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If you want a Bart tattoo, you probably love the Simpsons show and identify with the hero. Check out these amazing Bart Simpson tattoos now to take your pick.

Bart tattoo
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“The Simpsons” is one of the most popular television shows in the world.

The show currently has 30 seasons and there is no indication that it will be canceled in the near future. As a result, Bart Simpsons ink ideas are very popular.

They also provide plenty of opportunities for creative designs not done before. Among the most famous tattoos are those that show how Bart is doing a particular joke, while skating or from behind, doing graffiti – as this is how he is often depicted in the series. Some people identify with his brother-sister relationship with Lisa or his family status with Simpsons, so tattoos of his family members are also very common. However, you can represent Bart as you wish, as disguised or dressed in everyday attire. This way, you can demonstrate that you love what you do while maintaining your true essence. You can also dress it up in traditional clothes from a specific culture (hippies, indians, 50s or 70s, and others).

In addition, there are thousands of possibilities, such as changing the color of the character, drawing it with the body of an animal and showing how it swims, laughs, dives, drinks, swims, rocks or sings. You might even be able to paint it with some unique characteristics and personal details such as tattoos, favorite shoes or something that represents you.

Bart Simpson Tattoo

Bart simpson tattoo
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This Bart Simpson tattoo is quite unique. This tattoo is a sign that everyone should be happy. The cartoon character is quite funny but indirectly teaches us a lot of things in our life. Take, for example, the image tattooed on the leg with the words “hey, cool, I’m dead”. It shows how lightly things should be taken even the greatest human fear of death and losing everything.

This truth is very normally shown in the tattoo. It can be inked by both men and women, and the best part of the tattoo is that it can be done on any site of the body without any problem. It can also be modified by changing the color or the writing. Accept life as it is; that’s what Bart teaches us. Visit your tattoo artist today to get this cool ink. Make sure they are using high quality tools, and you are good to go.

Two Faced Bart Tattoo

Two faced bart tattoo
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This tattoo of Bart features two faces parting from each other, and this tattoo can be a sign that the individual is suffering from peer pressure and depression and is torn between their true inner self and the other me that society sees. Drawn in a thick outline in black ink, this tattoo of Bart’s sad face is quite relevant in today’s world of mental chaos.

This tattoo is a shameless way to show your mental state. It can be tattooed on any site as body art or even included as part of a quilt. The tattoo could even be a sign that you accept your mental state.

Simpsons Ink Ideas

Simpsons ink ideas
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This Bart Simpson tattoo shows how emotions are when you are in love. The tattoo reads boy in love and is meant for those who develop feelings spontaneously. The tattoo depicts a young boy wearing a colorfully shaded t-shirt, and the whole tattoo gives off a very funky look. It seems like Bart Simpson is filled with attitude.

This tattoo will be perfect for boys. This tattoo can even be inked in a way that shows Bart and his sister. Sunglasses make the tattoo more attractive, and one can always add brighter colors to the tattoo to make it more attractive. It can be done in any part of the body due to the size and will always look adorable. Look for a skilled tattoo artist who does quality work and stays up to date with inking industry tools and technologies. You can explore more options or customize this one.

The Southside Tattoo with Bart Simpson

The southside tattoo with bart simpson
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The tattoo looks very cute, with Bart Simpson running around with a saucepan in his hand and on his head, looking like he is in a hurry or running away from something. It shows the real life of humans, how we keep running in a hurry, and how we have work at hand and how we rush and do everything.

This tattoo can be done by any man or woman on a body site of their choice. This tattoo can be done as part of a patchwork tattoo where the tattoo does not require individual meanings. If you are looking for more options for small Bart Simpson tattoos, your search has been answered.

Bart And Magician Tattoo

Bart and magician tattoo
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This tattoo is a brilliant fusion of two different characters from two different TV show series. This Bart Simpson tattoo is a fusion with the invisible man. The two belong to completely different perspectives, but the way the two are collaborated and turned into one tattoo is commendable.

The artist did an amazing job in the way he used colors. The colors seem to stand out and their excellent use is a sign of great skill. This tattoo will look amazing with a collage of other tattoos put together with other Bart Simpsons tattoos or even other characters. This is one of the best Simpsons ink ideas that will surely make you visit the nearest tattoo parlor.

Bart Simpson’s Painful Love Tattoo

Bart simpson's painful love tattoo
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This simple black and white Bart Simpson tattoo is done in a stylish way. The way he sits with headphones plugged in enhances the overall appeal and is a measure of the artist’s skill.

We all run towards our goal, but we all deserve to stop and sit down for a while to relax, breathe and look around. This tattoo shows the importance of mental health and that it is necessary to take time for yourself. You can even add the color and elements of your choice. Ink it on a body site that will allow you to flaunt it in style. The intended audience for this particular Bart Simpson tattoo might be the youth, but don’t let age hold you back if you feel one with this piece of art.

Bart Simpson Devil Tattoo

Bart simpson devil tattoo
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This Simpson’s ink idea is different from all other tattoos. This tattoo shows the devil in the form of Bart Simpson. We can see the cartoon character standing with a pitchfork exactly as the devil carries it with him. The horn seen on the devil’s head can also be seen here. This tattoo looks cute and is perfect for anyone who wants to get a devil tattoo but in a cute and less scary way.

This tattoo is unisex and can be customized by adding other elements like adding hellfire, showing humans being boiled in boiling water or oil. Visit your tattoo artist and look for relevant tools to weaponize your Devil Bart tattoo. You can discuss other options to add a personal touch to it, perhaps a quote from Dante.

Bart and Lisa tattoo idea

Bart and lisa tattoo idea
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Lisa is Bart’s sister. This tattoo shows how close the bond between brother and sister is. The way they always fight with each other, but on the other hand, they are also each other’s protectors. Love between brother and sister can be the purest form of love one can have with their parents. They are your confidant, your best friend and the one who will always support you but, on the other hand, will also help you and teach you what is right and what is wrong.

The tattoo shows that they are both fighting, and it’s just not the brother hitting or fighting with the sister; even the sister does the same. This tattoo can be done anywhere. This tattoo can be inked by siblings matching each other’s madness. If you have a relevant relationship with this tattoo, you don’t need to look for more options. Find a qualified artist and you’re set.

Bart Simpson’s Devil Tattoo

Bart simpson's devil tattoo
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This tattoo shows a devil residing in Simpson’s body and how it brings out his true self. This tattoo can be interpreted that the devil himself killed Simpson, or it can also be interpreted that the devil possessed the body.

The other interpretation is that the devil was the true self but was in disguise. Choose a site to get this cool Bart Simpson tattoo inked and let the world know that you accept the devil inside you.

Screaming Bart Tattoo

Screaming bart tattoo
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This tattoo is indeed a work of art. If one carefully notices the small details of the tattoo, one will realize that a story is being told. Each individual image is made with the utmost dedication. Reminiscent of some characteristics of comic style, it is a true measure of an artist’s storytelling skills.

This tattoo is perfect for a tattoo sleeve and leaves enough room to add more tattoos. This tattoo shows friendship and the craziness that it contains. Develop your own patchwork idea and get a tattoo today.

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