. Because of these practices, a bulldog tattoo is a traditional and great way for US Marines to show off their professional stature. One of the most recognized symbols in the military is the USMC bulldog. In everyday life aside from the use of bulldog symbolism in the Marines, bulldogs are also seen as a symbol of courage, strength, determination, tenacity, defiance, family, and patience.

So, if you ever wondered what is the meaning of a bulldog tattoo? Hope this helped you!

Art Nouveau French Bulldog Tattoo

Art Nouveau French Bulldog Tattoo
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This art nouveau tattoo is a great example of how tattoos help artists grow. The colorful design of this tattoo is a real treat for the eyes thanks to the vibrant and stunning color palette that changes the tattoo from a simple random tattoo to something more artistic. This bulldog is the center of attention in this work and the flowers added to the design make the tattoo design stand out!

Since this tattoo is medium in size, a good placement would be mainly the sleeves, shoulders or legs. Flaunt it as much as you can because people will definitely like and love this awesome design.

Cute bulldog tattoo for adorables

Cute bulldog tattoo for adorables
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This tattoo is another example of how artists can do so much with so little! The artistic style of tattoos like these is simple but they look great thanks to the amount of detail that professional tattoo artists put into the designs.

The French bulldog is the main part of the tattoo as usual, with natural skin color and great facial details. The flowers on the top and bottom of the bulldog figure are used as a frame to place the tattoo on. The simple design is a good experiment in the world of tattoo designs where you will see a lot of overdone tattoos making their way into mainstream tattoo ideas.

This tattoo can be done on the legs or shoulders depending on your preference.

Traditional Sailor Bulldog Tattoo

Traditional Sailor Bulldog Tattoo
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If you are in the United States Marine Corps or want to pay tribute to them, or just want a good tattoo of your pet, then this tattoo is what you should choose. This bulldog tattoo design gives off a great feeling of association that the dog has with the USMC. The design is good and simple with minimal coloring. The helmet on the dog represents marines or the military in general.

Due to the small size of this bulldog tattoo, the best place for it would be on the arms, shoulders, legs or chest. Another point to consider is that just because this tattoo design is colored doesn’t mean you have to color it – you can ask your artist not to color it. The final decision is yours because it’s your tattoo and you know what’s best for you!

Fierce bulldog tattoo for the fearless

Fierce bulldog tattoo for the fearless
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Bulldogs are known for their ferocity and this tattoo design is one of many realistic and stunning works depicting their bravery. This tattoo is a small to medium sized design that shows the bravery of the dog by depicting him as a firefighter who is not afraid to put himself in harm’s way to protect his owners or loved ones. You can do this on your body if you too want to show your bravery in the face of danger.

The best place for tattoo designs like this is on the legs, back, arms or shoulders.

Minimalist bulldog tattoo to commemorate your pet

Minimalist bulldog tattoo to commemorate your pet
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If you want to cherish your experience with your handed down pet dog, then this simple and minimalistic tattoo is one of the many bulldog tattoos you can get inked on your body. Tattoos like this are the best way to show your love and appreciation for your late furry friend and the time you spent together helping each other grow and feel loved.

Thanks to the small size nature of this tattoo, the hands, wrist, neck, shoulder or legs will make a great place for it to work.

Bulldog Tattoo Idea with a Realistic Feel

Bulldog Tattoo Idea with a Realistic Feel
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This tattoo is an amazing work of the artist as it has a realistic feel. Bulldog tattoos like this are rare because few prefer the realistic art style we see here. This is a cute yet professional tattoo design that is meant to be small and simple instead of being too colorful.

The tattoo can be made to stand out if desired by adding abstract outlines to the artwork and filling it with color, but remember that the realistic feel of this tattoo will take a hit if you move away from it. original sketch!

In case you are unsure about colors or simplicity, you can most definitely ask your tattoo artist and get their opinion before the artist inks you.

Badass Bulldog Marines Tattoo Idea

Badass Bulldog Marines Tattoo Idea
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If you want to show how badass you are, then this tattoo is perfect for you! Bulldog tattoos like this are a great example of how badass tattoos can be made even with simple outlines or sketches. The portrait of the dog is clean and precise, the hat and dog tags add to the calm and badass look of the tattoo.

The perfect place to get a tattoo like this is on the arms, legs or shoulders.

Abstract tattoo idea for bulldog lovers

Abstract tattoo idea for bulldog lovers
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Nothing says art like bulldog tattoos like this. It is an amazingly well done piece of art as it follows geometric patterns and sketches. The sketch is beautiful to look at with a three-headed portrait of French bulldogs and is beautifully decorated with shapely flowers and abstract shapes.

The interpretation of this tattoo can be seen as a tribute to Cereberus, the three-headed dog of the Greek god Hades. Cereberus is known to be the guardian of the subway gates as he prevents the dead from escaping from the underworld. Cerberus had three heads, with a serpent for its tail, and serpents extending from its body.

Tattoos like this idea are a commitment, so be sure to schedule an appointment with a professional before getting this tattoo done as it may take several sessions.

The best placement for tattoos like this is the arm sleeve or the legs.

Beautiful bulldog arm-sleeve tattoo idea

Beautiful bulldog arm-sleeve tattoo idea
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This is yet another amazingly well done tattoo idea that you can get inked on your body. The sketch is incredibly done, with the portrait of the bulldog taking center stage. The all black color of the tattoo gives it a great look. Finely drawn details such as paw prints and leaves above the portrait of the dog make the tattoo stand out. A well-done tattoo idea like this is meant to be displayed!

Before getting this tattoo, make sure you get an appointment with your tattoo artist and check if he is willing to color it as is or if he offers a different take on the idea.

In our opinion, an ideal place for a tattoo like this could be the arm sleeve, the legs or the shoulders.

Quiet Bulldog Tattoo for the Cool and Collected

Quiet Bulldog Tattoo for the Cool and Collected
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This tattoo idea is for people who consider themselves cool and collected. The tattoo idea is quite simple without colors. The portrait of the bulldog with closed eyes gives the tattoo a serene look. The flower above the dog’s head and the abstract art below the head add to the beauty of the tattoo and give it a sense of serenity.

To get the most out of this tattoo idea, we recommend inking it as is, colorless.

That said, here are a few things to remember before you book an appointment with your local tattoo artist for your tattoo! Bulldog tattoos can have many interpretations, you can get a tattoo suggestion similar to these:

  • Bulldog tattoo attached to human body
  • Bulldog cartoon tattoo
  • bulldog tattoo with english flag
  • Bulldog tattoo with a leash
  • funny bulldog tattoo with big eyes

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