007 amazing things to know about Daniel Craig in James Bond

While Dying Can Wait, the latest James Bond starring Daniel Craig, is out in theaters, discover 7 secrets or unusual details about his career as 007.

007 amazing things to know about daniel craig in james bond
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Only one scene got him the role

In the documentary Being James Bond (available on AppleTV +), producer Barbara Broccoli returned to the stage which caught her eye and immediately made her realize that Daniel Craig would succeed Pierce Brosnan as 007:

It goes back years. It was in Elizabeth, when he walks down the hall. I told myself that I had never seen someone so charismatic on a screen. He was clearly a movie star, in addition to an excellent actor.

007 amazing things to know about daniel craig in james bond
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Freeze frame of the scene evoked by Barbara Broccoli

Directed by Shekhar Kapur, Elizabeth was released in 1998 and saw Daniel Craig interpret the religious zealot John Ballard, a Jesuit priest not very present in the film but with scenes that are all memorable for the viewer. The photography takes pleasure in highlighting his blue eyes and angelic blondness, which will make his Bond a unique incarnation of the character.

He refused to dye his hair

It may seem trivial, but the previous Bond films had dark hair, and having a 007 with blond highlights was not unanimous, far from it! Pierce Brosnan and his black hair had barely been missing for 3 years, and this hair change has made a lot of talk.

007 amazing things to know about daniel craig in james bond
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A James Bond … blond!

Daniel Craig categorically refused to comply with any hair change. It is however he who will propose to cut his hair very short to appear longer. “brutal”. The actor also became the first of the famous spy’s performers to have white hair on screen!

Other physical changes, before the shooting of Casino Royale, Craig also chose to quit smoking and gained 10 kilos of muscle: “I asked my coach for a body which, as soon as the t-shirt falls off, suggests that James Bond can kill someone” .

A body obtained through weeks of training, through strength training sessions (pull-ups, dumbbells, push-ups) of 45 minutes 5 times a week, coupled with a strict diet (except on weekends).

He didn’t want to hear about James Bond anymore!

Quantum of Solace finished, Daniel Craig almost hung up the tuxedo. The film, very poorly received by the public, had been launched without a finished script and suffered the full brunt of the writers’ strike of 2007-2008). The scenes were rewritten on the set by Craig and director Marc Foster, the only ones legally authorized to do so.

007 amazing things to know about daniel craig in james bond
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In “Quantum of Solace”

After reading the Skyfall script, Craig will however put the cover back for another Leap, then another, before announcing his retirement after 007 Specter, rejecting the character and declaring that he is ready to cut his veins rather than replay it.

He will, however, be convinced to make Dying can wait after bitter negotiations.

He performed his stunts despite a broken leg

For most of his James Bond scenes, Daniel Craig takes risks. He doesn’t use a liner and sometimes … gets hurt. In the documentary Being James Bond, he says :

I had a lot of fun on Specter, but I broke my leg. We had the choice of stopping filming for nine months so that I had the operation or I glued myself back on and we continued.

And the actor continued, thanks to a bionic leg, not only to shoot the film, but to do his stunts! Despite everything, the experience was an ordeal and trauma, decisive in not continuing to play the role beyond Dying Can Wait.

Stunt leader Gary Powell (who has been working on the saga since GoldenEye) told the Guardian than Craig: “accomplishes much more than Pierce did, and is allowed to do so because he is capable of it. His motto is: “You pay to see me, so I’m doing it. And I want the public to know that.”

One of the reasons that prompted the actor, after the filming of Casino Royale, to insure his body for 5 million pounds sterling.

He was James Bond the longest

15 years old, older than Roger Moore (12 years old), Sean Connery (9 years old), Pierce brosnan (7 years) and obviously Timothy Dalton (2 years) or George Lazenby (1 year). Moreover, he is the first James Bond born after the franchise began. Craig was born in 1968 and the film saga in 1962.

007 amazing things to know about daniel craig in james bond
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He hates guns

At the microphone of OK! Magazine (via Mi6-hq.com), Daniel Craig said in 2005 (even before the release of Casino Royale):

I hate handguns. They are used to shoot people and for as long as there is, people will shoot at each other, that’s a fact. I witnessed a gunshot wound and it was terrible.

And he added: “It was on set and it scared me. Bullets have a nasty habit of hitting their targets, and that’s what makes them scary.”

He changed the Casino Royale shower scene

In Casino Royale, Bond has just been attacked in the hotel where he plays poker against Le Chiffre. Vesper (Eva Green) helps him violently disarm one of his opponents, allowing 007 to kill his attacker. In shock, Vesper goes to cry in the shower.

007 amazing things to know about daniel craig in james bond
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Vesper and James in the shower

Initially, the script described the character being found naked in the shower. It was then that Daniel Craig made the remark that Vesper, if she was in shock, wouldn’t take the time to undress. This is why in the final scene, she is fully clothed, and Craig joins her in what is one of the first scenes showing a sensitive and touching Leap.

In addition, on all the films of the saga in which he participated, Craig had the last word on the choice of the James Bond Girls. These include Monica Bellucci and Léa Seydoux (007 Specter), Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton (Quantum of Solace), Caterina Murino (Casino Royale) or even Naomie Harris and Bérénice Marlohe (Skyfall).

Discover the actor behind Daniel Craig’s French voice:

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