If you love insects and are fascinated by their contributions, the bee and honeycomb tattoo is a perfect choice to get inked on your body.

Bee And Honeycomb Tattoo
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Bees considered to be close relatives of ants and wasps belong to the Anthophila clade.

All over the world, there are sixteen thousand species of bees that can be recognized where some live in colonies, while others live solitary lives. Some of the famous bee species include honeybees, bumble bees, mason bees, carpenter bees, and sweat bees.

Bees make honeycombs from wax which are their living colonies and also the place where they store their honey. Humans, bears and badgers often consume this honey for food. The unique hexagonal geometric design of the honeycombs and the popularity of the bee for its importance to mankind has made it a popular choice of Tattoo Design among many tattoo enthusiasts.

Simple bee and honeycomb tattoo

Simple bee and honeycomb tattoo
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A simple yet beautifully designed tattoo is the honeycomb tattoo with a bee. Honeycombs represent warmth, kindness and unity, while the bee represents loyalty. When these two patterns are woven together, they represent loyalty and support to the community one belongs to.

These honeycomb tattoos flourish extremely well on the forearm, thighs, wrist, shoulder, chest, and back. They are made by people to show the loyalty they have to their family members and how hard they work just like bees to take care of their family. These tattoos can be done in traditional black or colored ink.

Honeycomb tattoo and tribal bee

Honeycomb tattoo and tribal bee
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The concept of beekeeping dates back to ancient Greece and Egypt. Like many other animals, bees have also played an important role for different tribes in many cultures. These tattoos are often adorned with beautiful tribal elements and bees are depicted in the honeycomb with widely spread wings.

In ancient Egypt, bees were associated with the symbol of royalty while in Greece it was the sign of Potnia. The tribal bee Tattoo Design is made by people who believe in and have a fascination with the ancients. These tattoos are mostly done with black ink and the best place to put these tattoos is on the chest, back, shin, calves, forearm and biceps.

Queen bee and honeycomb tattoo

Queen bee and honeycomb tattoo
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This queen bee Tattoo Design is instantly recognizable due to the crown present on the head of the queen bee. The queen’s specialty is that she is the only female bee with fully developed reproductive organs which regulates the unity of the community and produces chemical scents which help in laying lots of eggs.

These honeycomb and bee tattoos are extremely popular among women and are done by women who consider themselves to have leadership qualities. The tattoo artist with this tattoo also reflects the appreciation and support he receives in times of need, just like the queen receives from her workers. Black and yellow ink is used to make these tattoos and the best choice placement for them is on the forearm, chest, back, shin, calves and biceps.

Bee geometric honeycomb tattoo

Bee geometric honeycomb tattoo
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The geometric bee Tattoo Design with honeycombs is one of the coolest geometric designs known for its fine details. Honeycombs are created with great precision in perfect hexagonal walls from wax, just like the tattoo artist inks a perfect geometric Tattoo Design on someone’s body. The ink color can be black or yellow and totally depends on the tattoo artist.

First, these bee tattoo designs reflect the concept of loyalty and fertility. Now each geometric shape has its own meaning and reflects it when merged with the bee and the honeycomb. The circle shows the endless cycle of life, the triangle is the symbol of strength, harmony and creativity, and the square shows truthfulness. The best place to put these tattoo ideas is on the back, chest, forearm, thigh, shin, and calves.

Multiple bees and honeycomb tattoo

Multiple bees and honeycomb tattoo
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Bees are known all over the planet for their hardworking nature and have had connections to spirituality since ancient times. Each worker bee works hard and tirelessly to create honey and provide food for the entire community. With everyone’s participation, only something great is possible.

If someone wants to reflect the concept of family, loyalty and teamwork, this multiple bee tattoo is a great choice. The best place to put them on the body is the shin, chest, calves, thigh and back. Traditional black ink as well as other colors like yellow and orange are used to create these designs.

Bee, honeycomb and flower tattoo

Bee, honeycomb and flower tattoo
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This bee tattoo meaning is extremely simple yet features one of the most important phenomena in nature. The bee and flower tattoo shows the symbiotic relationship that these two natural objects share with each other. The insect draws its food from the flower while it helps to transport pollen grains important for the fertilization of the flowers.

People who believe in the symbiotic relationship between mankind and nature mainly get these tattoo ideas on the forearm, chest, wrist, shoulder, back, calves and thighs. These bee as well as flower tattoos are mostly done using colored ink and are popular among both men and women.

Cartoon style honeycomb and bee tattoo

Cartoon style honeycomb and bee tattoo
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These are extremely cute bee tattoos that are done by tattoo artists for the love they had for this beautiful insect. These tattoos can be done with black ink or some colors like yellow and orange can be blended with black to make them more cheerful. The best place to put this bee tattoo on the body is the forearm, chest, wrist, shin, back and shoulder.

Cartoon characters can be taken from the movie Bee (2007) and Maya the Bee (2014) and can be done on the tattoo artist’s body. The tattoo artist can also imagine other bee cartoon characters and have them tattooed by the tattoo artists. Having this tattoo is fun and a great way to honor and respect bees.

Honeycomb and bumblebee tattoo

Honeycomb and bumblebee tattoo
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Although bee and bumblebee belong to the same species, they have marked differences in traits, appearances and many other things just like human beings. Bees are smaller and thinner while bumblebees are fuzzy and round. While bees stay in hives by the thousands and can be domesticated, while bumblebees live in the wild and stay in the nest.

People who like to stay away and function properly on their own mainly get these bumblebee tattoo designs on their skin. Bees can only sting once before they die, but bumblebees can sting multiple times. It also makes the tattoo a warning not to mess with a bumblebee tattoo owner. The best place to put these tattoos is on the chest, forearm, shin, calves and back.

Realistic honeycomb and bee tattoo

Realistic honeycomb and bee tattoo
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In many indigenous cultures, bees were associated with regeneration, continuity and community. Keeping this idea in mind, many tattoo artists get the bee and honeycomb tattooed on their body following the technique of realism. Realism as an art movement emerged in the middle of the 19th century in France and became extremely popular around the world.

The realistic design of bees and honeycombs is extremely cool and many people wouldn’t tell them apart from the photographs. The best place to put these tattoos is on the back, chest, forearm, shin and thighs. Colored ink is often used to make these tattoos while they can also be done using traditional black.

Bee, women and honeycomb tattoo

Bee, women and honeycomb tattoo
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In bee hives, only the queen bee with mature reproductive organs is able to procreate and is considered the mother of all bees in a particular hive. Likewise, only a woman is able to procreate in the animal kingdom. These bee and honeycomb tattoos are especially popular with women and represent feminine strength.

These tattoo designs can be created using both colored and black ink and are mostly done on the forearm, chest, thigh, and back. Apart from femininity, these bee designs also represent loyalty, honor, and fertility. Often flowers, fruits or geometric patterns are also fused with this design to make things more interesting.

From being the main agents of pollination to providing important medicines for mankind, the help it brings to nature and mankind is indisputable. But in some places the bee population is decreasing due to environmental degradation and we need to take environmental conservation initiatives to stop this.

By using the honeycomb and the bee idea, many other tattoos can be created and some of them are given below.

  • Small honeycomb and bee tattoo.
  • Honeycomb and bee fruits tattoo.
  • Honeycomb and bee heart tattoo.
  • Honeycomb and bee skull tattoo.
  • Honeycomb tattoo and bee sleeve.

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