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Do you want to get tattooed somewhere completely different from others? Here are some tattoo ideas above the knee that will enchant you!

tattoo above the knee
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Knee tattoos have no specific meaning unlike other tattoo placements.

Knee tattoos mean nothing in particular. However, it absolutely depends on the symbol or quote that has been made on the area.

The most common knee tattoos are eyes. The eyes symbolize being of a talisman. It is known to scare away evil eyes. Knee tattoos are a perfect option where a plethora of designs can be created. It totally depends on the bearer of the design he chooses to do. Women like above knee tattoos more than men because it looks really contained and poses a lot more meaning. Knee tattoos are usually made with certain types of designs, either a piece of standalone options or other viable options. There are many options for creating small or large tattoo designs. The knees are considered one of the rarest places to get a tattoo. Generally, tattoos that are done above the knees are different insects, flowers, quotes and dates for a person to remember.

Above the knee tattoos are moderate to high with pain tolerance. This is due to the existence of excess nerve endings which cause a lot of pain.

Fairy Above Knee Tattoo

Fairy Above Knee Tattoo
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This tattoo is considered as a black and white fairy tattoo which has its connection with the Yin and Yang symbol. Fairies are an entity that protects people from bad things. This is a supreme example of how a fairy tattoo will help protect against all harm and regenerate faith in the good self of the world. The fairy looks like she has an afro identical to the African community and she is really beautiful.

The elf ear is an important part of being a fairy. There is a presence of a crescent moon on the head which depicts fertility and virility. This fairy’s wings are made of different geometric patterns and dots that make her really beautiful. If you are planning to get a fairy tattoo. This is absolutely a catch for you!

butterfly tattoo above the knee

butterfly tattoo above the knee
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Insect tattoos are one of the most common tattoos above the knee. According to Google, insect tattoos are considered a safe option for a tattoo that has intricate details in addition to looking really commendable. This particular butterfly tattoo is done with black ink. The wings consist of long diamond-shaped structures with grayish tints in the outer parts of the wing.

The black ink work has been done in great detail and it looks absolutely commendable in that regard. Butterflies generally symbolize freedom in several aspects of life. It also means taking risks and making a fresh start. This tattoo is an absolute catch and looks truly amazing and gothic!

sun and moon tattoos above the knee

sun and moon tattoos above the knee
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Sun and moon tattoos are a very common form of tattoo and they are loved by everyone. It is a very common tattoo among women. Sun and moon tattoos usually signify life and death, femininity and masculinity, good and evil. This really is an absolutely amazing tattoo depending on the background of the wearer. As mentioned earlier, there is no symbolism in knee tattoos in general. Sun and moon tattoos in this context look like an absolute catch. There is both the use of black and white ink which plays beautifully with the gray hues.

The side of the sun has a combination of grey, black and white ink structures within the rays frame. The eyes of the sun against this background look absolutely realistic. The white ink that has been added as a glow on the tattoo is absolutely mesmerizing. The eyes of the moon, on the other hand, seem closed. There are glows added to the side of the Moon to look like stars. The tiny white ink spots really enhance the moon’s appearance and are absolutely mesmerizing. The sun and moon lips are truly amazing. This tattoo is absolutely a catch for tattoo lovers.

Weather Changes Above Knee Tattoo Men

Weather Changes Above Knee Tattoo Mens
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Weather changing tattoos are truly a significant tattoo that involves the changing of a person’s mood. This particular tattoo is super cute to look at and looks really cute. The right leg tattoo resembles the place where the sun is hidden between the clouds and looks really cute. The second tattoo is of rain. This means that the wearer is inconsistent with their feelings and is frequently in a very bad mood. This tattoo looks really cute and absolutely mesmerizing. One can really get this tattoo to enhance one’s look.

