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Intrigued by the meaning of the Aztec dragon tattoo and want to get a tattoo? We have some awesome Aztec dragon tattoo designs for you!

Aztec dragon tattoo
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In the last couple of years, one tattoo trend that has taken over is the ancient art form of the Aztecs.

The Aztec tattoo form dates back to the 12th century when the Aztec culture was just beginning. They include several Aztec symbols like Aztec warriors, snakes, flowers, humans, and dragons.

The Aztec Empire existed in the 15th and 16th centuries in the lands of southern and central Mexico. The inhabitants of this country were either Aztecs or Aztlans, which means white land. The tattoo culture among the Aztecs was very popular as they used these designs to honor their gods or as a form of intimidation for their enemies during war. These designs might include their tribe’s marks or other symbols that would be meaningful to them. At that time, these tattoos were mainly for Aztec men. However, over the years, even women have started getting tattoos. Along with the Aztecs, even the Mayans had tattoos that were prominent. Aztec tattoos are a great way to show interest in your culture and honor your heritage. Although different designs can mean many different things, the placement of these designs on the body is also important.

Looking for variations of the Aztec dragon tattoo that will look cool and trendy? Well, we’ve got you covered. Check out these amazing chic designs of the Aztec dragon tattoo that appeal to you.

Aztec dragon tattoo Quetzalcoatl

Aztec dragon tattoo quetzalcoatl
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According to Aztec religion, Quetzalcoatl was a feathered serpent god. He was known as the Creator God, responsible for rains and winds. He was also the god of the Mayans and was known as Gucumatz or Kukulcan. This God is also considered to be the one who created mankind and the world. Quetzalcoatl is depicted as a large snake with quetzal bird feathers. He is also depicted as a human who wears a conical hat and shell jewelry.

This beautiful tattoo does not show the full body of a snake. It only shows the head with a tongue. The serpent’s skull wears a crown. The border of the statue was done with thin strokes of black ink, and the rest of the tattoo was done with shades of black and gray ink. This tattoo was placed on the person’s forearm. However, it is such a design that will look great as an Aztec chest tattoo or even an Aztec leg tattoo.

Aztec shoulder tattoo

Aztec shoulder tattoo
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This design is a mix of some tribal tattoos with the Dragon Tattoo. The entire design has been done in rich shades of black and gray. The Aztec dragon is represented in different ways; however, this one is probably the most accurate. This design is something not every tattoo artist can draw. They have to be very exceptional and precise with this. They created a very detailed design of the dragon with a snake-like head and long body. To give this tattoo a more realistic vibe, the artist added feathers on the upper part of the body. The snake Tattoo Design starts from the shoulder and runs down, coiled like a sleeve.

Aztec Skull Tattoo

Aztec skull tattoo
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When you study prehistoric religions and civilizations, you will realize that animals had a very reverent and holy presence. Animal skull tattoos were considered to have divine significance. Different animals represented different levels of bravery, and warriors and soldiers of that era loved to adorn themselves with such tattoos.

This Tattoo Design is more often a neo-traditional form due to the gold designs and strokes. The tattoo artist used thick strokes of black ink for the border of the tattoo, and they completed the shading with dots of gray ink. Like other sleeve tattoos, this one extends from the chest to the shoulder and down the arm. This is a beautiful Aztec animal tattoo and something you can consider for your next body art.

Aztec Snake Tattoo

Aztec snake tattoo
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This design is a very accurate representation of the Aztec dragon tattoo. When it comes to dragon tattoos, these are very popular choices that both men and women prefer. Dragons are considered magical, powerful and fearsome beasts that are the subject of legends. There are many reasons to get a dragon tattoo. They are considered protectors of evil. Dragon tattoos also bring a lot of prosperity and luck to the bearer of the design. In Aztec and Mayan cultures, the dragon was seen as an association between humanity and the world. This particular tattoo has been done with colors like black and gray, and in some areas brown color has been used to enrich the design. It was placed on the person’s upper arm making for a great tattoo!

Aztec gray dragon tattoo

Aztec gray dragon tattoo
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The dragon is one of the main symbols of Aztec culture. The Aztec dragon is also the most beloved god of rain and wind. The dragon is usually designed as a large rattlesnake and a feathered bird. If the designs are not exact, they will remove the entire tattoo element. You need to find an experienced tattoo artist who can do great designs and do them with precision. Getting a dragon tattoo like this means that you only want to keep happiness in life and protect yourself from all harm.

The tattoo artist did a wonderful job with this design. They created thick strokes of black ink for the border of the design and used gray and black ink dot walking art to create the shading inside. This is one of the biggest tattoos that fits the entire forearm. You can get other design placements, like leg or back, if you want.

Aztec style dragon

Aztec style dragon
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The Feathered Serpent or Dragon is one of the most classic designs related to Aztec culture. The design depicts a deity who is not only known for his ability to crawl but also to fly. These dragons symbolize power and freedom and are a perfect tattoo inspired by Aztec culture.

The tattoo artist has created a very appropriate and precise dragon structure. The details of this design are simply outstanding. The artist used black, gray and brown to complete this design. Since this is one of the larger models, it was placed on the forearm. You can also create an amazing sleeve tattoo with such a design.

Aztec sleeve tattoo

Aztec sleeve tattoo
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This is one of the most amazing Quetzalcoatl tattoos on the internet. These drawings are technically done with black and gray ink which shows feathered shopping in its most accurate form. However, this design is a bit unique and different from the typical ones. The artist created the Dragon Tattoo with a fine line box and created very smooth shading for the whole design to give it a more realistic effect. The shading has been done with red, brown and black colors to make this tattoo look richer and more elegant. It is a smaller version compared to other Aztec dragon tattoos. If you are looking for a tattoo related to Aztec mythology, then this is the one you should consider.

Aztec black dragon tattoo

Aztec black dragon tattoo
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This beautiful Aztec piece is something you will remember forever. The tattoo made beautiful details on this design. Every stroke is so precise and the depiction of the dragon is also amazing. The tattoo artist used black and gray for the main part of the design which is the skull and when it comes to the feathered part of the body they used white and black to establish that it is it’s a different part of the body. If you want, you can add tribal patterns to the design to make it more appealing and accurate to the Aztec culture. This design was placed on the upper arm of the person. If you are looking for a traditional Aztec design, consider this for your next tattoo.

Simple Aztec Dragon Tattoo

Simple aztec dragon tattoo
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This beautiful Aztec tattoo will make you feel like an Aztec warrior. The beautiful intricate strokes that make up this design are done with fine lines. The entire drawing was done with black and gray ink. The tattoo artist also added a 3D effect to this tattoo, with shadows in the background so that the dragon looks like it is not attached to the body. This tattoo represents the beliefs of the Aztec people in their culture and the fact that their God will keep them away from evil spirits.

Aztec dragon shoulder tattoo

Aztec dragon shoulder tattoo
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The Aztecs believed that their God was a feathered serpent who would bring rains and victories and protect them from evil. This design is of the dragon’s skull. This is one of the best Aztec tattoos on the internet. The tattoo artist did a great job with the whole design. They outlined this design with thin black ink lines and created the interior with gray ink shading. If you want a tattoo that faithfully represents the Aztec civilization, this is one of the most popular symbols that you can choose.

Aztec tattoos are bold and beautiful designs. It takes a lot of commitment to go through these tattoos and create something that will stand out every time. If you are skeptical about the design, you can use a temporary tattoo and convert it to a permanent tattoo. We hope you liked the tattoo ideas mentioned above, and if you want to explore more, you can also check out –

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