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Are you an anime lover looking for cool tattoo ideas? We have a list of amazing Airbender tattoos that will blow your mind.

air bender
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Getting a tattoo of a character from our favorite show can be life changing.

When it comes to Avatar: The Last Airbender tattoos, there are plenty of designs to choose from. If you’re not sure which tattoos to choose, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s something to get you started. Check out this list of our top picks.

team avatar tattoo

team avatar tattoo
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If you are a fan of all-black ink tattoos, this Team Avatar tattoo sitting on Appa can be a great choice. Since there is not much filler needed in this tattoo, it will save you a lot of pain. Let your creativity run free and customize the design. You can add some clouds and make it look like Appa the bison is flying. This Avatar Airbender tattoo is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Be sure not to rush your artist. Let him take his time and get the details right. Whatever size you decide to get, you will look extremely cool with this tattoo on your skin.

Four Nations Tattoo

Four Nations Tattoo
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All fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender know the symbol of the four nations. Get the symbols of the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads inked on your arm or leg. It will be a great choice for tattoos if you want to keep them simple. You can tattoo the Fire Nation symbol or the Air Nomads symbol separately. But having all four together makes it more related to Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Avatar Black Tattoo
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If you’re not a fan of colored ink, just do it with black ink. He looks just as cool. Add borders to each of the symbols to give it a more prominent touch.

Appa And Momo Tattoo

Appa And Momo Tattoo
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We all grew up loving both characters. Imagine how cool these are going to look as back or arm tattoos. Designed to represent the bond between the two, this is one of the best Avatar: The Last Airbender tattoos.

Bring both characters to life by getting their stats correct, and you’ll rock it.

Blue Arrow Tattoo

Blue Arrow Tattoo
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How about getting this famous blue arrow tattooed on your hand? Every fan of this anime has a pretty good idea what the arrow tattoo means (Last Airbender). Having this Airbender tattoo signifies that you are an air nomad and capable of airbending. In the anime series, Aang was shown to have this blue arrow. Get a similar one inked on your body and show off your creative skills. The beauty of this tattoo is that it implies that you have worked hard to get where you are today because the tattoo is applied to an airbender after he has completely mastered all the tires of bending air. There’s no point in getting it in all-black ink because it won’t be inspired by the one in our favorite series.

If you ever consider cosplaying as Aang, get this arrow temporarily tattooed on your forehead and all the compliments will flow to you. Even in 2021, a temporary tattoo of this arrow would make you the king of any Halloween party.

Aang avatar status tattoo

Aang avatar status tattoo
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A tattoo of Aang in his avatar state is something we don’t see every day. This new design based on Aang’s avatar state will blow everyone’s mind. The blue arrow on Airbender that they typically get at age twelve begins to glow when they enter the Avatar state. Imagine how amazing the tattoo will look if your artist is able to put that vision into action. Ink it on your forearm or chest and we’re sure you’ll love it. To make it very close to the original scene, ask your artist to work on the details.

black tattoo
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Use black ink if you don’t favor colors. Give it a new look with proper shading. You can add the symbol of nations next to Aang to have more things associated with our favorite series. We are sure it will turn out great and you will like it.

Uncle Iroh Tattoo

Uncle Iroh Tattoo
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We all learned a thing or two from General Iroh. If you grew up loving Uncle Iroh and want his character inked, look no further. This amazing piece is an Uncle Iroh classic and there’s no denying it. Have this inked on the back of your shoulder or arm and you’re good to go.

Uncle Iroh Black
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To avoid filling, you can opt for an outline tattoo with proper shading and you will look just as cool.

Aang Tattoo

Aang Tattoo
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If you haven’t lived under a rock, you know protagonist Aang. A character made with such determination can be a great choice for tattoos. If you’re planning on getting an Avatar: The Last Airbender tattoo, this may be perfect for you. Aang tattoos like this will work wonders as tattoos on the sleeves or on the back. Get this fierce side of Aang tattooed on your skin and we’re sure you won’t regret it. Add more elements like nation symbols, but you can easily omit them.

The black tattoo
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Aang’s personality can be quite clumsy and playful. If you’re a fan of that goofy side of Aang’s personality, this is what you’re looking for. To add more flashy elements to your Avatar: The Last Airbender tattoos, have Aang inked in color. You can also add another character related to Aang, but feel free to leave it out.

Types of tattoos

Types of tattoos

Momo has to be the cutest character in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Getting adorable Momo Avatar: The Last Airbender tattoos can be a great choice. Create your own art and get it inked. One of the neat things about these avatar tattoos is that you can ink them anywhere on your body. Control your urge to finish it quickly and let your artist work on it part by part.

When designing Momo, The Last Airbender tattoos, don’t miss the ears. This Avatar: The Last Airbender tattoo is perfect for people who are not looking for anything beyond the border.

Avatar The Last Airbender Koi Fish Tattoo

Avatar The Last Airbender Koi Fish Tattoo
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Show your creative side with this koi fish tattoo from the series Avatar: The Last Airbender. The two koi fish continuously swimming in a circle are considered to symbolize long happy marriage or perseverance. In the series, the two fish are actually the spirit of the moon and the ocean. The moon spirit and the ocean spirit have taken over the two fishes and they are constantly swimming in a circle. Imagine sharing a photo of such an intense tattoo with your followers on the Gram! This is a very popular tattoo idea even in 2021. Get it inked on your thigh or somewhere where it can be seen all the time.

Black Koi Avatar Tattoo
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Bring your vision to life and go crazy with your creations. Just be sure to incorporate the white and black markings on the fish’s heads because without them the tattoo wouldn’t be linked to the series. This is going to take a long time, so help your artist by not rushing him.

Zuko Tattoo

Zuko Tattoo
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How about getting this Zuko artwork inked? If you are not looking for big Avatar: The Last Airbender tattoos, you can customize them to your preferred size. Never rush your artist when shading tattoos. Proper shading brings tattoos to life. You can have this one colorized and it will cook just as cool. Doing this on your back or thigh would look super cool. It will also be a great tattoo on the sleeve.

You can never go wrong eliminating two characters. Pair your Zuko arts with another character from our favorite anime. Pair Zuko with Momo or Appa the flying bison and you’re ready to go.

While getting Abirbender tattoos, be patient as it will take a long time. Don’t miss important character traits or spoil air, fire, earth and water symbols. Other than that, go crazy with your creativity. After all, what makes tattoos great is the personal touch.

Disclaimer: Curated and re-published here. We do not claim anything as we translated and re-published using google translator. All images and Tattoo Design ideas shared only for information purpose.

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