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Bored of tattooing common designs, then you should try the barber tattoo for a change that looks quite unique and cool.

Barber tattoo ideas
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If you delve into history, you will be amazed to know that the concept of barber or barber service began sometime around 5000 BC. AD in Egypt.

Believed to have been introduced to Rome in 296 BC, barbershops became a place of gossip and daily news. It also became an important part of the Greek way of life, just like public baths.

Derived from the Latin word Barba which means beard over time, barbers have even performed surgery and dentistry all over the world other than hairdressing. The first major change came in the 20th century when barbers started grooming only hair and beards. It split from the branch of cosmetology and became a well-paying profession. In modern times with hair and beard styling, guess what the concept has even soaked into the tattoo world.

Simple barber tattoo

Simple barber tattoo
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A simple barber tattoo is done using the tools that a barber uses to groom his clients. Comb, razor, scissors and trimmer are the objects that are done in black ink for this tattoo. Each object has its own purpose of use and this is the exact meaning reflected by the tattoo design.

The best places to put these tattoo ideas are on the forearm, biceps, chest, thighs, and back. This tattoo is a popular choice among men and can be done by someone who is a barber themselves or owns a barber shop. It can also be inked by anyone who likes to have their hair and beard groomed carefully and who respects the profession of barbering.

Colorful male barber tattoo

Colorful male barber tattoo
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Several colors of ink are used to make this colorful tattoo. The tattoo consists of the image of a man who uses his tools to groom his client or himself. Other additional items like shaving foam, aftershave bottles or flowers can be added to enhance the tattoo.

The tattoo size ranges from medium to large and the best place to put them is on the forearm, thighs, shin, calves, biceps and back. Here, the tattoo artist can represent that he is proud of his profession or sometimes can depict the fact that he likes to do his grooming with his own hands.

Barber Sweeney Todd Tattoo

Barber sweeney todd tattoo
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If you are a fan of Tim Burton then the character of Sweeney the demon barber embodied by Johnny Depp must be known to you. Here, Sweeney is wrongly accused of a crime he didn’t commit and is imprisoned. He returns and swears revenge on the person who framed him and starts killing his customers with his razor.

The setting of the film shows London in the 19th century and the barber profession can also be seen through the lens of the film. The corruption of Victorian society is also highlighted in this film. Anyone who gets a Sweeney tattoo is either a fan of Tim Burton or Johnny Depp, or a fan of the Victorian barber concept. The best place to put this design is on the calves, forearms, thighs, back and chest.

Barber word tattoo

Barber word tattoo
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From a barber shop owner to a barber who takes pride in his profession, tattooing the word barber is mostly done on his body. Black ink is used for these tattoos and is mostly popular among men. The word barber can be merged with other objects like scissors, comb, razor, clipper or pole.

Tattooing these looks extremely cool and people instantly understand the craft of tattooing. The best place to tattoo them is on the head, wrist, finger, forearm, biceps and shin. It takes years of practice and follow through to learn the technique of this art and so it is a great tattoo of choice.

Barber with clock tattoo

Barber with clock tattoo
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Cutting your hair and shaving your beard is a work of art and without quality work, a barber just like a tattoo artist is not recognized as efficient. Popular hair salons are known for their quality work and customers should make an appointment before getting their hair cut. Just like artists, they take a few hours to show off their magic with scissors and combs.

From making an appointment to hairdressing, the notion of time is very important here. For this reason, many people get a barber tattoo with a clock. The clock here not only shows the importance of time, but it can also show that just like other professions, if you give proper time to a barber, he will make you more attractive with his grooming skills. The best place to put these tattoos is on the forearm, shin, calves, biceps and back.

Small Barber Tattoo

Small barber tattoo
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Small tattoos are becoming an extremely popular choice in the tattoo industry. It is only natural that small tattoos relating to barbers are also on the rise for their uniqueness. Now when these tattoos are inked by anyone, most barber shop tools are used as tattoo ideas. They can be done in traditional black ink or colored ink and totally depends on the tattoo artist.

The best places to put these tattoos are the wrist, ankle, fingers, neck, back of the ear, and forearm. Tool tattooing can be done in a variety of formats like a single tool including a razor, scissors or clipper can be tattooed. Again, two tools can be combined, such as scissors and a comb, or a razor and scissors. Although these tattoos are small in size, they can be extremely loud in subtle ways.

barber finger tattoo

Barber finger tattoo
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Just as a painter cannot paint without his fingers, it is impossible for a barber to cut his hair or shave his beard. This is the first thing that is represented by the barber finger tattoo which is mostly done in black ink.

Barbershop tools which include scissors, comb, razor and clippers are mostly tattooed on each finger to represent the profession. The tattoo can also be the sign of an expert barber who has mastered the craft with years of practice and follow-through.

barber pole tattoo

Barber pole tattoos
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Passing by a barber shop or opening to enter it, our attention often falls on the barber pole with predominantly white, red and blue stripes. Now, many people don’t know that these stripes are a sign and have a rich history. The best place to put these post tattoos depends on the size of the tattoo.

The white and red stripes on the tubes represent bandages, reminiscent of the concept of ancient times when barbers performed surgery and dentistry. We sometimes find white, red and blue on these masts which are a tribute to the American national flag. These tattoos are done mostly with colored ink and are applied on the forearm, wrist, biceps, calves, shin, back and thighs.

Traditional barber tattoo

Traditional barber tattoo
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Around the world, in many places, local hair salons still only use scissors, razors and combs for hair and barbering. They don’t use modern technologies and love their traditional tools for their trade.

Popular especially among men, the one with the traditional barber tattoo design wants to show that he likes the old ways more than the new and only wants to stick with it. The best area to ink this tattoo is on the forearm, biceps, chest, shin, and back.

Barber with eye tattoo

Barber with eye tattoo
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Many people may be puzzled by this weird tattoo, but it is probably one of the most unique and layered designs you can get on your skin. Primarily done with black ink, this tattoo can be created with an eye inside a hand holding scissors, clippers, or a razor, or can be done by placing the hair grooming tools in a triangle in keeping the eye inside this triangle.

Cutting clients’ hair and shaving their beards can take hours, just like a beautiful painting. The hairdresser should pay special attention to the haircut or beard, just like a symmetrical tattoo. The eye represents this attention to detail made by barbers. This tattoo is like a tribute to the spirit and driving force behind the creation of a beautiful work by the barber. The best place to put these tattoos is on the forearm, wrist, shin, biceps, back and chest.

As before, a hair salon is still a place of social interaction, but now, with the implementation of modern technologies, shops are turning into salons.

Other designs that can be made using the barbershop concept are:

  • Barber and skull tattoo.
  • Grumpy barber tattoo.
  • Barber flower tattoo.
  • Barber snake tattoo.
  • Barber chair tattoo.

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