Mandala style tattoo above the knee for women

Mandala style tattoo above the knee for women
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The mandala is an ancient oriental art that is a very popular design for mediation and stress relief. Mandala designs help relieve stress and it is an absolutely amazing tattoo design one can get. It really calms the wearer’s mind if the tattoo is in sight. This particular tattoo is drawn in a half-circle structure which is a classic architectural design from the medieval periods of India. The top pattern is made up of half circles that look minimalistic. The interior patterns are made up of domed structures with the same circular patterns inside. The coherence of shapes and designs is really beautiful and absolutely to be grasped. The design is easy to make and it is really beautiful to look at.

jellyfish tattoo above knee

jellyfish tattoo above knee
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Medusa is considered a very terrifying character in Greek mythology. Medusa is considered a very controversial character. Therefore, the symbolism of this character is either evil or a victim of a major hate crime. Medusa is one of the deadliest gorgons who was beheaded by the Greek hero Perseus. This particular Medusa tattoo is a symbol of victimhood and ferocity.

Snakes are made with simple dot-like structures. The ladders are also done very minimally and look symmetrical to each other. The upper part of the snake’s body is made of dots and looks really beautiful. Medusa’s face looks really distinctive and the eyes are absolutely fierce. The tattoo looks exceptionally beautiful and the wearer is considered a strong female character.

Cute cat sign tattoo above the knee

Cute cat sign tattoo above the knee
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Cat tattoos are usually a symbol of resilience and pride. Cat tattoos are very famous in western culture as their paws are considered lucky charms between life and death. This tattoo is absolutely perfect. The tattoo is done in cartoon style art. This tattoo was inspired by the Japanese anime Sailor Moon tattoo. The tattoo looks absolutely cute and looks really gorgeous. The tattoo looks realistic and the eyes of the cats are really pretty. The tattoo artist was absolutely brilliant with his work. This tattoo is absolutely inspiring and looks truly stunning. If you love cats, you can definitely get this tattoo!

Mountain Tattoos Above Knees

Mountain Tattoos Above Knees
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Mountain tattoos look absolutely serene and have a great meaning. It usually means strength and permanence. Mountains are one of nature’s best creations. This has been depicted in this particular tattoo in general. Mountains are a measure of serenity and strength and should be understood as part of nature. The tattoo here is really nice. The mountain looks really serene and is absolutely to be captured. The uneven structures of the mountain terrains are truly commendable and look perfect. The point-like structure above the head of the mountain is equally majestic and beautiful. If you are looking for a tattoo for the mountains, you can take inspiration from this one.

Shark tattoos on both knees

Shark tattoos on both knees
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Shark tattoos are not very common. Sharks look very fierce and are a bold tattoo choice for the wearer. This particular tattoo above the knee is a great example. There are several tricks to make a shark tattoo truly commendable. The tattoo artist followed them all and the tattoo is absolutely stunning. The shark is done with black ink with white tints throughout. The second shark has a point-like structure which makes it really distinctive. Sharks symbolize protection and courage alongside advice. The wearer got this tattoo to accompany his positive thinking of finding inner strength in proper guidance.

Positive Quote Tattoos Above Knees

Positive Quote Tattoos Above Knees
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Positive quotes are one of the common tattoos that are an absolute plus for tattoo lovers. Positive quotes help wearers navigate in the right direction in life. It also helps the wearer to tap into their inner strength and achieve the goals they wish to acquire. This particular tattoo speaks of these things in a distinct way. Women especially like to get these tattoos tattooed. The tattoo looks completely healed and it looks like the tattoo artist did a commendable job in getting this tattoo done. The area looks truly healed and there are no positive signs of inflammation to be found. This tattoo can be an absolute asset to tattoo lovers who are inclined towards the concept of positive quotes.

Above the knee tattoos are very rare. They hurt a lot and there is no distinct distinct meaning about it. Here is some amazing information for above knee tattoos. You can also get these inspirations and develop an idea about tattoos from the web, Google and videos from different content creators based on their style to understand different body art concepts.

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